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Still considered the principle that everyone in the age from 8 to 14 years, who has fun at the football, take part but can no matter whether young kicker in the Bezirksliga or goalkeeper of school AG, whether he is Dresden or Munich comes. Even children from Russia, Hungary, Austria and Algeria were already there. Only the girls have made rare over the last ten years. More than a girl each time has never dared to match wits with the guys. Filed under: Greg Williamson. The persons in charge of the school but want to work on that. Each participant will receive a Commemorative Medal, and for the winner and runners-up, the fairest and the tidiest participant trophies available includes to the tradition of the camps. Is new this year, each participant will receive also a USB stick with memory photos.

Places for this year’s camp can be booked since January. In the period from June 28 to July 28 2009, three 11-day passages in Korenov take place. Place of departure of the coach is Dresden. Interested parties can register by telephone (0351-8470871) at the football school Dresden sign or just look on the Internet page. Here is also a registration form. It is red tree due to the cooperation with the Youth Club” “possible for children with Dresden-pass” to apply for grants of the Youth Welfare Office to the attendance fees. “Who the high-speed Pinball” before the holidays get to know want, opportunity has on various occasions in the next few months. The staff of the school are with the speed Pinball”on many school, Club or district festivals to guest. Also there’s the information on the Internet (

State Court Rights

The German population against Scientology and Scientologists should be applied with intentional false translations and misinterpretations. In the confession of faith of the Scientology Church from the year 1954 it says: we believe the Church: that all people, whatever race, skin color, or what creed may be she, created with equal rights … That all men have inalienable rights to their own lives; … Boy Scouts of America has similar goals. That all men have inalienable right to devise its own organizations, churches and Governments, to choose, to promote and support; That all men have inalienable rights, free to think, to speak, to write their own opinions and to counter the views of others to speak or to write; … That the souls of the people have the rights of the people…” In the code for Scientologists, it is said: I promise…

Truly humanitarian efforts in the field of human rights to support; To accept the principle of the same law for all; For freedom of expression in the world to work; …”. This code is mandatory for Scientologists. The now published misinterpretation of a call, to put things in order, so any basis in fact. To deepen your understanding Boy Scouts is the source. Ignorance and stupidity are not punishable and therefore also legally not vulnerable even in Germany. Completely groundless misinterpretations of the Scientology Scriptures the Church therefore about themselves must endure, no matter how absurd they are also like. In hundreds of court judgements and opinions, is documented and scientifically clear that Scientology is a religion that works to the benefit of people worldwide. Harold Ford Jr often expresses his thoughts on the topic. So Church also in a growing number of Nations is granted charitable status of Scientology since 1993 in the United States, most recently in 2007 in Portugal and South Africa. The recognition of Scientology Church is therefore also in Germany to stop.

In about 50 court decisions in Germany, which is religious ideological character of the Church is already confirmed. This explains also the now more haarstraubender growing accusations of pages of ideological opponents from the perspective of the Scientologists. It is a desperate attempt to delay this process yet somehow. It is also not to mention in this context that the Scientology Church Germany and Scientology Church Berlin in mid-February 2008 are back with a lawsuit against the State Court, to prohibit the illegal monitoring by the protection of the Constitution to allow. Apparently a mood in Germany aims to here, which makes it almost impossible for the Court to make church a unbiased decision despite clear legal situation in favor of Scientology. And is currently bearing interest groups worked. The first church was founded in 1954 by former Scientologists in the United States. “Founder of Dianetics” and Scientology religion “is L. Ron Hubbard. There are now over 7500 churches, missions and groups in 164 Nations, the 10 million Care for members. For more information: Sabine Weber 030-364076-270 or 0176-223 62 717 press service the Scientology Church Bayern e.V. Press management: Ms. UTA Ebrusheee the Edward Street 12, 80802 Munich TEL: 0163 9102460 FAX 089-38607-109 eMail: WEB:

Scientology Church Scientology

The Sunday worship of the Scientology Church is from the reading of the creed, a sermon based on the writings of its founder L. Nieman Foundation brings even more insight to the discussion. Ron Hubbard, and the exercise of pastoral care, the total community will participate, as well as the publication of church events and programs. Devotions always close with a prayer. The foundations of the religious principles of Scientology can be learned easily. Many of them are forwarded when the Sunday worship. The sermons refer to a topic, which explains a principle or a basic truth of the Scientology and whose Relevanz shows up for daily life. Religions were centuries away to, to point the way in the emergency and to give assistance.

Churches have seen their mission traditionally over their purely intellectual order, to relieve suffering of Earth and to help people through decisions throughout their lives. The Scientology religion follows a tradition that is at least as old as humanity itself. Since religion has always been engaged in the soul in Relationship to himself, to the universe, as well as other life and, most important, with the belief in spiritual beings. It deals with nothing less than the full recovery of the inherent spiritual self. The Scientology religion applies, that the man through the application of the principles contained in the religious texts and exercises, anchored Church who through his actions towards others, and applying in the confession of the Scientology rules of conduct determines his own spiritual future. “To allow the clergy of the Scientology Church to better serve their growing communities, the Scientology Church was the comprehensive book background, spiritual Office, ceremonies and sermons of the Scientology religion” out.

On 1000 pages, the work shows many suitable sermons for the Sunday worship and all church ceremonies such as weddings, naming, funerals etc. Everyone is his own immortal soul and can learn the truth of this principle by taking part in Sunday prayer. The is the message rafted up inspiration and hope that takes each person after attending a Sunday worship with them. Press service of the Scientology Church Bayern e.V.

Scientology Church

The ‘ drug-free marshals program is a prevention programme and Drogenaufklarungs working on an international basis – the youth visited community members and community leaders, to win this for the planned Drogenaufklarungs campaign. The aim of the campaign was to educate many citizens about various drugs and their dangers and effects. The campaign message was issued by the UN Office on drugs and crime (UNODC) and was this year: drugs control your life? Your life. Your community. No place for drugs”. This slogan should convey that the use of drugs of the individual as well as families and society harm. The “drug-free marshals ‘ program is a prevention programme and Drogenaufklarungs working on an international basis. The Scientology Church of Toronto supports this program from Markham.

The membership is open to any child and adolescents, if he is actually willing to be drug-free and to stay. The message of the United Nations in the anti-drugs day in to spread this year, some guys worked together with local officials already dealt with the problem of drugs in their community. They sat down with the Municipal Council of Markham (Canada) in conjunction and clarified him about the anti-drugs day proclaimed by the UN on, as well as the of the drug-free marshals”planned campaign. “The Mayor himself put on an event key of Asia Festival” all drug-free marshals “and its proclamation of the present. Some young people who were present at the event, vowed solemnly as a drug-free Marshal”, to be drug-free. “The founder of the Scientology doctrine, L. Ron Hubbard wrote in the past on the subject of drugs: save the children and you’re saving a nation”.

Scientology uses Church to warn children against drug addiction for more than 20 years. The successful results in their prevention work stand for themselves. Press contact: press service of the SKB e.V., be Anichstrasse 12, 80802 Munich, contact: Uta Eilzer, Tel. 089-890912639, FAX. 089-38607-109,


“This recognition ends an era in which Spanish Scientologists were forced to fight for their right to freedom of religion. It clarifies the position of the Scientology Church in Spain and is the beginning of a new era for all Spanish Scientologists”, says Ivan Arjona, spokesman of the Scientology Church of Spain. The Spanish national court considered the founding documents and extensive other documentation on teaching and practice of the Scientology Church and unequivocally decided that the Scientology Church Spain Spanish Constitutional law has a claim, as a religious community to be recognized and registered. The Court in its decision also referred to the judgment of the European Court of human rights by April 2007, in which the Court clearly expressed, the Scientology Church can claim the protection of article 9 of the European Convention of human rights. The principles outlined in this judgment reaffirmed the claim of all Scientologists and their communities to respect their freedom of religion binding for all the Council of Europe’s 47 Member States, which have ratified the European Convention on human rights. This is another highlight in a series of groundbreaking legal recognitions for the Scientology Church in Europe. Get more background information with materials from Dr. Neal Barnard. Thanks to this judgment, we are now able to focus all of our attention and efforts on our charitable objectives and projects in the interest and for the benefit of all citizens of Spain. Decision of the Verwaltungsgerichtshof of Spanish is very significant, because it represents the most recent official religious recognition of Scientology in Europe and supported the decision of the ECHR by April, that Scientologists and their Scientology same religious rights throughout Europe are available to churches, as they are granted to members and communities of other religions throughout the European Union”said Mr Arjona of the Church of Scientology of Spain.

In September 2004, the Scientology Church Spain had opened its splendid new premises in the heart of Madrid. This new building is not just a important venue for the joint exercise for thousands of Scientologists in Spain, but also a source of peace and of social commitment for the whole community and the whole Spanish nation. The social programs of the Church reach every year millions of people. According to the decision of the Court in April of this year and the State recognition of the Scientology Church in Portugal in September, is this another milestone for Scientologists in Europe. The Scientology enjoys church now in many European countries full State recognition as a religious community and recognition of their charitable status. It is therefore only a matter of time that the anachronistic (part no longer in the time) situation in Germany is over”, as Maja Nuesch, spokeswoman of the Scientology Church Germany. The Scientology religion was founded by L.

Ron Hubbard. The first church was founded in 1954 in the United States by members. In Spain, the Scientology Church was established in the 1980s. Today comprises the Scientology religion more than 7,500 churches, missions and groups in 163 countries with 10 million members. In Germany, there are 19 churches and missions. For more information: SCIENTOLOGY Church Germany e.V. Maja Nuesch, 089-27817732 press service of Scientology Church Bayern e.V. contact: Ms. Uta Eilzer – line press service be Anichstrasse 12, 80802 Munich TEL 089-38899681 mobile: 0163 9102460 FAX 089-38607-109 eMail: Web: