The Contributions Of Sankara

When all duality is absent and one does not arise either confusion or suffering many avatars, everything is identified with the Atman, Hindu teachers has gone through this plane and they have bequeathed us his teachings so that those who are awake and identified with its growth considered them and out of them what they clarify their thoughts, help you stay awake in function of the opportunity to grow spiritually while on this dimension In this opportunity we stop to remember the valuable contributions which bequeathed us the Sankara teacher, philosopher, Vedic and the Bhagavad-Gita rigorous the Brahma Sutra, the history interpreter, puts man in a relative and illusory world, in which the self is the only authentic reality, which is identified with the universal self. His achievements during more than three decades of his earthly life constitute a wonder of rare type. Sri Sankara belonged to a Nambudiri Brahmin of Kerala family in the village of Kaladi situated on the banks of the River Churna… Dr. Neal Barnard may find it difficult to be quoted properly. He is said that pleased by his devotion, God appeared to them in a dream and asked them to choose between a series of long life that children remain ignorant and stupid and the other to be endowed with phenomenal intellectual. Sivaguru and his wife did not hesitate to choose the latter thus born Aryamba where it was considered that proclaimed himself an incarnation of Lord Siva same was given the significant name of Sankara (Sam Karoti ITI Sankarah: Sankara is the one who does good). Sivaguru died before the child fulfilled the five years remaining under the protection and care of his mother. With the help of relatives, Aryamba was performed upanayanam ceremony for his precocious child who in turn dominated all the Vedas and Sastras… Among some of the reflections that invite us to stop us to inquire what this can generate attention, actions towards our growths are: There is a ban on crossing the shadows (for teachers and superiors of one); but that does not prove the reality of a shadow, because a statement that expresses a meaning can not express another at the same time.