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With 90 000 visitors per month, transmission-entreprise.fr tops the list of sites for disposal of business. A success which lies in the concept of originality signed Mickael Esnault, creator of the portal functions as a networking site dedicated to the business community. The successful transfer and recovery of small and medium enterprises play an important role in maintaining the fabric of French economic and jobs associated with them. But the lack of knowledge and / or information about the transmission process is often an obstacle for entrepreneurs wishing to sell or acquire a business. transmission-entreprise.fr, precursor site dedicated to buying and selling business, just fill this gapby providing free advice, information and development relationships with buyers and ceding companies. “With transmission-entreprise.fr finished the administrative headache to sell its SMEs, the industry or its goodwill,Mickael Esnault says, creator of the website linking direct seller / buyer. “Simple, efficient, reliable, are the three criteria of this turnkey service, free for the applicant to supply. However, potential buyers paying for the information of an announcement: it is a serious pledge to avoid the merely curious. ” Created in 2005, Trans-entreprise.fr is the first portal dedicated to innovative entrepreneurs eager for strategic advice of experts on corporate assignment. All business owners who want a simple, efficient and cheaper to take steps necessary to transfer their business will find advice and service tailored to their needs. Because a society is again an important decision in the life of an entrepreneur, transmission-entreprise.fr lists businesses for sale and provides an immediate linking. Register for free itsFluid society to use, just be guided to make his announcement. The businessman or an accountant can make the deposit. transmission-entreprise.fr allows entrepreneurs to register online free of their society. In a few clicks, assignors can register free and publish an announcement of their companies. Only the acquisition of full details of the contacts that finance portal, no commission is therefore requested. transmission-entreprise.fr offers registered guaranteed to be related simply to a possible sale with complete confidentiality. For the transfer of goodwill, a dedicated department, operates the same way. In addition, buyers can file a watch on an industry and / or geographical allowing them to instantly receive the latest announcements. About the author: Karine White Press Contacts /Clemence Bernard Point Comma – Press Relations +33 (0) 1 73 79 50 65 / +33 (0) 6 26 93 71 80 / About transmission-entreprise.fr Created in 2005 by Mickael Esnault, transmission-entreprise.fr is the first free portal dedicated to the purchase and sale of business where the recording and publication of announcements of companies for sale is free and linking transferors / buyers is no commission. transmission-entreprise.fr is more than 3000 visitors per day and 90 000 per month, more than 3,000 new ads listed on the whole French territory (35% for the Ile-de-France). For more information on

Bernhard Schouwer

EMOS is the software for disposal sites. The structure of the program is determined by industry-specific requirements. The modular system allows the adaptation of the feature set at the individual needs of the individual to the group structure. Intelligent modules in the classic line sales offer order performance billing”support innovative, future-oriented program segments. EMOS grows with your company and the associated requirements. n.

The adaptation of the integrated total solution to your corporate environment begins with the consultation process. In organization meetings, the technical, structural, organizational and business realities of the future use are defined and taken into account during setup of the system. The EMOS product group includes the products for service providers, EMOS for municipal service providers, EMOS EMOS for plants, as well as the telematics EMOS mobile. KOMVOR KOMVOR is a powerful Workflow and process management system for cross-functional management and editing of internal and external operations of the embedded applications in different fields. Captures and automates or edited case-related tasks.

With only one application, you can manage operations for the issuing of licences and permits, processing applications and ads as well as the tracking of any issues, or the settlement of offences. KOMVOR includes an intelligent file management to mailboxes specified in the workflow queue, a graphical workflow designer and process Editor is controlled via drag & drop, as well as a CTI environment more effectively and efficiently designed the exchange of information between the parties involved. The user interface is homogeneous over the entire application system and it makes new employees, easy to learn deputies or vacation coverage. The applications of KOMVOR extends across all levels of management and Management scopes, from ministries of country offices and lower authorities to cities and communities. KOMVOR automate management processes of an authority. A usage of KOMVOR is possible on all levels and areas of public administration and their facilities. S & F Datentechnik GmbH & co. KG Reimers Street 41 b 26789 leer. Contact: Dipl.-inf.. Bernhard Schouwer E-Mail: Phone: 0491 92567-0

Making Money With Your Blog

Making money blogging is fun: enjoying blogging and getting money from blogging. While “making money with your blog” is concerned, no matter if you enjoy really matters or not. The way to generate money from blogging is the same regardless of whether you enjoy blogging or painfully doing. Come to the point. Every business has the same process. That is, make potential customer come to you and sell your product, service or information. To paraphrase that run blogs, readers come to your blog and click on the link as “Buy Now”, “Join Now”, “AdSense ads, etc.

We appeal to readers as traffic. And about how many readers click on the link they refer to as conversion rate. Of course, the higher the conversion rate, the better. In particular, make-money blogging for the following steps: Step 1: blog, if not, start publishing. Step 2: drive traffic to your blog. Step 3: Prevent your blog.

That is, the content of your blog to attract readers make some kind of action: buy your own product or visit the link that prepared, for example. But did you notice the word “prevent”?. That is the most important thing in his plan to make money blogging. Many experienced Internet sellers say people are not buying anything when you extensively try to sell something. This makes sense if you remember your own experience. Have you bought something when a blogger tried to sell something? Maybe not! Instead, give your readers useful information and create a warm atmosphere, giving them the benefits of the products you have in mind. And only then place a link for your readers click. This is so called PRE. Step 4: Economic benefits: This is your final goal. “Selling your own product, service or information, if you have one.

State Insurance

The age and State of health of the car insured does not matter when a change of tariffs within the private health insurance. Only if the new car tariff includes higher power ratings than the previous, the car insurer may request a re-examination of the health. This only refers to the range of additional services of the new car price. A PKV tariff change is possible at any time within one year of insurance. Tips for a PKV tariff change: PKV insured persons suffering from a chronic disease, or are in an ongoing treatment, should definitely sure sure that the achievements to date in the full amount maintained at PKV tariff changing. First of all, PKV tariff switching in a car base or PKV-standard tariff of for their private health insurance should be avoided. These tariffs are the latest possible solution to a change of tariffs within the existing private health insurance.

First if all alternatives to a contribution reduction without loss of medical Power quality are checked. Distance should be taken first by an increase in the deductible in the respective car fare. The consulting and implementation to a change of car tariffs should be performed by a qualified insurance consultant. Privamed 24 is on the area of the private health insurance specialist insurance advisers. Insurance consultant are obliged honorary consultant and only their clients to. This is prohibited by law to accept commissions from the insurance industry. Privamed24 guaranteed his clients for a PKV change of tariffs to achieve the best possible solution for the respective car insurer.

Webcam Sex & Prostitution On The Internet

Prostituting themselves on webcam for money! Prostitution is as old as humanity itself. Since there are people who want to satisfy their desire for sex, there are people who satisfy this desire for a fee.We have reached a new era, a new millennium and prostitution no longer confined to the classic line of the street or brothels, as we know it. The age of the Internet, high-tech, everything goes forward faster, new areas open up, pulls with the adult industry of course. On so-called LiveCam platforms you can buy, of course against payment, the sexual attention of performers working there. The key word is webcam sex! Potential customers can choose between a wide selection of Erotikcams women, men, couples sitting at home in front of their webcam and more on the money that maybe issued in their cam chat eagerly waiting for new customers or a lot.

Touching allowed? Touch not possible! This fact is probably the only, but significant difference, there between webcam sex and the old traditional prostitution. Many women who can be seen on the LiveCam portal, would probably never have physical contact with a man for money. Webcam it can not also give these. No touching, no sexual intercourse. Turns off the webcam, the customer is gone, and one sitting suddenly in his living room in front of his computer.

But like the Erotikcam pages and who runs it? Maybe a pimp? A good example for this article: Erotikcam-Webcam.com – a typical webcam sex portal. There, the performers are presented. The customer selects his favorites, paid, and already it goes. There’s even something for free! 50 coins free with first registration. No subscription, no hidden costs. You can use the coins to get a taste of the Erotikcams. The coins are gone, the image is gone. The customer pays up, he can see further. Of the money, maybe the actor receives 30 or even 40%. The operator of the site gets the rest. A pimp like you getting a presents?

Internet Society

However, if a doctor some day science is seriously interested in fishing, for example, nothing will prevent him to start a blog dedicated to fishing the river or sea fish. Of course, should consider in advance what resources will be devoted to what issues and topics will be raised there. After all, if you blog for several months and even years will be only one author's post, you should not rely on constant flow of traffic. This resource is just a "damped". It should be clearly understood that the regularity of the placement positions depends popular blog.

You should not start a blog if no further plans to maintain it in technically and in terms of frequency of posting a new interesting and, above all unique content. And: a blog primarily needed for communication between users, in order to be able to share their thoughts, discoveries, in order to unwind in some quarters, the Internet Society in your name or the name of your organization. In addition, the blog with the right approach to its promotion can become an additional source for material profit by placing on the resource of different types of advertising information third parties (subject to opening a blog on its own paid hosting). To understand how to look like blogs, you can go to the directory blogs. 2. If the user has decided on his future subjects for the blog, I realized that he really needed him, then you should take the first steps to register the resource.

Car Catalogue

With trademark information and testimonials by the Autodschungel after its relaunch, the Internet portal a further innovation presents his car catalogue. Those who so far haven’t found your dream car, offers detailed information on individual brands and types: starting with Audi, through triumph and Volkswagen. In detail the catalogue brings together the history of individual producers, their success concepts and innovations. And also the many peculiarities around the car find their place: what symbolize, for example, the four rings of the Audi brand, or why is the ignition key for a Saab in the center console? Whether a vehicle in day-to-day works, that know especially the owners. Just little things and characteristics determine whether from the ride a trusty companion or annoyance is.

The experience reports listed in the catalogue of users are useful to when purchasing a vehicle not to be surprised. User community by auto.de report hidden defects, assess the value for money and discuss whether the successors keep what has promised the predecessor. The dream brand is found, the way is not far to the dream cars. Using Neuwagenkonfigurator you can put this together and complete the purchase online. Also vintage and used cars can change their owner via the car catalogue auto.de. More information: service/press the University Service GmbH operates a successful German automotive portal with. The free online auction house auctions to cars & motor wheels offered on.

GEMINY Protection

Geminy S’oliver and container backup is extremely hardened and provides maximum protection against intrusion attempts, 12.04.2013 Bad Breisig – more and more vans and small trucks are broken up. No wonder, because criminals know that they deliver often valuable cargo. It is more than obvious, for example, that often high-quality tools and materials are transporters by installation companies. Delivery vehicles by dealers on the industry contain related products of the contractor, about high-quality electrical appliances and cutting-edge consumer electronics. But much sought after stolen goods include also vehicles of parcel and courier services. Even if thieves break an empty vehicle, already a big damage arises alone through the riser.

GEMINY S’oliver and container backup can be mounted in a short time on the rear and side doors of all kinds of vehicles and containers. It protects the valuable contents of your vehicles and containers permanently against theft. Steely and uncompromising: The S’oliver GEMINY and Container backup is milled from full steel, in contrast to comparable products. She designed for highest requirements for the additional protection of vehicles and containers with valuable content. It is particularly suitable for use in extreme weather conditions and rough, Sandy environment. Simple retrofitting suitable for mounting on hinged, folding and sliding door fitting with threaded studs permanent sealing of the gland by steely seals drilling template to the effortless subsequent mounting no intervention in the existing mechanism of locking the door of required robust lock body resistant solid 1.2 kg case hardened steel (HRC 64) corrosion-resistant confirmed 72 hours salt spray test (CASS test) rounded lock body without sharp edges durable and maintenance-free permanently to maintain with optionally available maintenance spray proven mechanical locking system patented double pen technology with 22 billion Close variants forced closure prevents accidental closing/include tamper protection due to actions against the keys of the Sabotagesicher closure: foreign objects are not insertion drill protection: closing element is weather-resistant hardened steel: fully suitable for rough, Sandy environments as few keyed alike available usage possibilities for side and rear installation can be used for the burglar to transport and installation vehicles ideal for the assurance of high-quality technology at mobile film, radio and television productions closure of commercial vehicles, Containers and other (mobile) container, safety-relevant parts are basically milled from full steel. This prevents connections cuts and edge – the material is homogeneous and has no potential points of attack for burglars. The CNC milling machines used for the production of GEMINY allow 3D-Frasungen, so even complicated contours are possible.

They work quickly, accurately, precisely the same and at the highest quality level – for your safety. The following after milling hardening on 64HRC and the galvanic coating with corrosion-resistant coating system provides wholly-owned stability and a homogeneous, flawless surface. GEMINY protects not only steely, but also noble looks. Further technical details are online under available.