The Illusion Of Safety In The Workplace

Since then, it was always with the thing of getting a good job, excelling in and achieve security. I put it in quotes because, after almost 20 years of working for others, I have seen that that security is just an illusion. The funny (or sad) is that, while most of my problems have been precisely by this famous security, everyone insists that it’s safer having a job. I am not going to deny that it is comfortable to receive a fixed amount of money each certain day of the month, but that security there is much difference. And however, everyone plans on their future based on work.

And that future can come down precipitously. I have already spent there. I had a good job, I was almost 5 years giving the best of myself to the company and in a change of management I had to go. It is not your fault, only We need a change in the team. Not much consolation. That history it has been repeating several times by several things: the bad economy, the change in the company’s strategy or, simply, because I fell badly to someone. From one day to another I was without a job, without income and my super promising future became a murky area and without hope.

Since I’m in the Internet business, that future already doesn’t scare me. Whatever happens, I still have income, and while respecting the rules, only competition can remove me what I have and believe me, I won’t be putting easy. Are there risks? Of course, as in any business. However, there are many signs that I can see and many actions I can take to avoid them. In a job, when someone says goodbye, is little you can do. Because then everyone insists on working for security? Perhaps the habit. This crisis showed many might not be the best idea. So if you are looking for safety, probably isn’t in this great work that you have and that you sacrifice everything in order to preserve it. Look for options and, fortunately, there are many. I learned how to earn online, but there are thousand businesses that you can do and all you can win.