SME Support

According to our vision, experience on the role of SMEs in the country, especially in an industrial region like that of Carabobo, in Venezuela, there is poor cooperation, attention to both the national government, such as associations, business associations and the universities themselves are in favor of SMEs. With regard to a role that I is more common, such as higher education, especially at the graduate level, one can see that universities show little interest in linking with business dynamics of SMEs by providing them with a partnership for the solution of the main technical, administrative, training they face. To this is added, the lack of vision of opportunity to use the SME management approach these training centers that can help address the serious problems that are presented, especially in a turbulent scenario facing the country due to various factors such as: Actions government with its economic plans, tax, tax and threats of intervention impact of competition on the stage in which they operate, where companies are more developed, with strengths in its strategic plans, with a visionary management, proactive; Aggressiveness in marketing function according to the requirements that the modern consumer demand towards meeting their needs. More information is housed here: acaho. Training according to administrative requirements that this demand, Appropriate use of technological processes to ensure minimization of cost, quality and productivity of SMEs identify more with the universities, they can obtain a lot of collaboration in terms of advice, diagnosis, encourage their performance towards the achievement of its objectives and that role that both craves and needs at the present time. You have to leave that role figurative we used to play for years, making agreements and not simply to appear to give actions that really happened to promote them all.

It is incredible to see, as SMEs can not take advantage of opportunities, linkages with universities, wasted a lot of human capital that strengthened partnerships in programs, well-defined plans according to your requirements, could help address the challenges, offer their products with a guarantee of permanence and conquest of markets according to present needs. The specialty program management quality and productivity for example, has opened the doors for business associations, confederations, eg Ceprocra, Capemiac, Industrial House, Fedecamaras, offering collaboration, support, advice in all matters relating to development a culture of quality and productivity that promotes authentic, since there are many SMEs that do not, wasted an opportunity to consolidate its operational strengths, growth, and be transforming the many weaknesses that need to establish plans, competitive actions that favor. The program has invited its directives to participate in seminars, lectures, conferences to representatives of those organizations are more dynamically linked to the realization conventions, where each organization presents the work performed, accomplishments and needs collaboration with the universities. Unfortunately everything is in promise, letting the opportunity this represents and which have been activated, the results of SMEs would be different.