The Pilot

But after I got married in the UP, I became a lady, had a son, he was doing was giving the years … I'd say he was my cross because no sooner had I reached my house he was calling me to tell me what time Anne is coming tomorrow because notice that … Oh my cross!, I said. Do not leave me in peace. But it was a nice cross. With all that I served I did with gusto. We fought every moment because we did not agree on many things. What happens is you had a great motivational power.

He was a leader. Because otherwise we would not have endured all that we endure hunger, sleeplessness, be in the Up all day … I never left. I grew up. But when women and never forsake me. I would always leave the door of my house.

I could not go with anyone because it seemed he was always with my dad … He protected one, cared for one. When we went on tour sometimes had to sleep. Women slept on one side … other men and he was always sitting there waiting in the light dawn. He was a paternal, knew solve all problems. Caring for all! We were his family. What your true family is not met we knew him. We share everything with him …. " CARLOS: "But it was only women as well. All of their staffs! We are going to leave until a taxi and entered the house told the pilot come on.

Soviet Union

He pays no attention and the fact that writing about this John the Evangelist: "But because thou art lukewarm, and neither hot nor cold, I will spew you out of my mouth. Because you say: "I'm rich, rich, and in no way have need of; and knowest not that thou art wretched and miserable, and poor and blind and naked. " That's Overmind (God) refers to those who are trying to please everyone but to any available for themselves through to get the power, even if it is a path of violence, deception and betrayal. But let's get to the last stage of the narrative history of the Earth, corresponding to the period of time when it is already quite close to the beginning of the Apocalypse. The souls of men in Europe and the Soviet Union, which, after the world wars past the main stage of purification, is gaining the power of the Queen of Heaven (God). She, though it is for many still and quietly begins to introduce new means of influence on people's minds, facilitating its purification of the "virus of Darkness" that can summon mankind to love and cause them to collective action "earthly" love – the vaccine, which over time will give the final recovery of the consciousness of people from the "virus of Darkness." First This is manifested in the beginning unification of Europe, the disintegration of the ussr, the fall of Satan's centuries-old regime of giving people the freedom of thought, movement and expression.

Orthodox Church

And vice versa – the quality and quantity of vital energy of man depends on his psychological state. To be clear, I shall briefly try to explain what I mean by life energy person. This is the life force – "chi" it's called the Chinese, "ki" – the Japanese, "prana" – the Indians. This is not an abstract concept, but quite understandable in terms of achievements of modern physics phenomena – a power and frequency, the direction of flow of electromagnetic waves produced by the human body. However, I'm not the first to notice this relationship, the Chinese have developed quite a theme, but the European man is hard through the eastern get the mystic to the fairly simple things, and especially to learn the methods of their actual use. All there is, in the eastern haze.

To pave the path for the ordinary man from East to West and not my first try – a lot of psycho borrowed a good portion of the eastern schools, ranging from the concentration, meditation, breathing exercises and finishing, improving the status and psyche and the body as a whole. In addition to the East was much stress and of the spiritual practice of Orthodoxy, which went the other way in matters of comprehension of man, but achieved much greater success. Unfortunately, the lessons of the Orthodox Church, the spiritual fathers of experience was not as demand, probably because it's not as glamor, as exotic oriental practices, and miracles of the "spirit" sotvorimyh Christians the world has seen a lot.