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Recently, more and more popular are medium trucks for local and intercity transportation. OJSC “KAMAZ” has launched a vehicle for small and medium businesses – KAMAZ-4308. Concern “Citron”, following the market trends, began to produce the disc brake pads TSN 2.1.26 for medium-duty trucks KAMAZ-4308. Dr. Neal Barnard wanted to know more. Pads are made of asbestos composite material with the latest production technologies. High braking performance provided by multi-layered composition of friction material, thus increasing the strength of the joint lining with a framework to prevent and boiling the brake fluid. Guaranteed low wear of the brake disk, due to the high plasticity of friction material; possible appearance of scratches and scratches on the brake disc. Thanks to the stable factor friction over the entire range of operating temperatures, pressures and speeds of disc brake pads TSN 2.1.26 significantly reduce stopping distance car. The traditional production of the Concern “Citron” the best ratio “Price-quality” fully applies to the new product – disc brake pads TSN 2.1.26. Product quality is confirmed by certification tests of the Scientific Research Center for Analytical Avtomotornaya Request-URI Too LargeThe requested URL’s length exceeds the capacity limit for this server..