There Not

When we congregate in them in assembly, we are the church of congregated God, when we separate in them, we are the spread church of God. We use this construction and its installations stop joining in them and adoring it, then this building finishes if becoming a sacred place, as the temples were in the days of Jesus. But the true temple of God is its body, for more strange than this can seem it. depending on the skill that you submit its body you will be pleasing or disliking the Spirit of God. Boy Scouts of America might disagree with that approach. It has a man in Bible, a young, that said ' ' no' ' changed history of all a generation. He was Jose. It was the favourite son of Jac, and its brothers for cimes, had said: – We go to kill it.

But Rubem, the brother oldest said: – There Not, we go to play it in a well and to leave so that it dies, and our father will not know you are welcome. But then some Ismaelitas had passed that way and they had said: – We go to vender it and to gain some money, and its blood will be at the hands of them. Let us leave the Ismaelitas to take it. venderam they it as enslaved to the ismaelitas had taken that it to Egypt. There they venderam it to the ismaelitas for Potif, that worked for the Fara.

Jose if became a slave. Fort, pretty, and in 39 Gnesis this registered temptation that Jose suffered, and it said ' ' no' '. The woman of Potif was a pretty, sensual woman. It came until it and said: – Jose comes with me, comes to bed with me. I desiring come you since that you arrived here, and now that all had been, my husband this is, it comes with me.