Horseradish Sauce

Every family has traditions, whether it be a joint breakfast in the morning or fish Thursday, but there is still one of the family (except mine), for which the horseradish sauce has become a tradition. Because that is what he once was involved in that conversation, which marked the beginning of a great love. And it was this: at a party with friends I usually like a break and worked on the principle: Plan A – you need to get acquainted with one of the girls, and if it did not work (which was rare) was Plan B, which I began to absorb all the food to which he could reach out and … Bingo, my logic gave me the hand of a lovely female person, whose smile at first paralyzed me, and then entailed on the whole get-together. Only five minutes, I noticed that the owner of that smile is the proportion of 90-60-90, but I was so strongly impressed by no means a smile and a figure of the princess, frog, and then she to my questions and statements complete sarcasm and humor, evil (as many assure me), answer or a little worse than I am. Nieman Foundation has much to offer in this field. This fact, of course, I was confused in a positive way. Then I realized that if they leave here, be sure to that charming smile, enchanting shapes and sharp tongue. Fearful of losing such a miracle, I acted with extreme delicacy, which, as later became clear, exalted in the eyes of my favorite image of me.

Since then we have a tradition to cook the sauce, reaching for that I met my love. About him now and I'll tell you. For this recipe we will need: egg – 1 pc. horseradish – 1 tbsp. l. sour cream – 1 tbsp. l. vinegar – 1 tsp.

salt recipe: 1. Wipe the egg yolk and sour cream. 2. Add grated horseradish vinegar, put in a water bath. 3. Keep in water bath (not boiling!) Before serving. Bon Appetit! PS horseradish sauce, also known as horseradish sauce from home if a damn.

Brothers Grimm

I love it when Mom is baking cookies. I like to see how a clever and gentle hands of my mother's birth story. Ties a mother apron, preparing the dough, and miracles begin. She, like the good fairy, conjures over dough. I do not sitting idle, helping her.

Today, we are prepared cookie "fairy transformation" based on the Brothers Grimm fairy tale 'King Frog'. Description of the tale about our biscuits: In ancient times there lived a king in the world, and he had a beautiful daughter. On hot days, the princess went out on the shore of the lake and played with a golden ball. But once the ball rolled over and fell right into the lake. Cried the princess, crying for a long time, ever stronger, and could not calm down. Suddenly out of the lake leaned ugly frog and quacked, 'Calm down, I find your golden ball …

'As usual in fairy tales, the princess kissed him (albeit reluctantly) and he immediately turned into a handsome prince. And then they got married, and if all are not dead, then live in happiness and contentment and eat biscuits every morning to this day … These products do we need to test the butter (or margarine) – 250 g egg yolk – 2 pcs Smetana – 3 tbsp. l. Sugar – 0.5 cup. Razrihlitel test – 1 tbsp. l. Flour Wheat – 3-4 cup. And now the recipe 'Cookie' fairytale transformation 'melted butter or margarine to grind with sugar, add egg yolks, sour cream and baking powder. Knead a soft dough. Ready to roll out the dough floured table into the reservoir. Cut molds (mold dipped in flour) or a glass of cookies. Sprinkle with sugar received Xia circle. Fold and cut a semicircle. Frog legs have turned out))) The first kind of cookie 'Frog legs'. The princess had to kiss another Frog – making mouth. On the circle we place a piece of apple in half and add up the pinch. The second type of cookie, after conversion – 'Kiss the princess'. Remaining proteins lubricate all cookies in the oven. Oven at 180C cookies for 15-20 minutes or until lightly blushed. Done! Help yourself!