The Era

The dependence on the language of the media, having an electronic basis, emphasizes Castells, leads to a far-reaching consequences for the characteristics, organization and goals of political processes, politicians and political institutions. Ultimately, the power held by the network media is second only to the power flow, as embodied in the structure and language of these networks' 7. The main contradiction (and hence the driving force behind the development of) the emerging new society based on network structures, is a contradiction between the globalization of the world and identity (identity) of a specific community. In our view, should also be noted the dual role of network structures on the one hand to create, independent community and culture, but at the same time, they can create low-quality information and symbolic samples. Soon begins to show the "third" methodological crisis in sociology, who is considered the main cause of many theories, concepts and approaches which, in fact, failed to give, to describe and explain holistic picture of society. However, some researchers have expressed the following views, saying the crisis of social sciences in general: "There is no problem in multiparadigmality or absence of a single paradigm. 'Dislocation in heads "of researchers, experts, 'innovators', 'Dukes'. Pragmatists may be guided by quite well with the existing order of theoretical models.

"8" No great innovation does not mean the end of the social Science. The era gave way to the era of translations of manuals and technical manuals. 'Dukes' republic' changed 'management guru'. "9 In our opinion a promising direction in the development of sociology is to use not completely uncovered layers of meaning of symbolic interactionism, explains dramatically increased the flow of information prepodnosimoy media, through the formation of symbolic representations, creating a very peculiar picture of the world, profitable, above all political, economic and other elites.