Prado Degree

The reduction is clear after the 30 years. For even more details, read what PCRM says on the issue. E, after the 40, increases the infertility tax. Race Currently gives credit that the great majority of the patients with endometriosis is of the white race. However, this not yet was well established since the patients whom they look for this attendance in its majority are of white color and endowed with one raised purchasing power. The Prado and Ramos (1999) relate that it has greater incidence of the illness with the hereditary succession and women of the white race more are premade use? Escolaridade and Economic Nvel Some authors already had demonstrated that the women who have endometriosis tend to more present partner-economic status and raised degree of instruction. (PETTA et al, 2002; MOREIRA et al, 2005).

Reason of this association is not known to the certain o, but it is given credit that these women would be more citizens the biggest levels of estresse, with bigger riot of imunolgica part e, therefore with bigger possibilities to develop the endometriosis. You mark (2005) in its thesis of mestrado quotation that European studies show to have greater incidence of endometriosis in women with according to degree (30%) and superior level (27%). Other works show similar values, exactly when carried through in public institutions, where the degree of escolaridade enters the patients with endometriosis is higher, taking itself to think it about the possibility of the factor estresse to be the causal agent of the illness. Obsttricos antecedents As Neme (2008) the delay to engravidar and the lesser number of children, characteristics of the modern women, can represent factors of risk for the occurrence of the endometriosis. Such facts are associates to a predominance of action of the estrgenos for bigger period of time during the life of the woman, since the pregnancy represents a period of predominance of the progesterone, antagonistic hormone of the estrognio. .

Topical Medicines

The treatment is carried through with topical medicines, fototerapia and medicines of verbal use (COAST; AXE; SELORES, 2005). Called of psorase severe (figure 9) she is that one that more than involves 10% of the body that can be covered with psoriaticas plates or pstulas or alastramento of psorase eritrodrmica. The patients who present this category of psorase tend to develop psoriatica artrite. The treatment includes fototerapia, verbal medication or a combination. The severity of psorase can be aggravated by injuries and irritation of the skin, solar exposition, estresse and anxiety, some medicines, infections and diet (GULBENRIAN, 2006). Figure 7: Light Psoriase in plates Source: Figure 8: Moderate Psoriase in plates Source: Figure 9: Inverse or flexural Psoriase severe Source: 3.1A Psorase and the Imunolgico System psorase is a imunolgica illness, the defense system is divided in innate system and adaptativo or acquired system and functions in integrated way and coordinate, being thus so that all the events occur in synchronous way; a net of intracellular Inter communication exists and.

The innate answers are inespecficas, unprovided of memory and they are decurrent of natural physical and/or chemical barriers as the unbroken skin, mucosae and enzymes. The adaptativo system can be enlisted through the release of citocinas and the antigenic presentation for the cells antigen presenters, that potencializam the defenses of the host. This system is characterized by the presence of cells of memory capable to recognize the aggressive agents to each new contact with antigens being thus produced faster and efficient answers, the cells that act in the adaptativo system are the linfcitos T and B and the cells of Langerhans in the skin, that they are the cells antigen presenters. Beyond these cells, diverse molecules are involved in the development and maintenance of the immune reply, the citocinas and the antibodies produced for the linfcitos, beyond some proteins gifts in the serum, known as proteins of acute phase, as, for example, the C-reactive protein.

Medical Professionals

Nutritionist, Psychologist and social Assistant are professional already inserted or that they carry through proposals to be inserted in the ESF. For Jnior (2003), since 1999 he was argued the proposal of inclusion of the buccal health in the PSF. Thus it ploughs it technique of buccal health understood the necessity to expand the odontolgicas actions to the program being thus articulated the promocionais, preventive actions and dressing-reabilitadoras of the community. Exactly that it has left of the actions of buccal health already they are carried through by the communitarian agents, through educative actions of as to carry through the correct escovao, adequate feeding and hygienic cleaning. The insertion of the Odontlogo in the PSF is a reality and the team of buccal health (ESB) is composed for surgeon-dentists, attendants of dental doctor’s office and/or technician of dental hygiene that current in the areas of abrangncia of the teams of health of the family.

This proposal was launched in 25 of October of 200 for then the Minister of the Health Jose Mountain range, during the commemoration of the day of the surgeon-dentist. Still in accordance with Jnior (2003), the Odontlogo professional as member of the ESB must carry through a survey epidemiologist thus to trace the profile of buccal health of the community, it must carry through integral treatment in the scope of the basic attention, direct and guide the users who present complex problems to other levels of assistance and to assure its accompaniment, to carry through small surgeries and attendance of emergency, to prescribe necessary medicines, to emit findings, to seem and certified on the subjects of its ability. The odontlogo also co-ordinates class actions directed toward promotion and prevention in buccal health, program and supervisioniza the supply of insumos for the class actions, enables to the teams of health as for the buccal health and supervises the work carried through for THD and ACD..

Psychiatric Treatment

The chronic administration of (IRS) would diminish the sensitivity of the same receivers, having improved the clinical picture, establishing the effectiveness of the treatment, becoming the clomipramina standard-gold. It is also known that the selective inhibitors of recaptao of serotonina (ISRS) are treatments of second very important line, demonstrating little collateral effect and are tolerated in high doses. Finally, one understands that the cognitivo-mannering accompaniment and the farmacolgico are the first line to follow with a patient with (SOC). It can be admitted that the technological advances are a new perspective for the study of the alterations of repetitive behaviors, advancing in evidences and diminishing the assumptions, growing the possibilities of therapeutical boardings..

Therapeutical Medicine

In the perspective demographic epidemiologist and, they had diminished the taxes of mortality for infectious and parasitic illnesses (acute processes) and raised it mortality for chronic-degenerative illnesses, leading to a reduction of fecundidade, increase of the life expectancy and population aging. However, in Brazil, in contrast of what it happened in the Europe and the United States, these changes had not the same occurred in historical process for all the population, occurring a characteristic heterogeneidade of our territories. This fact over all contributed so that it had, in the profile of morbidade and mortality in the country, persistence of problems of the poverty and the overlapping with males of modernity (10). A great parcel of the population simultaneously passed to be displayed to these risks and happened others with industrialization: industrial accidents, illnesses of the circulatrio device, upheavals of emotional order, violent neoplasias and deaths. Historically, the confrontation of these problems for the population and services of health had implied in the majority of the cases, in the daily expensive medicine use, being many inductive times of many collateral effect, and boardings focadas in the biomedical model, not getting in all the cases the relief of the suffering of the people (10, 11). In this direction, the adhesion to therapeutical practical others for the population has been each observed time more.

Some of these practical which the population adheres, as acupuntura, homeopatia, fitoterapia, before kept out of society, now occupy place of prominence in the doctor-institucional speeches and the politics of health (7, 12, 13). Data raised, in the year of 2006, they pointed that 19 capitals and 232 cities of the country already adopted one or more than these practical. The Federal District is part of the select group of units that have practical available integrativas of health in the basic attention of all Regional ones..

School Natalense Development

The studies also make the relation of the appearance of the UP and the intensity of the exerted pressure, the duration of the pressure and the tolerance to tissular; interference of the process of cicatrizao of the aged one, evidencing a retardation in the cicatrizao; presence of chronic illnesses; nutricional deficiency; circulatrias alterations and other chronic factors; nutricional deficiency; circulatrias alterations and other factors that premake use the occurrence of the UPs in the aged one. In the general context, the nursing makes use of directed cares of nursing for the maintenance of the integrity of the skin, which are described in effective literature; what, many times, will have to depend is of the knowledge theoretician-practical of the nursing to readily identify the predisponent factors for UP, of the aged one attended in order to apply the necessary and adequate actions during its assistance of nursing. Word-Key: Man. Injury. Aged. Factors of Risk. Assistance of Nursing.

ABSTRACT pressure to ulcer can be defined a localized lesion of the skin, caused by interruption of blood supply you the area caused by various factors such pressure, to shear and friction, or combination of three factors, and also frequent factors in the elderly especially when they remain hospitalized will be long periods. The aim of this study was you evaluate the incidence and risk factors of pressure ulcers in the elderly by the relationship between the physiology of skin and pressure ulcers, the identification of predisposing conditions well risk factors in the intrinsic and extrinsic occurrence of ulcers and verification of the association between these conditions and predisposing risk factors in the elderly well nursing care. This is study of literature review, held in electronic database (Google and LILACS), uses of books taken from the library of the School Natalense Development of Rio Grande of Norte (FARN), field research (Dr Hospital. John Axe) and to other sources, with the inclusion would criteria material published between 1998 and July 2009, journals and textbooks nationals.

Coast Years

This phenomenon occurred initially in developed countries, but, more recently it is in the developing countries that the aging of the population has occurred of accented form more. In Brazil, the number of aged (60 years of age) passed of 3 million in 1960, for 7 million in 1975 and 14 million in 2002 (an increase of 500% in forty years) and is esteem that it will reach 32 million in 2020. In countries as Belgium, for example, one hundred years had been necessary so that the aged population folded of size. (MF Rasps Coast, 2003). According to Coast (2003), the time of occupation in the stream bed with aged it is bigger when comparing with other etrias bands. In parallel to the modifications observed in the population pyramid, proper illnesses of the aging gain greater expression in the set of the society. One of the results of this dynamics is an increasing demand for health services. By the way, this is one of the current challenges: scarcity of resources for an increasing demand.

The aged one consumes more services of health, the hospital internments are more frequent and the time of occupation of the stream bed bigger when is compared with other etrias bands. In general, the illnesses of the aged ones are chronic and multiple, last per some years and demand constant accompaniment, permanent cares, continuous medication and periodic examinations (COAST, 2003). In what it refers to used medicines, mainly of continuous use, they can also contribute for the development of the UP. While sedative and analgesic they harm mobility, the agent hipotensores reduce the sanguine flow and perfuso to tissular, become them susceptveis the pressure (FERNANDES, 2000). One of the done greaters of the humanity is known that the quality of life is basic for an adequate health when the subject is aged therefore without a doubt, was the magnifying of the life time, that if made to follow of a substantial improvement of the parameters of health of the populations, despite these conquests are far from if distributing of equitable form in the different countries and partner-economic contexts.

Scielo Research

To make possible the reach of the objectives considered in this study, we consider the development of a work of qualitative and exploratria research of character of bibliographical revision, where the used resources are available references in the library of the college San Francisco de Barreiras (FASB), also of particular ownership, beyond available scientific articles of relevance in data base in the Internet as the site of the Scielo. The research, how much to the form of boarding according to Gil (1991), it can be of Qualitative nature: considering that it has a dynamic relation between the real world and the citizen … the interpretation of the phenomena and the attribution of meanings they are basically in the process of qualitative research. On the same aspect, Gil (1991) also standes out that the qualitative research also is descriptive, where the researcher tends to analyze its data inductively. The analysis of the data gotten through this research if gave through the metodolgico referencial of Minayo (1994) that analyzes it places it as a set of techniques of analyzes that they aim at to get, for sistmicos and objective procedures of description of the content of the messages, pointers that they make possible a critical interpretation of subjective the gotten data they of common sense are or. Through the accomplishment of this research ambiciona to reach the considered objectives previously and to get a bigger knowledge and displayed domain about the thematic one. Difficulties for the accomplishment of this work had not been found being that the thematic one is convenient and of great importance for the development and professional performance, and being that the content published for the research was of easy availability in books and articles. 4. QUARREL This study if developed from the objective of if analyzing the importance of the knowledge of the professional of nursing front to the thematic one.