Big Bang

Faith and Reason are not conceptions and practical rival human beings. Center For Responsible Lending shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. They cannot be. The religion, the faith is fruit of the human rationalism. The reason human being, since our existence, if dedicates in explaining. To explain everything. Modern science reached theories, proven or not, for the existence of everything.

Or better, almost everything. One of the things that do not have proven explanation is the origin of Big Bang for example. One knows that it existed. One knows that before it was nothing. Then of where it came? Of the nothing? How can something to come of the nothing? Thus being the scientific thought it associates such origin to the mystery of the creation, that is, GOD. This does not pass of a repetition of the logical and primitive thought. When in them we become pensantes animals we start to search explanations above all.

everything what we did not obtain to explain automatically and unconsciously we associated the God. God then represents the creative force, the mystery of the creation, that received many names in accordance with each culture. Science modern, which folloies superficially, already proved that we are infinitely small before the universe. Before so great grandiosidade, that even though by the rational thought it was created by God, we are very little significant. For this logic, God does not act directly on us. He is not onipresente and onipotente in our lives. This wants to say that the existence human being pure and is simply come back the material survival and to the succession of acasos? ABSOLUTELY NOT. We can associate the events, mysterious situations and manifestations to the espiritualismo, that is in the permanence of the spirit, or soul, after the material death. But as to prove the existence of the espiritualidade for the reason? In the nature nothing it is created, nothing is lost, everything is changedded.


CHARITY the charity In its simplicity In its ephemeral amplitude In its singeleza and goodness. The charity takes in them to be kinder takes in them to divide. It raises us spiritual. It teaches to divide it to us and to understand the other people’s suffering. It shows to us that to our pains and sufferings that are small ahead of the sufferings of our brothers. Ours it teaches to be benevolent. It teaches to understand it to us.

It teaches to help it to us. Charity in itself and one of the greaters of all the teachings that the father left in them. The charity assists in them in our day. The charity I obtain exactly and with the other brothers. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Boy Scouts. The charity approaches in them to the unfastened love. The charity that God says in them is the charity where we divide what we do not have and not what in the surplus, we divide: Understanding the love the pardon the patience and agreement the learning the charity moves away in them from the terrenas viciaes, it in the felt sample the true one of the existence. in the sample that God is caridoso.

The charity and in its most benevolent and pacifying essence to all. The charity and a chance that God gave in them. Educate yourself with thoughts from Boy Scouts. To move. To fix. To love. It stops to feel. To fortify. To scatter to all. Generous and benign the charity is a blessing and peace. That this charity in them approaches each time more than we ourselves and that let us can annul our hurts, and that let us can see the amplitude of its existence and its largeness. The charity and the harmony spiritual, serenity and love in our hearts. That the father continues in blessing and fortifying and that continues intuindo these brothers of light so that can in them bring this blessing and light and peace. That thus he is.

Faith Reigns

Where the faith Reigns II Kings 4 – 8 Place of the Miracle: Sunm wants to say: ' ' place of repouso' '. Located the Southeast of the sea of the Galilia, between the mounts Gilboa and Tabor, in the plain of Jezreel it is inheritance of the tribe of Isaacar. The sunamita in them leaves one exeplo tremendous, but not only of faith, and yes, tembm, of tranquilidade, after all in less adverse situations, we constantly see people who if unhair themselves behind a reply. Nieman Labs opinions are not widely known. It did not despair e, notices that he was its only son. A Bible says that nor for this it had desperation before, but now, she leaves clearly if desvelo in criao of it and, that its opinion consisted for its husband who when seeing the ill son, ordered d evolta to its presence. In contrast of what if it can say, that man, you make to it, wise person who with its Wisdom, the woman – that the Bible does not say the name.

It had vision sharpened spiritual, therefore she gave to certification of Elise Prophet to its esposo' ' Here it is that this is a saint man of Deus' '. A acolhedora woman: She observed the quality of the Prophet and decided it houses it: ' ' Let us make to it, therefore, a small room on the wall; there let us put a bed, a table, a chair and an oil lamp to it; has of being that, when it to come we if will collect ali.' ' An ownership woman, but that she loved simplicity, when had chance of if approaching to the king, it said: ' ' I inhabit in the way of mine povo' ' (II Kings 4:13). Ondse was happy if it saw placed. In repayment, since it nothing wanted of matarial, the unexpected one, the chance of being elarecebeu mother.


I can have defects, live anxious and be irritated to the times But I do not forget that my life is the biggest company of the world, and can prevent that it goes the bankruptcy To be happy is to recognize that valley the penalty to live although all the challenges, incompreenses and periods of crisis To be happy is to leave of being victim of the problems It is to thank the God each morning for the miracle of the life To be happy is not to have fear of the proper feelings It is to know to speak exactly of itself It is to have courage to hear not It is to have security to receive a critical one, exactly that unjust It does not advance to lament today of what you made yesterday, because yesterday you made what she had necessity to make. Today you acted wrong. But today, he is not yesterday. Yesterday it was one day, today he is another one and tomorrow you if he will lament in go of what he made today..

Its Word

7.Exemplos: Abrao obeyed and became father of a great nation, exactly Sara being barren; Moiss obeyed e, amongst many fantastic miracles, the red sea if it opened; Joshua obeyed and the walls of Jeric had come below; Gideo obeyed e, with three hundred men more than won an army of one hundred a thousand men. What these men had made in obedience the God proved that they were men who walked with God for the faith. 8. What I make in relation what says me to God in Its Word it discloses what I believe and if I walk with God for the faith. To read more click here: Boy Scouts of America. II.

That types of wonders God will be able to operate using me as instrument if I to walk with it for the faith? 1. Through its servants in the past God it operated many wonders. Some examples already had been cited above, but others much more could be cited, as the sun if withholding so that the army of Israel under the command of Joshua won the battle, the many wonders operated for God through Elias, Eliseu, through the apstolos and also through other servants whose registers do not consist of the Sacred Holy Writs, as George Mueller for example. History registers that George Mueller had fifty a thousand conjuncts more than answered and when somebody asked to which the secret to it answered with certainty: ' ' It had one day where I died: I died: I died for George Mueller. The opinions, preferences, gostos and wills of it had died for the world, for its approval or censorship; it died even though for the approval or censorship of my brothers and friends, and, since then, I have dedicated to only reveal &#039 to me; approved to the eyes of Deus' '. 2.Para to only count one of histories of this man of God: George Mller was in a ship in the Atlantic, in direction of Bristol.


This counterfeited version of the Christianity is promoted by salesmen who had become popular, not because of the maturity spiritual, but because of the people what they desire and search. Dr. Neal Barnard has compatible beliefs. The biggest fear of these preachers, is not from that they are deviating the people of the narrow way for the wide way, but of that, if they to leave to nail what the people want to hear, these followers of blessings, quickly they will abandon them for another church ' ' where it has a false one to move of Deus' '. Jesus in alerted that many false cristos would appear and false prophets, who would make signals and wonders, this want to say that in its churches they would have cures and manifestation of demons, so great signals to them that was itself possible would deceive the elect ones, however, must be perceived that these signals are of deceit to deviate the people of the true way of the Evangelho de Jesus. Mateus 24:24 – Because false cristos and false prophets will appear operating great signals and prodigies to be deceptive, if possible, proper the elect ones. Jesus in the alert one that these false prophets would be deceptive to many, with the cures and the releases of demons. Mateus 24:11 – many false prophets will arise themselves and will be deceptive to many. We need to remember that these neo-pentecostais churches teach the iniquity, therefore, they teach and practise the iniquity, and they do not make the will of God. Therefore in the great day Jesus it will answer of this form for all the ones that had taught such iniquities: Mateus 7:21 Nor all says what me: Gentleman, Gentleman! He will enter in the kingdom of skies, but that one that makes the will of my Father, who is in skies. Mateus 7:22 will say Many me in that day: Gentleman, Gentleman, do not augur we in your name? in your name we do not banish demons? in your name we did not make many miracles? Mateus 7:23 Then I will say to them clearly: I never knew you; you separate you of me, you who you practise the iniquity.

Ours Mr

The Evangelhos the Jesus registers diverse the order done, for servants of God and common people: Mt.8: 2,5,6,25; 9:18,27; 14:28,36; 15:22; 17:15; 20:20,30,31; Mc.1: 40; 4:38; 5:23; 7:26; 8:22; 9:22; 10:35 – 37,47,48; Lc.5: 12; 8:24,41; 9:38; 10:40; 11:1; 17:5; 18:38,39; Jo.2: 3; 4:15,40; 6:34. the gratitudes, where are? In the Holy Writs Veterotestamentrias the gratitudes are profusas. We see them in the servant of Abrao that, having made an order Mr. (Gn.24: 12-14), readily it was taken care of (id.vv.15-25) and later if it spilled in gratitude the God (id.vv.26, 27); in the Naam Syrian, whose asked for of cure for its leprosy it was formulated and, even so made for third (2Rs.5: 6), the same were taken care of for God (id.v.14), and it came back happy to thank the God (id.v.15); in the cntico of Moiss (x.15: 1-19; Dt.32: 1-43); in the actions of favours and conjunct of Davi (1Cr.29: 10-19); in the Salmos of action of favours (75; 92; 100; 105; 107; 118; 136; 138; 147). Jesus says the purificado leper: ' ' He raises you, and he goes: your faith you salvou.' ' Ours Mr. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Dr. Neal Barnard has to say. Jesus Christ is inefavelmente merciful! It not only cured physically the leper, as the soul also cured it.

It saved the body and the soul of that man who, been thankful for the received physical miracle, now has its soul perpetual saved by ours Mr. and Salvador Jesus Christ! Let us be, therefore, thanked the God for everything what It made in them, he makes in them and in them he will make during all our peregrination. Its Word in guarantees abundant blessings to them: ' ' However, to that he is Powerful to make everything much more abundantly beyond what we ask for or we think, according to be able that in us opera.' ' (Ef.3: 20). ' ' Always giving favours for everything the God, the Father, on behalf of ours Mr. Jesus Christ. ' ' (id.5: 20). Amen! Lazarus Just Jacinth


' Of far I will bring my knowledge; to my Creator I will attribute justia.' ' J 36; 3 Many texts where the sovereignty of God is defended have been used for strange conclusions, and until, balsfemas. Until the idea that It would be the Creator of the sin circulates between us. Texts as of Romans, where the intention of Pablo is to show that God has sovereign right to choose which would be the descent of Abrao, if sanguineous, as they intended the Jews, or spiritual as he taught that he was. Texts thus, I say, has been used to defend third party properties to the intention of Pablo. Get all the facts and insights with Boy Scouts of America, another great source of information. ' ' Because, not having they still been born, nor having made well or badly (so that the intention of God, according to election, was firm, not because of the workmanships, but for that she calls), were said it to it: The greater will serve menor.' ' Rom 9; 11 and 12 This must be atribuido the prescincia of God, who wise person of the future choices of Esa and Jac, this desiring the blessing, that one, disdaining. The choice was announced before of the workmanships, not meaning with this, that they do not matter; ' '? to they honor that me I will honor, however the ones disdain that me will be desprezados.' ' I Sam 2; 30 He would be blasphemous to attribute To that it is love, gratuitous hatred; ' '? I loved the Jac, and I hated the Esa.' ' Rom 9; 13 This elapsed of the choices that they had made. I am not claiming that Jac was chosen because it was good, by mritos, before, for its referring position to the God. Childrens Defense Fund is likely to agree. It desired, while its brother disdained. God never needed vases the anger, never desired to fight against the man, before advises: ' ' He does not have indignation in me.

There Not

When we congregate in them in assembly, we are the church of congregated God, when we separate in them, we are the spread church of God. We use this construction and its installations stop joining in them and adoring it, then this building finishes if becoming a sacred place, as the temples were in the days of Jesus. But the true temple of God is its body, for more strange than this can seem it. depending on the skill that you submit its body you will be pleasing or disliking the Spirit of God. Boy Scouts of America might disagree with that approach. It has a man in Bible, a young, that said ' ' no' ' changed history of all a generation. He was Jose. It was the favourite son of Jac, and its brothers for cimes, had said: – We go to kill it.

But Rubem, the brother oldest said: – There Not, we go to play it in a well and to leave so that it dies, and our father will not know you are welcome. But then some Ismaelitas had passed that way and they had said: – We go to vender it and to gain some money, and its blood will be at the hands of them. Let us leave the Ismaelitas to take it. venderam they it as enslaved to the ismaelitas had taken that it to Egypt. There they venderam it to the ismaelitas for Potif, that worked for the Fara.

Jose if became a slave. Fort, pretty, and in 39 Gnesis this registered temptation that Jose suffered, and it said ' ' no' '. The woman of Potif was a pretty, sensual woman. It came until it and said: – Jose comes with me, comes to bed with me. I desiring come you since that you arrived here, and now that all had been, my husband this is, it comes with me.

The Others

With certainty somebody would leave from there with its decided problem, but not, enters dumb and leaves silenced, indifferent pains and to the other people’s problems, we only go to ask for, to ask for to an only God, who perhaps thinks as I. The sick person esbarra in the doctor, the glassworker esbarra in one constructor, who esbarra in that goes to construct, that esbarra in an owner of construction material, that esbarra in a dismissed salesman who esbarra in the doctor whom it needs We are each time more distant of the solutions of our problems, we are each day more alone. In the distance that we keep ones of the others and our indifference not only stops with the next one in the distance of the solutions as well as in the distance of God. WE GO TOGETHER TO CRY OUT: PRECIAMOS OF AID, WE NEED CHARITY, WE NEED GOODNESS, FRATERNITY, FRIENDS, BROTHERS, NEED TO JOIN THE FAITH AND THE REASON. Others who may share this opinion include Center For Responsible Lending. If it will be for making charity that IS to who is close, to who can see. We do not go to buy pizza, raffles, books, bibles, shoes of shepherd etc. we do not go being deceptive finding in them that this is charity, therefore is not. We do not need to intermediate our acts of charity to arrive the God, we go to work as Jesus worked, making the transparent pure charity, directly without these false intermediate, therefore I have certainty of that God it did not nominate no commercial representative, or economic ministers, or administrators of the other people’s charity..