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They Create A Track De Skate In The Echeverri Place

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The place Alberto Echeverri not only draws attention for being the unique one that has a poster of sale in its entrance, not even for being a created public space on the initiative of the neighbors. Although it has hammocks, an unexpected field of soccer with wood arcs, a scene so that a band of rock or a group of independent theater occurs to know and until a pair of cement grills, which more wide-awake curiosity are the great inclines for skate that it has in one of his lateral ones. And those showy structures for the common one of people work as point of contact for the fanatics of the table with rueditas. The idea arose from a group of four boys who remained without place to blunt their hobby and decided to locate a circuit luck to skater in the flank that gives to the avenue Don Bosco. Hablamos with the neighbors and said to us that while we maintain the cleaning were no problems this explanation in center leaves the mouth of Maximiliano (26) systems analyst in a located company and one of the ideologists of the project.

At the beginning of year they began to arm the inclines and today already they have five. Made of iron and wood the inclines are black guinea fowl with aerosol. The two greater inclines are stuck one with the other because he is the main one, the two more girls are a flank they use and them for to enter heat, in addition is a species of tribune for to hang itself with skate. Juan (24), that is dedicated to realise charges of a motorcycle above, explains as they obtained to the materials I have a neighbor who is blacksmith and the wood had another one of the boys in its house and thus with a little work in equipment and some favors could finish with his park of diversions although it adds that they would like to have a roller, but they give neither to the materials nor the space us. Vida Vacations describes an additional similar source.

Poetry as Salvation

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The poetry is the soul of salvation of the world them human beings. An integral exercise to gain the universe in each poem sent to the universe of the spirit. In that sense, each poet that we are reading must leave a track, a tremor. In that context, to find us with the high poetry of Andres Milohnic Morals (Santiago of Chile, 1962) has been a invaluable and rewarding benefit. A leading source for info: Vida Vacation.

Andres Morals Is licensed in Literature. Doctor in Philosophy and Letters. in the University of Chile directs to the Literary Factory Codices. Here, Boy Scouts of America expresses very clear opinions on the subject. It has published seventeen poetry books from 1982 until now, that is to say: By nsulas strange, Soliloquio of fire, Lazaro always it cries, Not the chance, Exercise of saying, Verb, Vice of beauty, Vision of the oracle, Breaking the eyes, the art of war, Scenes of the landslide of the West, Rquiem, personal Anthology, reunited Poetry, died Memory, Demon of the anything, the songs of the Sybil. Also, like academic rigorous and diffusing cultural, it has published ten books, as much florilegios as of literary critic: Poetic anthology of Vicente Huidobro, an angle of the world..

Paid Surveys

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Wherever you nowadays go, you will see an announcement that offers to pay to him by its opinion in cash. It is a survey or a paid group of opinion, the idea is the same – the companies of market studies want their free opinion and are arranged to give effective and merchandise him so that you pass his time answering his surveys. In this article, we will review the most frequent questions on the paid surveys. What is a paid survey? A paid survey, or survey of investigation of market, is a series of questions that are presented/displayed to an individual or group of people, to see as they perceive and they respond to certain products or services. Each person falls in some type of demographic category (separated segments of population by age, sex, income, etc.), to which certain products are directed. For example, the athletic equipment can be promoted towards young and physically active people, while the luxury cars can be directed towards people with higher income. These surveys in line is offered free of charge like means to understand certain markets better. What is a Focus Group? Focus Group is another type of survey where a group of individuals is invited to discuss certain subject related to the company that sponsors the Focus Group.

You can or not to know the point the discussion and they are realised generally by a moderator who will guide the discussion. These Focus Groups can be realised in physical locations or in line and usually they delay between 30 minutes and 2 hours. The compensation varies from 10 dollars to 250 dollars, depending the subject and the involved time. Why my opinion is so important? The companies spend hundreds of thousands, if new or existing nonmillion dollars in publicity for products and services. These advertising campaigns can sometimes be a complete cost of time and money if the company does not investigate the market that tries to capture.

Crises Help

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Ps. Fernando Alexis Jimnez the letter arrived to him when it thought that it crossed by his better moment. It did not explain much, unless due to the economic recession that struck to Brazil, was necessary to do without his services. " Thank you very much for so many years of dedication to this compaa" it concluded the letter. Frequently Dr. Neal Barnard has said that publicly. Maria Carvalheiras felt that crippling fell to him cold water.

" She cannot be happening esto&quot to me; she thought after reflecting that to his 38 years it would not be easy to obtain another employment. By several days she did not sleep nor she did anything, except for selling his car to cancel the pending debts. Thousands of ideas crossed by their mind. It was against the dilemma to let itself die, drowned by the circumstances, or leave ahead. And it took the best option.

It was not let defeat. Navy of much value and optimism, recruited many women of the marginal districts to incorporate them to an incipient product business of first necessity that conceived in the middle of the desperation. It enabled them, it instructed on principles and values and them it taught to sell products door door. It was not easy. At the outset it had many reverses and until problems. But progressively it took force. Today she is one of the most prosperous women of the nation. It recovered the confidence. Sight the future and considers that, of to have followed in that company, she would be one more an employee and not a retailer, owner of his time and its plans, as is today. The circumstances cannot win to you Are circumstances of the life that by complex and the difficult thing, make think that camos about a deep eddy of problems and crisis us del that we will not leave easily. But we have faith in God, those same adverse conditions can become reasons for triumph, as it happened with the protagonist of the story.

Pre Conception

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It really influences in the generation of the ideas in the entrepreneur, the own experience (or successful examples of other people), the knowledge and also aspects mental of the investigator or designer. 1.3 Phases of Development of a Project of Investment The vital cycle of a project of private or social investment is made up of three phases: Pre-operation, Operation and Liquidation of the project. 1.3.1 Pre-Operation This phase begins with the conception of the project from the detection of a problem or opportunity of market (the conception of the Idea) until its putting in operation. It is characterized initially by the exit of bottoms for accomplishment of the studies and soon for the implementation of the project (execution) and it is subdivided in: a.Pre-inversion. Center for Responsible Business: the source for more info. – This stage begins with the conception of the idea until the final analysis of the elements of judgment necessary to decide the execution of the project. It is the phase of the market studies, technicians, economic and financial corresponding to corroborate the feasibility of the project.

b.Execution or Investment. – Stage that includes/understands the decisions and negotiations on studies definitive, financing, organization, selection and qualification of human resources, evaluation and selection of suppliers, licitation, constructions of offices and plant, equipment of plant and vehicles, assembly, tests and beginning. 1.3.2 Operation In this phase all the constructed infrastructure, equipment and acquired machineries, personnel engaged and enabled, already capital of work, suppliers of raw materials and consumptions, means, channels of commercialization, publicity, and others enter operation, generating the returns (money income) by the inverted resources. It is because the phase of operation, during which it is hoped to achieve the objectives that have given rise to the project. 1.3.3 Liquidation It is the period in which the project concludes and all the inverted capital recovers and the assets to their value of rescue are sold. 1 the mentioned disciplines not necessarily is the unique ones can get up others disciplines according to are the necessity of the investment project 2 Although it is certain that the majority of the projects, the important step but is the investment, in others can be for example the change of organizational structure, qualification, new technology, etc. Contact: Quk sac Original author and source of the article.