Still me is strange to see Raul with the blue stretch of Schalke 04, strolling the Spanish fury by German camps. Had to go outside to find what denied him at home, minutes of the game. The German coach, Felix Magath said of him, that he trains with the same enthusiasm of a juvenile, this together with your delivery, quality and goals makes that striker pushed the crowd of Gelsenkirchen in the Pocket.In this German adventure accompanying, the average tip Jose Manuel Jurado and defense Sergio Escudero (both of Spanish nationality) and is reunited with the central defender Metzelder and the Dutch Hunteelar tip, both partners in Madrid. All this means that its adaptation to German football have gone on wheels. Raul numbers in his new team are more than acceptable, becoming his thirteen goals and numerous assists make club of Westphalia has been fed in the semi-final of the German Cup and second round of the Champions League. Worse are leaving things in the domestic League, imbalances in defense and lack of a fluid game make that them it is being complicated their participation in Europe next year.

To make matters worse, one of their core players, Croatian – Swiss Ivan Rakitic, ended contract and has signed it the Seville in the winter market. Schalke needs time and any signing to continue growing, but is on the right track. They have great players and a great coach who knows what winning League (champion of the national championship of Germany: 2004-2005; 2005-2006 Bayern Munich; 2008-2009 with Wolfsburg) and cup of Germany (2004-2005 Bayern Munich).The team of miners, as it is known, for its coal reserves, has gained in prestige with the emergence of Raul. Since his arrival in the German team, all followers of 7, we know something else Club of the Ruhr Basin. More importantly, that a player like him, who has both given football Spanish, continue to enjoy this sport and if you have to be in Germany, because we are of Schalke. I wish you nice Rulo.