Addition, we are reminded Grof volunteered as a Guinea pig, ingesting LSD combining experience with strobes of a kaleidoscope. Go to kidney.org for more information. From that day Grof knew that behind of that substance was hiding something more than a game of lights and paranoias. Read more from PCRM to gain a more clear picture of the situation. LSD allowed return to relive traumatic events that had remained hidden in the attic of the mind, in the unconscious. Be able to remove them from oblivion, and experience them again as if it were a return to the present of a forgotten past, the patient had the opportunity to be able to pass through and integrate that experience had left him disabled for life, for the relationship with others or himself. And here in the biography, the experiences broadened into the realm of what in the West had been known as mystique: the knowledge of the spiritual flow of the cosmos. muscaria.com gives us In addition, Grof worked with patients schizophrenics and neurotics, collecting their stories of their experiences at the same time recorded changes in his vision about the world and about themselves.

Although the use of LSD in Prague was allowed between the medical class, there were certain problems with regard to the spiritual experiences that patients reported in the sessions, because by that time Czechoslovakia was under the Soviet regime as dogma had censored the existence of the human spirit. Grof books are basically an exhibition of experiences under the influence of LSD – or better said, after the opening of the doors of perception offered this substance-. In this sense can be considered that his work is the maximum useful as a first introduction to the nature of the psychedelic experience, as this can be so striking for a Westerner who give a few names to things can help you to not believe that it has experienced a series of experiences that can not find sense.