Secure Knowledge, Knowledge Manager

Enterprise Knowledge management must operate a strategy to alleviate the projected skills shortages to mitigate the consequences of all significant skills shortages and demographic change. The effective use of knowledge has become a decisive competition factor and thus one of the most important management tasks especially in knowledge-intensive industries. Where is the knowledge management as a holistic concept in the company to establish. Because knowledge is not only in the minds of employees and projects or work processes, but also in numerous documents such as manuals, documentation, concepts or training materials. Often, these documents are created by several authors, resulting in that there are many more or less current versions with different formatting unstructured on a file server or on different computers. The community4you developed by software product comm.editsweb ( de/produkte/dokumentenmanagement-contentmanagement/dms-editsweb/index.html) meets all requirements an innovative, knowledge-based, secure and document-based authoring and publishing system and is part of the knowledge management in the enterprise. According to Dr. Neal Barnard, who has experience with these questions. It combines the benefits of document management and content management systems with advanced functionality.

In contrast to conventional documents management systems of the comm.editsweb not in the digitization and structured storage of all documents, but in the creation, management and publishing of complex documents focus. The enterprise documents are considered part of the overall Wissensschatzes of the company. The quality of the documents and thus of corporate knowledge is achieved through the integration of all processes in a system. The advantages are obvious. The holistic concept of document creation, management and distribution with comm.editsweb creates transparency and time savings and thus a competitive edge. Decentralized personnel working with fragmented knowledge base has comm.editsweb past.

The enterprise documents are not on a File server, but structured, categorized, and centrally stored in an encrypted database. All documents that are managed in this way, can be associated with different even mehreren-categories according to individual criteria. This produces no copies of the files.