The Material

Antiseptics can be applied to any tree, depending on the breed of brand antiseptic no. Another thing is that soft wood absorbs it more than solid, that is, increased consumption. In addition, trees softwood such as spruce or pine, a lot of knots, resin pockets surrounded. Latest release tar stains, which destroy the protective coating. Therefore, swirls and pockets before applying them on film antiseptic should be treated with a special primer. Most of the impregnation and coating compositions are divided into interior (living room furniture) and exterior (facades, fences, garden structures). But in any case, solid company shall strictly abide by environmental requirements and do not allow to antiseptic vapors that are harmful to human health.

Recently, manufacturers are increasingly offering combined means. It antiseptic impregnated and coated simultaneously. There are universal and material actions that protect against all adversity, whether it's a bug or mold. By the way, the enemies of the internal … They are not always on time and reliably protect the tree. Sometimes, in serving you faithfully for a barn, the cellar or on an oak stake you notice dark spots or grayish-bluish plaque obmetavshy wood surface.

This biological parasites – fungi and blue. The reasons for their occurrence difficult to ascertain. Spores can enter the material by accident, for example with the wind. But more often they appear in cases where the wooden structure located in areas with humid and stagnant air. Thus, the pile of logs, fully wrapped with polythene from the rain waiting for their applications – ideal for microbial growth. May rot and wood base, which systematically water falls from the roof … But do not despair, because there is a whole generation of antiseptics, which are already saving the affected timber. Azure – a signal that the tree should be protected. Blueness does not change the mechanical properties wood, but is a precursor to decay.