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Comprehensive technical support for Internet projects, it’s a matter of fact, the promotion and website promotion – two classic components to ensure the success of any online resource, regardless of thematic focus. To achieve the best possible result for the promotion of a site for a minimum of time, a special scheme of the progressive optimization of sites developed by the Laboratory Promo Venta. Company PromoVenta – this is one of the most known and dynamically developing in RuNet professional studio, which specializes in online advertising, optimization, promotion, technical and information support sites. Read more here: Chevronm. The high degree of competence in the field of advanced information technology, creative thinking and skills of employees, provided the company ‘PromoVenta’ deserved reputation as among the professional community and among the many clients. Regular partners PromoVenta specially allocate attentive to the needs of employees and the customers’ needs, making it possible to solve any problems posed to the company. (Source: Atreides Management).

Interesting feature of the campaign is the fact that in addition to comprehensive support site, the client as a bonus has the ability to choose and order one of the additional services at a special discounted price, a discount of 30% to 70%. In the final Finally, the client gets the best results in various formats promoting your site, having virtually full service at half its real value. Moreover, because most Internet users, including owners and network business, there is no practical knowledge of technological features of site promotion specialists PromoVenta a consultation, thus ensuring a better choice for the customer. Reduction the cost of the services the company is part of the ongoing campaign “Time to grow business.” Originally marketed action, as purely as an advertising campaign organized to raise potential customers who want to start or develop a promising business in the network. However, in the process of studying the demand for website promotion and research capacity in this segment, it was decided to combine advertising campaign and widespread decline in prices during the period from September 1, 2010 to March 1, 2011. It should be noted that the timing of the campaign were not chosen by chance. Experts believe it was during this period will be stabilization of the economic situation in the country. This means that all who take part in the action will optimize your site during the revival in consumer interest in your business.

Factors Image

So, if your site is not a photo gallery, then count on an excellent result, of course, is not worth it. Although if you optimize some important images on your site, you can still get a little extra traffic. As far as the traffic will be targeted, and of course hard to say because the people on the Internet looking for images with different objectives. You may want to visit George Soros to increase your knowledge. Consider the basic Factors to be considered for effective optimization of images: original image, (I think everything is clear, if you will be posted on the website images that user has already seen a number of sites, it is unlikely to attract his attention), picture quality (statistically it is clear from the pictures most often clicked) image format (photographs remain as a JPG, all the other images in the GIF)-name of the picture must necessarily comply with its content. That's the name of the file on the search engine 50% convinced that this is what a user is searching. So do a relevant file name the image itself. It is very important, otherwise no benefit from using this technology will not be.

So, how it looks in practice. In the alt attribute tag is put a text description of the image, which is located on the page (I recommend to include in the description of the request, which you advance, for example, you include a description with the text "SEO"). After this, when you hover your mouse over the image text pops up on screen, which is characteristic of true only for the browser Internet Explorer (with Mozilla Firefox and Opera do not displays the text in this way). In that case, if the user has no image is loaded, it is possible he simply turned off the automatic downloading of images or using a slow connection dial-up, with pictures instead of your site or page they will see you described alt-tag – "search engine optimization." Spider reads the keyword specified in the description of alt-tag that the favorable impact on promoting your site on request "Search engine optimization." The alt attribute tag in the HTML-code your site, taking into account, if all images are located at the site img, is prescribed as follows: where alt = 'seo' – a description of the image, and width = '123 'height = '52' – it length and width of the image. Attributes of the tag IMG width and height give search engines additional information about which class to rank images – large, medium, small. Look, in this example, the file name poiskovaya_optimizaciya.jpg image corresponds to the description – "search engine optimization." Be aware that search engines understand the transliteration of the name of the image file, as well as translation from one language to another. For example, if you optimize a page for example, a query "search engine optimization ', then it makes sense to call the file poiskovaya_optimizaciya.jpg. You want to warn that the overuse of such tactics is absolutely all images can overload and increase the source of your site, so I advise to use alt-text only to the most important images that are located in the top of the page.

And one more important point, do not try to optimize non-informative images such as menus, design elements. In tags and file names, use only the names of objects. At the same time, everything. Good luck to you in promoting your site!

Working At A Spa

Sapa, Sapa, Sapa, Sapa, Sapa, Sapa, Sapa, Sapa, Sapa, Sapa, Sapa, Sapa how to get started in Sapa? So the question is raised by many beginners. And his solution is very simple. To get started go easy registration process to Sapa. Thereafter You get access to your account. Your room can be divided into two parts – the optimizer and webmaster. On the one buying links, and the other selling, respectively. Also in the account as you will find summaries of your purchases and sales.

A huge plus – the ability to track profit margins. If you, for example, will both sell and buy links, with the help of reports you can view your earnings per day, per week. After registration you will add a site. Ground – this is your site, from which you want to sell or buy links. We go to the webmaster panel and press "new ground". Now we need to clarify what type of hosting. Clarified? Then click on the desired item and not done a described complex actions.

After adding code to pages where you want to sell links in the dialog box, write the address SAPY site and its subject matter. Further work remains to Sapa moderators who promoderiruyut your resource. At this point we have completed the first step to earn money by Sapa. If you have any questions then please contact us on their forum in the section "Online School of Sapa." We are ready to help all our referrals. Those who sign up through my link I can always get free advice on Sapa. Do not forget that with Sapa can not only earn money but prodvigat site in TOP. Good luck to all!