Presentation Of The Telematics Awards On 27, 2010:

Telematics award 2010 Hamburg/Hanover/Berlin present in Lower Saxony Economics Minister and VDA Managing Director (2010-03-30/Suresh). The trade journal telematics aims to bring the outstanding technologies and research of this innovative industry more in the public eye with the awarding of the Telematics Awards. This project is actively supported by the VDA (Verband der Automobilindustrie) and Lower Saxony Economics Minister Jorg Bode, who has taken over the patronage. Bode will present in Theurbanpastor on September 27, 2010 the TELEMATIK award to the winners of the advertised categories together with the VDA Managing Director. Joint press release of the Ministry of Economic Affairs of Lower Saxony, the VDA – Association of the automotive industry, as well as the trade journal telematics already into declared February 2010 bode his willingness to take over the patronage of the TELEMATIK award 2010. These days bode explained his commitment for the telematics industry in his greeting: in future to remain competitive, the transport, logistics, trade and services industry relies on fuel-saving drives and an efficient vehicle and order management.

The telematics offers impressive systems, which cause material, operating and personnel costs in the company considerably reduce. I have taken over like under the patronage of the TELEMATIK award 2010, because a great economic importance to this innovative and trend-setting technology. Telematics must be understood as an important driver of innovation not only in Germany, and it can be perceived. Therefore, I support the initiative of the organiser’s Telematics and am very excited about the technologies that I can draw from in September 2010 personally. I wish every success to all submitted companies.

“These days the organizer of telematics reached also the message that the Federation definitely says to his participation in the ceremony of the automotive industry and announced the personal appearance of the VDA Managing Director Theurbanpastor on. The editor-in-Chief of the telematics Klischewsky evaluates the readiness of both partnerships so: A TV commitment to the telematics industry and our project could not have it. We are very happy, that we may already know this appreciation in the first year of the competition by the economy Minister as patron, as well as through the partnership to the VDA. This is an extremely important signal in the telematics industry. “Telematics – journal MKK market communication is editor of telematics Telematics is a cross-cutting technology that link the areas of navigation, positioning and communication and computer science. It includes all applications based on wireless transmission of information of every kind and its subsequent processing. The journal telematics aims for this technology and research an all-encompassing market and information space”between manufacturers and users to create, to still quite young and innovative Telematics industry closer to bring to the attention of the public. Telematics binds nationwide expert journalists and marketing professionals who constantly communicate with companies, institutions, universities, associations of the telematics industry. You bundles the interests and ideas from research & Development, business, communities of interest, as well as by providers, manufacturers, and users at a high level and brings together all stakeholders on this public stage”.

Bernhard Schouwer

EMOS is the software for disposal sites. The structure of the program is determined by industry-specific requirements. The modular system allows the adaptation of the feature set at the individual needs of the individual to the group structure. Intelligent modules in the classic line sales offer order performance billing”support innovative, future-oriented program segments. EMOS grows with your company and the associated requirements. n.

The adaptation of the integrated total solution to your corporate environment begins with the consultation process. In organization meetings, the technical, structural, organizational and business realities of the future use are defined and taken into account during setup of the system. The EMOS product group includes the products for service providers, EMOS for municipal service providers, EMOS EMOS for plants, as well as the telematics EMOS mobile. KOMVOR KOMVOR is a powerful Workflow and process management system for cross-functional management and editing of internal and external operations of the embedded applications in different fields. Captures and automates or edited case-related tasks.

With only one application, you can manage operations for the issuing of licences and permits, processing applications and ads as well as the tracking of any issues, or the settlement of offences. KOMVOR includes an intelligent file management to mailboxes specified in the workflow queue, a graphical workflow designer and process Editor is controlled via drag & drop, as well as a CTI environment more effectively and efficiently designed the exchange of information between the parties involved. The user interface is homogeneous over the entire application system and it makes new employees, easy to learn deputies or vacation coverage. The applications of KOMVOR extends across all levels of management and Management scopes, from ministries of country offices and lower authorities to cities and communities. KOMVOR automate management processes of an authority. A usage of KOMVOR is possible on all levels and areas of public administration and their facilities. S & F Datentechnik GmbH & co. KG Reimers Street 41 b 26789 leer. Contact: Dipl.-inf.. Bernhard Schouwer E-Mail: Phone: 0491 92567-0

Conversion Tool

DVDVideosoft support new WebM video format and suitable for presenting a new free Converter. DVDVideosoft support new WebM video format and suitable for presenting a new free Converter. With the free WebM video converter it is possible to convert existing videos to many formats in the WebM format under Windows. Just as easily, you can convert existing WebM movies in other, more common formats. Briefly summarised: – DVDVideoSoft gives away multimedia programs – published new: free WebM video converter 1.0 Windows freeware – convert many video formats to the WebM format convert WebM videos in other formats – extract MP3 audio track from WebM videos – part of suite free Studio 5.2.0 the WebM format is an open, royalty free multimedia format which is supported actively by Google. It is increasingly as a “free” alternative to the popular format H. 264 used to encode high-definition movies. The open-source based format has the stuff for it to set a new standard.

Only problem is that many programs still do not support the new format. As one of the first companies, DVDVideoSoft therefore offers a conversion help map and a free one at that. The newly developed Windows program called free WebM video converter. It is now in the version 1.0 available for download. The tool is able to convert existing WebM videos in many popular formats including also AVI, IVF, DIV, DivX, MPG, MPEG, MPE, MP4, M4V, WMV, ASF, MOV, QT, MTS, M2T, M2TS, MOD, death, ago, DAT, 3GP2, 3GPP, 3GP, 3 G 2, DVR-MS, FLV, F4V, AMV, RM, RMM, RV, RMVB, OGV, MKV and TS. If you want, can extract only the audio track from a WebM video and save it as a separate MP3 file. Of course, it is also no problem, time to go the other way and convert the videos present on the hard drive in the new WebM format. Here, you can convert at once always also multiple files.

This saves time. Easily converts the tool not only the formats, but also Resolutions. There are many pre-configured output resolutions available, covering all major screen size from 320 240 to 3840 2160. So, there is no synchronization problems with the dubbing of films on the devices. The built-in preset editor also helps to implement your own presets. Alex Wang of DVDVideoSoft: “I am very confident that this software is an excellent choice for all users, who would like to store their media in the new open format WebM. With our program you can do even free it.” The program free video to WebM converter is part of the free multimedia suite free Studio which gathered over 40 useful programs for everyday needs under a single interface for Windows XP, Vista and 7. The program can be downloaded individually. Website: product site: de/products/dvd/Free-WebM-Video-Converter.htm free Studio: de/free-dvd-video-software.htm Facebook: YouTube channel: watch? v = ySr3_JtEfIA DVDVideosoft was founded in late 2006 and works as an independent developer of free software for video and audio editing. 45 useful applications for Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7 are currently offered. All programs are that they are extremely easy to use despite its strong features. All programs are bundled in free Studio that acts as menu to call up the tools. The tools are available in many languages available, also in German. Currently, more than 350,000 users a day visit the homepage. Contact for the press: Helene Kohler E-Mail:

Le Credit Lyonnais

These are General Hotel ITESOFT.FreeMind Enterprise for the automated detection, classification, indexing and distributing all incoming documents, ITESOFT.FreeMind for invoices to the automatic processing of vendor invoices; ITESOFT.FreeMind for orders for the processing of business-to-business orders and ITESOFT.FreeMind for business to the automatic processing of business documents. ITESOFT.FreeMind Enterprise: Studies show that 81% of the company believes that the greatest benefit in terms of time saving is the capture of incoming documents, followed by an improved customer service, estimate 76% as a main advantage are sophisticated solution for the digital processing (source: SerdLab report, 2009, “Capture and Secure Exchange”). The digital processing is therefore as important drivers for shorter response times and productivity in the enterprise. Through them, the incoming mail is available faster while reducing the costs. In addition to integrate immediately in the flow of information the documents, such as electronic customer files.

ITESOFT.FreeMind Enterprise 2.4, which was the solution for the digital processing of post input by ITESOFT, now expanded to an automatic indexing capability. As a result, incoming documents can will be immediately forwarded to the correct recipient. To Olivier Van De Walle, Manager for multi channel, support and infrastructure from the prestigious banking institution of Le Credit Lyonnais: We opted for version 2.4 of ITESOFT.”FreeMind decided because it far outperforms the previous automated processing: achieves a 90% automatic identification of over 500 different document classes, and that, at over 450,000 documents per day.” In addition is with ITESOFT.FreeMind Enterprise 2.4 at the beginning of the project no manual configuration required. The software is able to learn new types of unstructured documents such as customer contracts or letters automatically and then independently to classify them and to distribute. As a result, projects can be speed up and simplify upgrades. ITESOFT.FreeMind Enterprise 2.4 also extended the range of automated processing of customer files and incoming mail to electronic workflows.


Guide shows models companies build, establishing a service oriented architecture enables companies to improve business processes through introduction of existing (old) systems and thus to increase the flexibility of the own IT system. This leads to significant cost savings and reduces the time-to-market significantly. However, the practical implementation often poses problems. \”The new white paper shows how an enterprise can help portal to build the IT system according to the LEGO principle, Intrexx and SOA\”. Freiburg, November 12, 2009.

The approach of the service-oriented architecture (short: SOA) received an increasing attention in recent years. A such architecture characterised by the encapsulation of the IT environment in different easily replaceable modules and offers great advantages in terms of maintenance, flexibility and stability of the existing IT system. The system is divided into several levels, communicating only via interfaces. With its market-leading Portal software Intrexx the Freiburg software producer United planet ( offers a solution, middleware, takes this approach and further developed. For Intrexx was in service-oriented architecture 2008 innovation award the Initiative Mittelstand in the category\”award.

The replacement of individual solutions is just as easily possible as their restructuring and consolidation under the uniform surface of the portal platform with Intrexx. It already paid investments are backed up, since data from existing systems can be as easily into the enterprise integrated portal SAP or Lotus Notes. New applications can be easily added, restructured processes, and automated. As a modular system can be built up with Intrexx as SOA middleware, where elements of which are flexibly adjustable or interchangeable. Also Web services can be consumed with Intrexx or even created and integrated into the system. Provide the individual modules with data and information and can also in Workflows are included. Also data from third-party systems such as the ERP system can be offered as a Web service. This is possible with Intrexx, even when the external system has no own Web service functionality.