The Situation

Most participants noted the good organization exhibitions, successfully chosen the location, as well as the almost complete absence of random people visitors. – It is very glad, – has told us the representative of one of the schools. – Here come those interested, from which there is return. And the fact is, half an hour talking with a man, and he, in fact, this information is not needed and just wasting time and energy. We have also decided to talk to people who came to the exhibition for which it is, in principle, and was started. How much they liked it here, with what issues they have come here to determine whether to solve the problem? Reviews from our guests: Helen and Michael. Our daughter this year, finishing first grade public school.

We are there do not like: the children receive little time, knowledge quality is poor, poor school canteen, there is no normal gym. The child goes there, how to hard labor. So we've decided to move next year its a private school. We believe that for every child must be an individual approach to develop in him those abilities that he has. In addition, private schools usually have different circles and sections, so do not spend time to pull a child from one end of town to another. At the exhibition we came from, so to speak, to scout the situation: to know how and what to talk personally with representatives.

There are schools that interest us, so it is Conveniently, they all gathered in one place, no need to spend time traveling. Give up her daughter in private school, let's see if all goes well, there is then send his son, he is now just four years. Irina and Anatoly. We are interested in mostly foreign private schools that want to send there young child, he is now thirteen years old.