What we make to be successful in our daily one? What the winners make through the power of God? ' ' Jac made a vote, saying: If God will be with me, and to keep me in this trip who I make, and to give bread to eat, and vestments to me to dress; I in peace to become the house of my father, Mr. me will be for God; this rock that I have rank for column will be house of God; of everything how much to give to me, to certainly I will give the tenth you. ' ' Gnesis 28:20 – the 22 concerns to decide in the day the day are sufficiently common, exterior and interior problems also: family, illness, money, love What the Christian observes front to these situations? 1) It auto-evaluates itself, before any another attitude. Before looking at for the others, he looks at well of close for itself exactly, brother and evaluates with all its sincerity. He prays the God and he has asked for the agreement through the Truth, that is, that It grants the necessary revelation to it through the Sacred Holy Writs, therefore they they say of all our problems and point the pertinent actions stops to solve them. Jac tapeou the father who was blind, deceiving it, passed for its Esa brother and received the blessing from the primogeniture.

Jac stole the blessing that was of its proper brother! What age of Esa was for Jac and vice versa. Jac needed to run away not to be died. In the desert, desperate, alone, run away, it reclined its head in a rock! Jac was next to its mother whereas Esa was next to its father. Jac made a vote the God, although alone and sleeping with its head in a rock (Jesus, the angular rock), it dreamed of angels going up and I descend.