Small Reflections

The planet is suffering too.If there is a radical change in our attitude we postponing irreversible disasters that will bring more pain and suffering to all living beings, and this will happen much before than we think.That’s why all religions and cultures profetan the Apocalypse. More beyond their veracity or not should take the message of reflection and alert that leave us the prophecies.In these times in which we live it is inevitable that be Intuit which can happen. And the worst thing the consequences it suffers many people innocent, good, honest of noble sentiments.Life sometimes is unfair because innocent people suffer?There must be no differences, nor privileged. because if there is a God does not intervene?Sometimes the reason which justifies everything that happens is: there must be a reason for what happens, everything happens for something, it is fate.But it is an empty answer unfounded us not satisfied.Something more beyond of us on the planet it must exist, a force superior Creator who governs everything, something that is like the engine of the universe. But hey that’s separate.The question is that we have to deal with ourselves, we analyze how we act and we have acted so just take the step to change. Or recognize our mistakes to not make again them. How for example says one of the prophecies of the Maya that humanity enters the room of mirrors in a given period of time. It is to see yourself reflected in a mirror so that you see your behavior more in depth, it’s like yourself would be but from the outside.If we actually saw us we might surprise ourselves and perhaps ask ourselves whether we really are that person.Or the prophecy says that arriving the time of major changes is when humanity is thus judge same and hence consents that elijara the path that’s going to take.Only in this way will be able to be persons with more sensitivity and understanding of our environment so that we can achieve a much needed balance between social, economic and environmental.The central theme that generates all the conflicts that we live today is the degradation of values, the lack of respect between us and other living things.The ambition of money and man power is one of the promoters more influential without a doubt, I would say that it is the main reason of the Gandhi which was something like this (this made my words because I do not remember as it was the exact phrase) because we are as we are hoy.Como once well said: Earth can stock up on all the necessary resources but is unable to leave satisfied the man who always wants to more and more so that all resources have been exhausted.

Man could deplete equivalent to several times the earth so is their voracious ambition.It is obvious that we all know that it is not easy to achieve this and that today sounds up to utopian but we know that a change in our consciousness is imperative.Many people obviously are aware of this reality but does not hurt every so do remember.In the background most of course wants a better world. That is why we must not lose hope to achieve it. Although at times I’m honest it is difficult to be optimistic when I think in everything that happens and that there is certain interests that are difficult to face that hinder this goal, but as they say hope is the ultimate is lost.