The Pilot

But after I got married in the UP, I became a lady, had a son, he was doing was giving the years … I'd say he was my cross because no sooner had I reached my house he was calling me to tell me what time Anne is coming tomorrow because notice that … Oh my cross!, I said. Do not leave me in peace. But it was a nice cross. With all that I served I did with gusto. We fought every moment because we did not agree on many things. What happens is you had a great motivational power.

He was a leader. Because otherwise we would not have endured all that we endure hunger, sleeplessness, be in the Up all day … I never left. I grew up. But when women and never forsake me. I would always leave the door of my house.

I could not go with anyone because it seemed he was always with my dad … He protected one, cared for one. When we went on tour sometimes had to sleep. Women slept on one side … other men and he was always sitting there waiting in the light dawn. He was a paternal, knew solve all problems. Caring for all! We were his family. What your true family is not met we knew him. We share everything with him …. " CARLOS: "But it was only women as well. All of their staffs! We are going to leave until a taxi and entered the house told the pilot come on.