Vietnamese DMC On Course For Europe

More and more Europeans attracted to Viet Nam almost all European tour operators offer your services in cooperation with DMCs via Thailand. Since a few years ago, a collaboration with purely Vietnamese companies was difficult, business connections to DMCs in Thailand have strengthened, providing also Myanmar, Cambodia and Viet Nam in addition to their core target area. The characters change in times of upheaval. Viet Nam is booming and occupied for over 6 years 1st place in the economic growth in South-East Asia. Despite the economic crisis, reaching a growth rate of 6.5% in 2009.

Tourism is not declining even in a weak year in travel and for 2010, Viet Nam plans an increase of at least 15% in tourism. Reason enough, fights the TRANSVIET travel to new customers in Europe. See more detailed opinions by reading what Eliot Lauer offers on the topic.. But also for European operators, it makes sense to close at increasing numbers of participants with purely Vietnamese DMCs directly together. The influence of local travel Unwinder on the Vietnamese performers is greater public investment, and subsidies can be used and the quality can be ensured in the long run better. TRANSVIET travel offers longstanding experience in the tourism industry. As GSA of 10 airlines, including ANA, Emirates, United Airlines and British Airways, you can enjoy already great confidence in the handling of thousands of passengers.

Also the distributors for AMADEUS or the Lufthansa City Center in Saigon speak already for high processing quality. The TRANSVIET inbound tour service is market leader in its core market of Japan and South East Asian customers. The MICE sector also rapidly evolved and Volker Capito is now supported by the German MICE specialists, so that it fully meets the needs of European customers. Since November 01, TRANSVIET travel operates a European representative office in Berlin. From here, you will supervise the new core markets and establish a closer connection to the headquarters in Ho Chi Minh.