Visual Communication

Ralf J Schmitz communication design PR & advertising management for associations and social/charitable facilities offers RJSCD /… A good public relations is not just for large enterprises, organisations or parties. Many clubs, interest groups and social/charitable institutions have to tell something of the public again. Was it the announcement of an event, whose public relations or the opinion of a current topic. Often waived because there is nobody who wants to take over this task. However, as a result, many awarded the chance to draw attention to themselves and their concerns.

This gap would close the company Ralf J Schmitz communication design (RJSCD). The Paderborner Office for Visual communication works not only for medium-sized companies or associations, but offers also the little his professional PR and advertising management”, so entrepreneurs, associations, social and charitable institutions, communities of interest, Groups, as well as to individuals. The offered services include among others the conception and implementation of promotional and PR activities. In the focus are mainly event-PR and advertising, as well as the press work in the local media. If necessary, the scope can be extended but also nationally. Ralf J Schmitz communication design takes over as the care of individual events and actions, so-called events.

Interested parties will be offered here taking the advertising, public relations and the creation of event photos for example at sporting events for the website or event documentation. Good advertising and PR need not be expensive! Many forego a good advertising or public relations, because they believe that it does not fit into your budget”, says Ralf Josef Schmitz, the owner of RJSCD. Sure, advertising or good PR costs more money, but it must be not necessarily expensive.”there are many ways to draw attention to, without that, it’s in the money”, so said. Also RJSCD can not work. But a good performance to provide a reasonable price. Here the Paderborner company draws on decades of experience in volunteer activities for clubs, associations and actions, as well as his entrepreneurial work. At the time, yet another offer for this target group is being prepared. A training course for press responsible in clubs, groups, or communities of interest on the topic of public relations is planned. This training will be tailored to the needs of the target group and aims to provide the participants how they can run an effective advertising and PR management for their concerns. Particular attention should be paid here too on a cost effective press – and public relations. Launch this offering will be likely until June 2012 March. The Office of Ralf J Schmitz communication design (RJSCD) offers since 1994 start-ups, small and medium-sized enterprises, associations/clubs and private professional PR and advertising management. The offer focuses on the conceptual design and implementation of Visual Communication. This RJSCD has focused in particular on the areas of advertising, Public Relations (press and public relations) and commercial technical Web design. For more information, on!