This assessment, which can be reckless and alarmist, we do more than collect a considerable mass of warnings that have been made for about four decades since the small circles, but above, but will know why it takes in spread between the bulk of the population, which is ultimately suffer the imbalances emerging new realities to bear. Some here say this is reflected in the a tachin Tachina that the matter be pulling away from the media on topics such as a crisis energeticaa or a the global climate change. The mixture of these two packages is being global phenomena and their effects, although very attenuated and are being felt in our lives and will do so increasingly. To consider ways to address these changing situations, these lines are addressed. Pondering located in the Pampa area, to mid-February of 2008 in the Gregorian calendar, not other record that this space was only a ocupado appropriations by the so-called a civilizacion West, from 1882 with successive foundations of Victor and General Acha. Since the date of the foundation, the railroad had broken into the country, and projected lines on the space to be occupied (as it is reflected in a passage in the a Excursion the Indians ranquelesa , Mansilla, published in 1871 ). Bernasconi The railroad would reach in 1891. What is the significance we attach to these historical data, in these times marked by what is called the environmental variable? It means that the whole development process of Westernization of the area on which to meditate, had as its main energy support to the energy from hydrocarbons (in successive order of appearance: coal, oil and gas). .