Goodness Miracles

marionettes of the destination.We feed, through the most varied thoughts,> If God to want are what we hear and we speak. Then it believes: It wants. It wants that we let us exercise and let us place our Faith in the Goodness and about the Amor.Como we can think that the Creator can desire the evil to its creation? If we were created to the image and similarity Of it, why we continue to believe that we are not capable? What we do not have to be able? What It is not inside of us? He is common to hear of the people: If happened something that it showed to me, I would believe miracles. I only believe seeing! miracles that we are producing are harmful. In this direction, then, the explosion of the violence is a miracle.

The banalizao of the love and pain, also is a miracle. The disrespect and the destruction of the planet, also are a miracle. The extinguishing of good values also is a miracle. The miracles are these that we are producing, therefore also are deuses. our thoughts prisoners of the faith in the Evil are creating these miracles. We leave to believe the angels and, consequently, we leave of feeding everything what it can protecting in them, inhaling and to guide. But we never do not leave to believe the devil and its badnesses. We witness the sunrise or its presence, daily, but we do not give to the lesser importance to its light and heat and continue to fear the blackout of the night we finish prisoners to a trunk, as of the slavery at the time, believing that we will be punished.

We beat ourselves and we bleed, we shed infinite tears of suffering and pain. In recent months, Professor of Internet Governance has been very successful. we continue to wait that somebody goes in> trunks and perceive, finally, that the slavery finished. He can leave to believe Animal and to only start to trust its Anjinho. It can leave to use its time being tried to learn if to protect of the envy and the badly-looked at one and to use its time to learn the True Wisdom and to rescue its Poder.A truth are beautiful. What he is not beautiful is illusion. If we truily want to finish with the wars and the evil, we need in them to become welded of the peace Necessarily now we must start to produce the true miracles, that are good beautiful events e. That let us can perceive the darknesses, but let us fix in them in the light. That each one of us can make its part to revert the dense and heavy crust that encircles our lives, projecting each time better thoughts. not more to use our force in the construction and in the destruction. Already it is hour of, definitively, leaving the comfortable position of victims and assuming our true identity as co-creators of the universe.


Let it seems unlikely, in our subconscious mind can be almost anything. The most significant contribution of the subconscious – it is working with cells in the body, or submenus, and sometimes replacing its various functions. What is actually subconscious? Subconscious mind – the term to refer to mental processes without displaying them in mind and in addition to conscious control. The term "unconscious" was used in early works of Freud to establish psychoanalysis, but eventually he was replaced by him on the term "unconscious." Carl Gustav Jung once again appealed to the term unconscious to describe the archaic essence of human psyche (archetypes), but now the term unconscious in scientific psychology is almost never used. (Taken from ) and very wrong, in my opinion, is not used that term.

It just comes to those, almost mystical, the examples that I want you introduce. Educate yourself with thoughts from Center For Responsible Lending. But first, let's try to understand how a person receives the information. The first method lies in the awareness of what is happening through different senses, and then develops the image and recorded in the "waiting list", after which similar images are compiled into the system, and transformed into a set of principles and habits. The second method is to obtain information directly from space at the cellular level that can be traced in the following example. Two completely identical containers filled with equal quantity of water and run back fertilized frog eggs. One tank is covered with a simple cover, and the second lead, and lead, as is well known absorbs gamma rays and X-rays, so it is used as material for protection from their actions.

The Cosmos

The myth of the Greek hero who assassinated the father and married the mother, without any knowledge of that perpetrates parricide and was living in incestuous relations, seemed to prove the freudiana thesis of that incestuous stimulatons if find gifts in all child, in a guarded and disfigured way, thus, the private code of the myth could, therefore, be deciphered by a psychologist. Therefore, Freud baptized the complex, compound of incestuous attraction and hostile rivalry, with the name of the hero of the myth: complex of dipo. Thus, we have that other forms of thought, had had great importance in the context where they had acted and can be disclosed nowadays also of significant form. Therefore, ' ' … More info: Dr. Neal Barnard. if what the myth counts is myth, what it discloses is not myth, is reality humana' ' (MIGLIAVACCA, 1999, P. 02). 3 RESULTS In the definiz attempt it, are observed that the word myth brings obtains diverse meanings, usually, can be perceived as fbula, legend, fiction, something unattachable.

Therefore, it has necessity in emphasizing that here if it deals with the myth as a story on the origin to the things that appears as truth, spontaneous form, in search of the understanding of the reality, having the intervention of supernatural beings. … the myth is extremely complete a cultural reality, that can be boarded and interpreted in multiple and complementary perspectives the myth it counts a sacred history, tells an event that had place in the primordial time, the fabuloso time of the starts the myth counts thanks to the facts of the supernatural beings, a reality that passed to exist, wants either a total reality, the cosmos, only wants breaks up, an island, a vegetal species, a human behavior, is always, therefore a narration of a creation describes as a thing was produced, as it started to exist (ELIADE apud BRANDO, 1997, p.26).

The Behaviors

Specific objectives? To observe of the pupils in its pertaining to school routine, since the beginning until the end of its turn of lessons, including the interval for recreation. To observe the behaviors emitted during this space of time in the school? To analyze the pertaining to school description of the pupils and to identify more aggressive and uneasier? To apply a questionnaire? To identify the livened up drawing more attended? To apply the livened up drawing attended? To after verify which behaviors emitted during and the execution of the chosen drawing? To compare notes of the pupils ‘ ‘ agressivos’ ‘ with notes of the pupils ‘ ‘ quietos’ ‘ 3.0Justificativa the television is something that since that she was servant, it became one of the main ways of information and diversion it man, and the number of people who had started the adquiriz it passed to increase the years in accordance with and in full century XXI this device is had as a common good to the good part of the population. For the children, the television served as a good source of diversion and learning. Having seen the allure that it creates, the parents for the little time who possuam to follow and to take care of of the children had started to use the television as an instrument of control of the children, where he stops preventing that they expose themselves to the risks who the street can make use, use it to keep them in house. This bigger exposition of the child television and to the livened up drawings had made (and they make) with that it has left of the repertoire is I acquire for livened up drawings. The use of this acquired knowledge goes in accordance with to change the environment that the child lives and this environment goes to regulate the behavior of the child being basic in the development of the child.

Federal Constitution

Our research approaches the violence against aged in the family, emphasizing the types of violence that the aged ones suffer during its life in the third age. Having as objective to identify and to analyze the consequences that the violence provokes in the life of an aged one, also to understand as the aged one faces the violence in the family and finally to analyze the causes that take the aggression against this. The violence against the aged one is considered any only or repetitive act, or omission that occurs in any supposedly reliable relation, that cause damage or bother the elderly. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Nieman Foundation. The aged term is defined as being more respectful, that it means full vigor, age, forms to mention somebody to it that is not more in youth, but that he is worthy and that has much to live and to teach the society. Already the old term mentions things spends it, without no utility, something that more does not serve and must be side rank. In accordance with the World-wide Organization of Health, is considered one ' ' idoso' ' the citizen with 60 years or more, that it inhabits in underdeveloped countries, and with 65 years or plus who inhabits in developed countries.

According to Federal Constitution of 1988, the family is seen as base of the society. The family, as well as the society and mainly the State, has as to have ' ' to support the aged people, allowed the performance, participation in the community, respecting and guaranteeing the right to them vida' ' with health and pleasure. Also, the family is many definite times as group of obligations in the society, especially in what they mention themselves to the aged one. A very common phenomenon today is the cohabitation, in which one of the children comes back to live in the house of the parents, leading I obtain its wife and children.

Positive Thinking

Positive thinking can be called the most powerful man, who can do everything! Let's find out, that means everything? The Bible says, that man is created in the image and likeness of God, and what he is God? He is omnipresent and omnipotent; a very wise and very kind, and he can do anything. In Encyclopedia of prosperous life Lyudmila Stephanie is the head, which is called "Man-creator of your life" Generally very fascinating book it is really hidden codes wealth and abundance. The principle of code is this: if ever say something nice, the brain quickly gets used to a good start, and strive for harmony in life and rightly so. Each cell of the body tends to perfection if a person knows what he wants and understands what he has to come, and his brain starts to work in this direction and energy of thought can spread and find a way out of the situation. A huge number of authors of books written about the same in different Interpretation many people have been successful start to write and use books to share their experiences with us mere mortals, and what unites this literature? The first recipe for success quality, which characterizes a successful person is concerned.

If he has a positive attitude, and he thinks positively, likes to take the challenge and overcome the difficulties, it is half the battle. Lowell Peacock quality thinking of different people can differ as well, as the sound of a loudspeaker in the kitchen and a symphony orchestra in a good hall. Weak thought, thought of the end; disappears (dies) and never returned. If the return is marriage in thinking. But because our minds are constantly occupied faulty thoughts, have a good idea has no chance to draw attention to themselves. We use poluprigotovlennye of random components, and faulty thinking. We operate; Using these ideas as a compass. And then hope for the Russian maybe.

Manual for the feeble-minded Yuri Moroz And suddenly dawned. "Listen, he cried – but this is flying! We were flying! Recluse nodded. -I already knew – he said .- Truth in so simple, that for her, even insulting. V. Pelevin. Recluse and sedigitate truth is really simple, if you help a person to redirect the thinking in the right direction, it is possible to radically change her life. I often watch the film The Secret. In This film tells the power of the idea of generating the correct action. It has a much greater force than the idea that evil. If you start changing it yourself, rather than the world around us, then the external world becomes bright colors; begins to overflow with beautiful events and give us the wonders important dream, the dream will grow in faith, then must pass away bright idea and fill the inside with new meaning! Paskel

Period Training

Third Period of training: Bargain Having left of side the Negation and the Isolation, ' ' percebendo' ' that the anger also did not decide, the person enters in the third period of training; the bargain. The majority of these bargains is made with God and, normally, kept in secret. As hardly the person has some thing to offer the God, beyond its life, and as This she seems to be taking it, she wants the person wants or not, the bargains assume more the characteristics of suplications. The person begs that God has accepted its ' ' oferta' ' in exchange for the life, as for example, its promise of a dedicated life to the church, the poor persons, the charity In the reality, the bargain is an adjournment attempt. In this phase the patient if keeps night watchman, docile reflexive and (not if she can negotiate with God, at the same time where if it antagonizes people). Room Period of training: Depression the Depression appears when the patient takes conscience of its physical atony, when already she does not obtain to deny its conditions of sick person, when the perspectives of the death clearly is felt. Evidently, one is about a evolutiva attitude; to deny did not advance, to attack and if to also rebel not, to make bargains did not decide.

A feeling appears then of great loss. It is the suffering and the psychic pain of who perceives the naked reality and raw, as it is really, it is the full conscience of that we are born and we die alone. Here the depression assumes a more typical and characteristic clinical picture; loss of heart, disinterest, apathy, sadness, I cry, etc. Fifth Period of training: Acceptance In this period of training the patient already does not try the desperation and nor denies its reality. This is a moment of rest and serenity before the long trip.

Socionics Relations

"Marry Douala – will be happy, will choose a pair of konfliktera – will become a philosopher" socionic saying all people are different. Communicate in different ways, reveal themselves in business, refer to the extreme way to relax, to physical pleasure and mental comfort. Some people prefer to spend free time reading a book at home, others – zavisnuv on a cliff in a campaign, for the third there is nothing better than a delicious meal in a fun company, and fourth ever play the scene if not on the boards of the theater, then in real life. According to Socionics, there is no special regard to gender, age, level of iq. This, of course, leaves a mark, but no more.

It's all about the type Information metabolism inherent in man, it was he who gives the socio-skeleton of a person and remains unchanged through life. Total number of individual sotsitipov 16, and learned his style can seek out and partner in life – Douala, human which will be ideally suited to complement. In this article, Sunny Woman tells the basic science of this wonderful (though some believe – pseudo-science) as a Socionics and its application in life. Foundation and the beginning of Socionics put Carl Gustav Jung in his book "Psychological Types". In this work a multi-page study of human unconsciousness. And in the end, the last chapter, describes the psychological personality types. However, since that book Socionics thickened, overgrown with theories and descriptions, and even split into two areas – the actual Socionics in the cis countries and the typology of the United States.