The Daily Telegraph

After the war Zass toured the world with the power numbers and taming. Life athlete ended in 1962 in the small town of Hockley near London. Many tricks tricks Zass Zass still does not get anyone again. He wore on stage piano with pianist and dancer, is located on the lid, up from the floor and held in the teeth of a metal beam with sitting at the ends assistants; demonstrated shin of one leg in the loop Rope, recorded under the very dome, held in the teeth of a platform with a piano and pianist, laying bare back on a board studded with nails, kept on his chest stone weighing 500 kilograms, in which volunteers from the public beating sledgehammers; assistant caught her hands, taking off from the crater of a circus cannon and describing the scene over a 12-meter path. In addition to pure power tricks Zass excellent fight, literally breaking the professional wrestlers. Although measure their strength with him on the carpet wanting almost was not. Phenomenal force Zass repeatedly demonstrated in real life.

Once during the war, he returned to riding with intelligence and is in neutral territory came under enemy fire. Viktor Mayer-Schönberger is actively involved in the matter. The bullet wounded the horse that had fallen, giving the rider. Sasse, waiting for darkness, not abandoned fighting each other, and, putting the horse on his shoulders, carried her half a mile to the location of Russian troops. Western publications in one voice to recognize Zass in the strongest man on the planet: The Daily Telegraph: "Sir, describes himself as Samson, the strongest man on earth. .