Surfing The Wave Of Social Media

Often, talk with executives (ACE), entrepreneurs (ye) and professionals who are wondering about Social Media Marketing and want to know ever more of the subject in my local environment. They, like many others, have been completely immersed literally in his business and concerns and trying to cope with the financial crisis which we replied to all countries and Additionally, are overwhelmed by not understanding much about what Social Media is and how to integrate it in their companies and their existing Marketing strategies. Social Media Marketing or Marketing in social networks, is not a new terminology and neither a fad. In short and plain words, is how to make the spread of various types of content using the marketing and online tools. To give them a better idea of what is happening, I present a video of the revolution that has taken Social Media. This is the link on YouTube for your consideration: this video is the most effective I’ve found in Spanish language and displays the revoulcion of technology and networks social.The series of these videos were created by Erik Qualman, creator of Socialnomics and other versions exist in English. The concepts are the same, varied somewhat have some figures.

Finally last is only for entrepreneurs (ACE) and local professionals who are recognizing and learning from the social media have an overview of what is happening in this area. Brian Solis conversational Prism globally is one of the most influential leaders in Social Media. He, along with Jesse Thomas, from research, and comprehensive analysis, created what we know as Conversation Prism, which is a graphical representation of the expansion of social media and the conversations that define it. His goal, analyze the dynamics of the conversations in these networks. Having analyzed how brands created its presence on networks without really interacting with their audiences. Suggesting the Prism is an approach: your + mutual value I = > 3 Image via Wikipedia is is bring information and solutions people where they are they congregate before making them come to where we are.

Customers and prospects are every day on social networks. As reza a saying in networks: If a conversation takes place online and you do not you are there to listen, that it will happen? Comes to my mind another phrase that we say jokingly Mexicans, but now seriously adapting to social networks: the conversations of customers or prospects will continue taking place in social networks, you are or you are not is: I hear you understand there is in Social Media, new philosophies and tools to know what is said about your brandempathize with your audience effectively, etc., just need to explore them and analyze which means you are my target audience, that tools used to create credibility and eventually build a faithful and loyal community that reaches to become new leads and generate more sales. Later you go guiding by the best-known social networks, as well as on how to use digital tools in your communications with your audience. PS. The figure of the prism can give you double click in Wilkipedia and you can enlarge it to your mood to analyze it carefully. Do and you, you know that there were so many networks and tools and that they continue to evolve day by day? Tell us about your experiences! Original author and source of the article.