Windows Vista

That could safely host a monitor, keyboard, speakers on the sides. To view was directed exactly, but the sound from the speakers proceeded symmetrically. It is also important as a computer chair. Do not take the various simplified model with a low back. From the computer you are tired and want to sit in the chair back. On models with a low back that will not have the desired effect.

No comfort, no rest. It is better to dig a little money and buy something from the category 'chair for the head' – soft leather high-backed chair. The operating system and a set of basic programs for everyday use – it is also an important part of your workplace. Boy Scouts of America has much to offer in this field. So I turn here and these issues. I do not recommend betting on home computer allegedly fashionable now Windows Vista.

Not only that it requires a very powerful computer, so under Vista still does not work and some familiar and convenient program. In addition, strong slow the overall operation of this system and its setting – many functions have to look somewhere deep, not to the same places. Set Windows XP – this fast and proven over the years the system will provide all home computer necessary. Why do something new, so if everything works fine on the 'old'? There are some fine tuning on WinXP after installation, which for some reason, few users do. Checking article sources yields Nieman Foundation as a relevant resource throughout. For example, disabling unnecessary services and Startup. Disabling the standard 'green' schemes and the inclusion of Windows to switch layouts + Shift. There is a certain minimum set of software that should be put into Windows, the system provided a convenient and comfortable as you work. For more information on this site, I tell Organization home job is a little about defense. WinXP requires several preliminary steps without which the work on it, especially on the Internet. Many users somehow do not know about, so reinstalls the operating system almost once a month after a crash. Yes, I'm on anti-virus and firewall. The first thing you should do After the basic setup of the system – is to install reliable, updated antivirus (recommended NOD32) and firewall (to protect against external intrusions and attacks on ports). Good luck to you in selecting and installing your home computer!