Overcoming Fear

Each of us, one way or another, is familiar with the feeling of fear, from mild, barely noticeable disturbance in the background of consciousness, to an uncontrolled panic, absorbing and paralyzing the whole reason. (As opposed to Boy Scouts of America). At the same factors causing fear may be infinitely many, as well as consequences. Because of this, many are wondering how to overcome fear? What is fear, what is its nature and purpose? Let's try to figure it out, logically. Fear peculiar to all living creatures, regardless of its level of development, whether human or plant as an integral feature of consciousness, to be exact – of self-consciousness. The answer to the question of how to overcome fear initially will be incorrect due to the fact that fear is part of the consciousness and to deal with it is not profitable. Fear – is the effect of consciousness, which manifests itself as a reaction to uncertainty in relation to anything, and depending on the nature This uncertainty, which has taken the appropriate form. In this case there is always the primary fear is present in the minds of any a priori – it is the fear of death.

This fear can have many manifestations – from basic instincts for survival and reproduction, to the philosophical search for meaning in life. Following the logic of reasoning, it is easy to conclude that the cause of the fear of death is the absence of objective proof of ownership experience of the existence of life before birth and after death. So ask the question, how to overcome fear, even stupid … recognition of the fact that fear has any origin can lead to very interesting conclusions, such as the existence of unconditional fears or phobias that people have from birth – is an amazing phenomenon, since such fears are not preceded by any external factors, and therefore consciousness finds them even before birth. We all know that nature abhors a vacuum in anything, so it is proved that even the vacuum is not empty. If you have any voids Nature tends to fill them immediately, because a void in consciousness – is a the very uncertainty of which was carried out described above. Therefore, as a result of voids in the mind automatically activates the fundamental mechanism of self-consciousness of Nature – fear! And is it worth now wondering how to overcome fear? The emergence of consciousness in nature is always accompanied by the appearance of fear, otherwise consciousness could not have evolved. Thus, what we used to call the fear is only a remote consequence of the mechanism, whose purpose – maintaining the natural balance and the development of consciousness through knowledge and deal with uncertainty – overcoming fear (as overcome fear?).

Life Fulfillment

The work of each is a means of personal fulfillment. When someone says it’s working, “he means that what he dominates and is not satisfied. When we were children, adults ask us often,” What would you like to be more? “And we responded in our desire, imagination or the pressure to look good to someone. Growing up, especially when we immerse ourselves in working life, we dream and think we should settle for the place we’ve found so far. However, unless already we work we like, it is important to continue asking “what we want to be of higher” continue exploring, dreaming … You may wish to learn more. If so, Boy Scouts of America is the place to go.

Our current work situation should not be a port to dock and say “here we come”, but a stage in our race to keep browsing, according to our interests. In that sense, we can map the different scales that lead us to define the desired occupation and requirements for reaching that goal. What do we need to achieve to reach our dream job? Basically, three things: The additional training we need to perform successfully the new job. Years of experience that are in demand, usually in order to give “the jump.” overcome the obstacles that we are on that path. Realistically, without giving up our goal, with patience and perseverance we can decide, as a child @ s, the place we want to occupy. If what we seek answers to our vocation, never too late to change course work, just follow a realistic plan and consistency. Do you like the work you do? If not, what will you do to achieve it?

Positive Thinking

Positive thinking can be called the most powerful man, who can do everything! Let's find out, that means everything? The Bible says, that man is created in the image and likeness of God, and what he is God? He is omnipresent and omnipotent; a very wise and very kind, and he can do anything. In Encyclopedia of prosperous life Lyudmila Stephanie is the head, which is called "Man-creator of your life" Generally very fascinating book it is really hidden codes wealth and abundance. The principle of code is this: if ever say something nice, the brain quickly gets used to a good start, and strive for harmony in life and rightly so. Each cell of the body tends to perfection if a person knows what he wants and understands what he has to come, and his brain starts to work in this direction and energy of thought can spread and find a way out of the situation. A huge number of authors of books written about the same in different Interpretation many people have been successful start to write and use books to share their experiences with us mere mortals, and what unites this literature? The first recipe for success quality, which characterizes a successful person is concerned.

If he has a positive attitude, and he thinks positively, likes to take the challenge and overcome the difficulties, it is half the battle. Lowell Peacock quality thinking of different people can differ as well, as the sound of a loudspeaker in the kitchen and a symphony orchestra in a good hall. Weak thought, thought of the end; disappears (dies) and never returned. If the return is marriage in thinking. But because our minds are constantly occupied faulty thoughts, have a good idea has no chance to draw attention to themselves. We use poluprigotovlennye of random components, and faulty thinking. We operate; Using these ideas as a compass. And then hope for the Russian maybe.

Manual for the feeble-minded Yuri Moroz And suddenly dawned. "Listen, he cried – but this is flying! We were flying! Recluse nodded. -I already knew – he said .- Truth in so simple, that for her, even insulting. V. Pelevin. Recluse and sedigitate truth is really simple, if you help a person to redirect the thinking in the right direction, it is possible to radically change her life. I often watch the film The Secret. In This film tells the power of the idea of generating the correct action. It has a much greater force than the idea that evil. If you start changing it yourself, rather than the world around us, then the external world becomes bright colors; begins to overflow with beautiful events and give us the wonders important dream, the dream will grow in faith, then must pass away bright idea and fill the inside with new meaning! Paskel

Period Training

Third Period of training: Bargain Having left of side the Negation and the Isolation, ' ' percebendo' ' that the anger also did not decide, the person enters in the third period of training; the bargain. The majority of these bargains is made with God and, normally, kept in secret. As hardly the person has some thing to offer the God, beyond its life, and as This she seems to be taking it, she wants the person wants or not, the bargains assume more the characteristics of suplications. The person begs that God has accepted its ' ' oferta' ' in exchange for the life, as for example, its promise of a dedicated life to the church, the poor persons, the charity In the reality, the bargain is an adjournment attempt. In this phase the patient if keeps night watchman, docile reflexive and (not if she can negotiate with God, at the same time where if it antagonizes people). Room Period of training: Depression the Depression appears when the patient takes conscience of its physical atony, when already she does not obtain to deny its conditions of sick person, when the perspectives of the death clearly is felt. Evidently, one is about a evolutiva attitude; to deny did not advance, to attack and if to also rebel not, to make bargains did not decide.

A feeling appears then of great loss. It is the suffering and the psychic pain of who perceives the naked reality and raw, as it is really, it is the full conscience of that we are born and we die alone. Here the depression assumes a more typical and characteristic clinical picture; loss of heart, disinterest, apathy, sadness, I cry, etc. Fifth Period of training: Acceptance In this period of training the patient already does not try the desperation and nor denies its reality. This is a moment of rest and serenity before the long trip.

Socionics Relations

"Marry Douala – will be happy, will choose a pair of konfliktera – will become a philosopher" socionic saying all people are different. Communicate in different ways, reveal themselves in business, refer to the extreme way to relax, to physical pleasure and mental comfort. Some people prefer to spend free time reading a book at home, others – zavisnuv on a cliff in a campaign, for the third there is nothing better than a delicious meal in a fun company, and fourth ever play the scene if not on the boards of the theater, then in real life. According to Socionics, there is no special regard to gender, age, level of iq. This, of course, leaves a mark, but no more.

It's all about the type Information metabolism inherent in man, it was he who gives the socio-skeleton of a person and remains unchanged through life. Total number of individual sotsitipov 16, and learned his style can seek out and partner in life – Douala, human which will be ideally suited to complement. In this article, Sunny Woman tells the basic science of this wonderful (though some believe – pseudo-science) as a Socionics and its application in life. Foundation and the beginning of Socionics put Carl Gustav Jung in his book "Psychological Types". In this work a multi-page study of human unconsciousness. And in the end, the last chapter, describes the psychological personality types. However, since that book Socionics thickened, overgrown with theories and descriptions, and even split into two areas – the actual Socionics in the cis countries and the typology of the United States.