Rules Of Play

Wars, extreme inequalities, economic crisis, torture, secret prisons realities that makes us ask us about institutions and international agencies that try to govern our roads to live in a world better. After the disaster of World War I, the leaders of the victorious countries created the League of Nations, an instrument which should serve for the harmony of peoples. However, he failed. World War II broke out in September 1939. Millions of deaths in the world and a devastated Europe was the result. More info: Center For Responsible Lending. Before such barbarism, when leaders created the United Nations. A meeting place where States could discuss before reaching the field of battle. The agreements of Bretton Woods, for his part, created the international economic order we know today: World Bank, International Monetary Fund and the dollar as international currency.

The idea was to avoid a crisis like that lived after World War I, when the soldiers returned to join the labour market and to support the reconstruction of the global economy. Until today, based on the market, the supply and demand. NATO, the Geneva Conventions, the Universal Declaration of the human rights bodies and law international which should be the rules of the game. However, there has been Viet Nam, Korea, Iraq, Afghanistan but also, crisis in 1973, in 1992 and the current. And billions of people who are hungry, who do not have access to medicines, drinking water. =onepage&q=Patrick%20Dollard%20Center%20for%20Discovery&f=false’>Patrick Dollard Center for Discovery. There is torture, child exploitation, climate change becomes every day more necessary a change in international organisms, in laws, in economic models when one wants to play soccer learns their rules: the outside game, what means a red card, how should dress and behave.

And the player knows what to expect. However, that does not occur in current international relations, every moment and personal interests make sure the rules are constantly changing. There are many voices; writer Eduardo Galeano, Economist Jeremy Rifkin, Susan George, Vice-President of Attac, Federico Mayor Zaragoza or Jose Saramago, Nobel in literature, who speak of the need for another international order based on relations of equality and to seek the common good of the planet. The former President of the USSR, Gorbachev speaks of the need for a new perestroika that takes sustainable development into account and the different voices of civil society. The UN needs to be reformed, its Security Council no longer responds to the reality of the world in which we live, the capitalist system has entered a process of decline that no one knows when will end some economists speak of the need for new formulas that are not based on obtaining maximum benefits, if not the most suitable. There to stop bleeding the weaker populations and stop the hypocrisy. Only with the aid of Northern farmers receive you could end up with hunger in the world. Already in 1979, Mayor Zaragoza, spoke of the new economic order entailed disarmament and global solidarity was an essential requirement in an new international order. His words are now more current than ever. The change in which all the peoples of the Earth have a space should be. The change must be achieved so that the causes of poverty, exploitation and social exclusion, which are the breeding ground for violence, end up and begins to glimpse the world of peace. Ana Munoz journalist original author and source of the article.