Small Investors

How many times we hear to speak, not only in the media, as well as enters the people in the day the day, on the difficulties that the small investor passes at the moment to apply its economies? How many times we hear that the action market was created only for who has much money and is distant of who has little? These and other phrases long are known of the financial scope. Everything this is fruit of the agreement lack and knowledge of the society. Test of this is the percentage of investors who we have in Brazil comparing itself it the percentage that exists in the United States, that is, of approximately 200 million Brazilians, only about 600 a thousand invest in the Stock exchange. This results in less than 1% of the population, while in U.S.A. more than 50% of the people already it possesss this economic conscience, Fits to stand out that it has left of this awareness comes from the incentive of the organizations (employers), a time that its employees with bond in form of action of that company pay, for example. Moreover, these same employees, many times, use the wage to buy more and more action of the same one, in view of that they trust that organization of which they are part. This finishes turning one ' ' ball of neve' ' , therefore the growth of the company finishes being closely on the employees, since the more it more grows the actions of the company goes up in the stock exchange and the employee, in turn, also is benefited for being partner-shareholder. Moreover, the employee knows that how much bigger will be its devotion with company, greater the possibility of it to reach a better result. Valley to stand out that the comprometimento and the agreement of these people wastefulness becomes so conscientious that they prevent, also, therefore it has science of that this will become cost and harm the company of which is also partner.