Private Development Corporation

“We want to bring civil society from an ideological debate about the responsibility that the leaders, environmental and citizens must face the challenges of working in the collective issues. Today more than ever the Aysen Region, and Patagonia, require strengthened in a matter as important as ethical leadership. ” With these words the president of the Private Development Corporation of Aysen (Codesa) Chible Miriam Contreras, announced the completion of six courses / workshops in various cities of the regions of Los Lagos, Aysen and Magallanes for social and community leaders Under the project “Building Ethical Leadership in Patagonia” that runs the organization with funding from the 2009 competition of Associativity for Public Interest Organizations Social Organizations Division of the Ministry General Secretariat of Government. The aim of the initiative is “that the communities involved are aware of the need to be the protagonists of their own development “, for which half-day workshops participants will access the content for its strengthening as a social leader, tending to the development of an ethical charter by locality, which converge in a general proposal for Patagonia. Dr. Neal Barnard brings even more insight to the discussion.

The proceedings in the Aysen Region is made by the ecologist Bernardo Reyes, former director of the Chile international NGO Forest Ethics and this year director of the national organization Forest Ethics. The professional will teach the workshop in conjunction with the coordinator of the Social Pastoral of the Apostolic Vicariate of Aysen, Flor Quiroz, who link the initiative with the groundwork that makes that institution. This has scheduled the completion of the courses of four hours for Saturday, November 7 in Puerto Aysen Coyhaique Sunday 8, Monday 9 Cochrane, Chile Chico Tuesday 10, Friday 13 and Tuesday 17 Futaleufu Punta Arenas . It was reported that those interested in receiving information and registration, please send a mail to the mail. Learn more on the subject from Boy Scouts. The project is executed in conjunction with Free Waters of Futaleufu, the Social Pastoral of the Apostolic Vicariate of Aysen, the Association Defenders of the Spirit of Patagonia Cochrane and the Organization for Promoting Participation and Citizen Action (Opprac) from Punta Arenas.

Social Responsibility Profitability

RSE at a first moment in ‘ ‘ comovemos’ ‘ with so good undertaken actions. For times we even ask in them if the empresariado one really is more conscientious and with a softer and benevolent heart. If the heart improved does not know. But that the results – dim dim in the pocket – improve with the RSE it is fact. The RSE alone functions and is of ‘ ‘ p’ ‘ , a time that is lucrative to be sociamente responsible and to tread the way of the sustainable development.

Contrary case would not have miracle capable to make an entrepreneur to go to the search of the RSE. You pray that entrepreneur in s conscience searchs damages? This new trend in the behavior of the companies already demonstrated that the social responsibility propitiates better sales, increases the slice in the market, the loyalty of the clientele and still the motivation of the collaborators. The social responsibility can and must be adopted for practises business-oriented more responsible and sustainable. Already if the importance cannot more subestimar> of this it stops with the consumers, a time that the options of purchase and the competitiveness in prices increase day-by-day. It does not have as to adapt the RS of one day for the other in a company: Defined the focus of the strategy, the support better to manage this tool must break of the top and the bases of the company, involving all the even though supplying collaborators and, for, then, being carried to the exterior.

Undeniable the positive effect in adopting strategies and action as: cleaner production, reaproveitamento and I reuse of water, better treatment with effluent, logistic reversa, projects directed to the education and culture, investments in security and health of the collaborators A married strategical management with actions directed to the support will propitiate profitability the medium and long run. Beyond other innumerable advantages, the financial performance also improves because the companies obtain to attract more investments. Although not yet it is a niche, the investment in RS is one of most dynamic and greater growth in the financial world. Therefore companies directed to the ethical and ambient concerns accede more and more to a capital that of another form would not be available.

ACS Right

In the third subcategoria, it is perceived in the units of analysis that the transformation of practical not if of only for the purpose of the work, also involves the conductors of this process. Possible to perceive that the health workers need to incorporate the personal capacity to articulate inherent knowledge, abilities and attitudes the concrete situations of its work. The proposal of the study discloses that the functions of the ACS they exceed the sector health, although the majority of the units of analysis the citizens of the study to disclose to aiming technician understand that the environment is primordial for guarantee of the quality of life of the population and survival of the planet. The second express category the concepts regarding the popular education, health and environment from concepts broken up until elaborated conceptions more, giving the dimension of the popular education as dialogue of all. The health in the approach social politician as right of all, guaranteed in the constitution, resultant of a process cultural partner, involving an ample concept, that perpassa a multidimensional theory, sistmica vision that dialogues with the environment concept, integrating as indissociveis. The significaes attributed to the environment tell to historical and conceptual dimensions imbudas in the vision of the teia of the life.

The future of the new generations depends on the actions that we develop today, of history that we construct and on ethical-cultural contributions that we can generate for our way. It is ahead of this context, that the health and environment are closely on, indissociveis when human acting. To guarantee the right the health and environment transposes the law instituted in the Brazilian federal constitution, implies in the transformations of the proper men. The third category implies in the practical ones developed for preventive the Communitarian Agents of Health that involves the educative actions and that already inherent of the paper of this worker and the performance as agent social politician.

Deforestation Of Amazon Can Not Pass Unnoticed

Only after the last tree is cut. Only after the last river is poisoned. Only after the last fish is caught. Only then will you know that money can not eat. Indian Prophecy Very little attention has been paid to seriously the importance of saving the planet where we live, while we are allowed to be with this physical form, it is becoming more critical deterioration of the environment pollution, looting of natural wealth each country, where obsession with materialism, enrichment, at great environmental cost that has given way to big pollution, deforestation, polluted Earth have been contaminating the land, giving way to the greenhouse effect, climate changes little by little expressing, causing great disasters. Environment and Society, Year 10 No.

414, the matter gives us that only in South America accounts for 65% of the annual loss of forests of the world, and most deforestation occurs mostly in the Amazon region which lost 3.1 million hectares per year, over 40% of the world. According to FAO, South America has the greatest biodiversity on Earth. Deforestation affects their watershed and its rich soil. Produces droughts, floods, change in global and regional climate, but also results in migration, hunger and disease. Affect biodiversity and lifestyle of the inhabitants of the forests. The Amazon forest is considered the world's largest rainforest.

It occupies an area of approximately six million km2. and is home to countless species of plants and animals The current concern focuses on the constant pressures to which it is subject, including the continued progress of the agricultural frontier. It is known that deforestation is mainly to convert forests to agricultural land and livestock, and takes place at an alarming rate: about 13 million hectares per year.

The Challenge

To be presented as challenges. Beyond the relative activities its specific subjects, the organizations that go to each frum are invited to contribute for the formularization of alternatives around the transversal subjects. Conclusion: In all the set of events, facts scientifically proven, the world-wide reaction to all the circumstances mentioned here. We can believe that, the union of the efforts of all, can yes, to bring excellent results, mainly when we look at the possible problem as something to be solved, when the solutions depend on an enthusiasm and existing knowledge technician and mainly organization. World-wide the Social Frum is a very current example of this and clarifies still more, that the power is not an object of use of who is governing the nation but of all the ones that will be made use to make what she will be necessary so that if has a better world.

British Petroleum

Gulf Stream – a "river" of warm water that moved across the Atlantic, reached Murmansk, and warmed to Europe with its warmth, while protecting it from the polar winds. In Germany, for two consecutive months (during November and December 2010) remains stable snow cover thickness of about 10 cm, which had not been for many decades, and are unusual for the area cold, at night, reaching as low as minus 20 C. Typical for the winter thaw this year, not was. Italian physicists in an experiment using a bath of cold water and given a warm color jets of water. You could see the boundary layers of cold and warm jets when oil is added to the bath, the boundary layer of warm water disrupted and the current vortex was effectively destroyed. This is what is happening in the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean with the Gulf Stream. River "warm water" that flows from the Caribbean do not reach Western Europe, it dies because of koreksita – a chemical that Barack Obama's administration allowed the concern British Petroleum (BP) used to hide the scale of the disaster as a result of the explosion drill platform in April last year.

About 2 million gallons koreksita, as well as several million gallons of other dispersants added to more than 200 million gallons of crude oil that was poured in a few months of well drilled in the bottom of BP Gulf of Mexico. So could effectively hide most of the oil, dropping it on the bottom, and hope that BP will seriously concern to reduce the size of the federal penalty, depending on the the size of the oil disaster. There is currently no effective way to "cleanse" the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico. In addition, the oil reached the east coast of America and then flowed into the North Atlantic, and there is also no way to effectively clean oil, located at the bottom … Full article: