The Internal Force Of The Bible

What is needed to create the most popular book of all time? Apparently it requires discovering a world where there are no words. Moses, who, under divine inspiration, wrote the foundations of the Bible, was found by the daughter of the ancient Egyptian ruler, Pharaoh, in a manger from Papyrus to the shore of the Nile. He was raised in the House of Pharaoh and as Prince, he had access to everything anyone could want. Until one day, he decided to embark on the journey that led him to discover the upper world. He discovered that this was not a physical place on Earth, but an inner world of feelings completely new and wonderful, unattainable by our five senses traditional. When we say a world, the image that probably comes to mind is a wide physical space full of objects, plants, animals and people. However, the upper world is perceived through the interiority of human beings, where one connects with the forces that propel the reality called our world, to through our five senses.

And at the highest point of the upper world, one discovers that all these forces are connected to a unique and comprehensive top force called Luz Superior. Words to discover the spiritual world the Bible even today is the most famous book that was ever written, although it was conceived for thousands of years. Its real content and purpose lies in the word Torah (Hebrew: Ohr light and Horaa instruction) which tells us that the book is, in fact, a manual to get to feel the light of the upper world that Moses discovered. But as there are no words in the spiritual world, the Torah has to use earthly terms to describe it. How, perhaps, can our current words describe the upper world? The Kabbalah explains the spiritual forces to govern and direct all the events of our world, so every force in the upper world has its own representation and manifestation in our world.