Jovellanos Asturian Center

In 1913 the party created Maurista. In 1919 he was Minister of Public Works in the government headed by Antonio Maura. During the dictatorship of Primo de Rivera lives out of politics. In 1930 called for the abdication of Alfonso XIII. In 1931 he was deputy for Madrid in the Constituent and became president of the Legal Adviser, in charge of drafting the new constitution draft. He was president of the Spanish section of the Universal Peace Union. Collaborated with the School of Social Studies for Women and the Women’s Committee for Social Improvement.

He worked for the inclusion of domestic service in the benefits of labor retirement laws and accidents. He was an advocate of the Republic from 1931 until his death. During the war provoked by the military rebellion helped General Franco of Spain Time magazine and was ambassador to Belgium, France and Argentina. Recognizing the Government of Argentina Franco’s Spain in late February 1939, left the embassy. Collaborated in Spanish Thought, a monthly magazine, which appeared in Buenos Aires in 1942 and was distinguished by its independence and its content and intellectual tone in which the most prominent part of the Republican Center of Buenos Aires Spanish. He also lent his cooperation to Spain Free, a biweekly newspaper published in Santiago de Chile in 1942. He participated in the Tribute to Jovellanos Asturian Center of Buenos Aires on the bicentennial of his birth, along with other prominent intellectuals in exile, Francisco Ayala, Claudio Sanchez Albornoz and Clemente church tower, among others.

Among the most important title of his extensive works cite: July 1909 in Barcelona (1910), Speaking on Catalan (1910), History of Catalan political thought during the war between Spain and the French Republic (1793-1795) (1913) The soul of the gown (1919), Letters to a girl on civil law issues (1925), Letters to a lady on issues of political rights (1930), The sediment of the fight (1933), Origins of Spain next Current (1940), The Spain of my life (1941), The war in Spain and the Catholics (1942), Draft of the Bolivian Civil Code (1943), The reform of the Argentine Civil Code, The world that I want (1943) V sacrifice Campanys round (1943), Foundations of Christian Democracy (1944), political notions of international law (1944) textbook, Women (1944), Dictionary Spanish political, historical and biographical from Charles IV to 1936 (1945) and Grace (1945). Posthumously published The Rights of Man, the citizen and the state (1946) and female Dialogues (1947). And, as this conservative misunderstood, rara avis among the Spanish right all the time: “For in the end, there is no freedom without democracy and no democracy without freedom. And one of the essential freedoms of democracy is the vote, so that laws come from the legitimate authorities, which can not be others, but those designated by the social body. “Francisco Arias Solis can not be free anymore to enter free.

Psychology And Diseases

The man, in spite of everything his desire to be independent, in fact, highly dependent on the views of society, the opinions of friends, relatives and acquaintances. Relations between people – rather mnogoznachaschaya of how life an individual, as well as general human in general. If the individual has come nepryatnosti in communication, he does not find common language with friends, parents, children, colleagues – it leads to psychological trauma, and from time to time as to disease. Psychology relationship connects the mass point: it's family relationships, child-parent relationship, the relationship in a group, business,. To build a normal relationship is not always easy and therefore comes to the aid of a psychoanalyst. The expert, using the laws of the psyche and even taking into account the diverse features of the individual attributes of temperament, helps you find the right line of conduct.

However, not all people, knowing that they have problems, go to a shrink Most prefer to deal with the problem themselves or choke problem drug or alcohol abuse. This can lead to diseases such as neurosis, illness Psychosomatics, depression. Psychosomatic illness (or called latent depression) occur then if the human psyche, can not cope with the problem, issue a variety of symptoms sores. It seems in good health an individual, and as everything is confirmed by the survey, but it has, then constant pain in the head, the back pain. These patients go from doctor to doctor, complaining that at heart, the stomach. Each doctor sets the treatment, the individual undergoing treatment, and his story is completely disease, more and thicker, but easier to man is not done.

Medicine and treatment are powerless, on the assumption that mental illness has roots. And he is sick, so far any of the doctors did not send him to a psychologist or psychiatrist. Sometimes it is enough just to find the cause of psychological state, to discuss her illness to retreat. Only once the complexity is that consulting a psychiatrist or psychologist, the failure in our country, patients are afraid of the diagnosis, doctors prefer to just this need not apply.


In this regard Gerzon argues that what is needed is dialogue, no conversation, since that can penetrate deeper into the people who handle frames, traditions and different purposes, may fail to generate common meanings, have a shared vision and goal common. The capacity for dialogue would be one of the cornerstones of a holistic policy-oriented pursuit of integrity and not fragmented communities. In Mexico, a policy need not confront people but holistic policy based on dialogue, the democratic relationship and appreciation of diversity. With respect to spirituality is an individual experience, natural and direct of the sacred, the transcendent, the ultimate foundation that is the essence of all that exists. Spirituality is transcultural and can not be affected by the ideas of fashion or social or economic needs.

Transhistorical cosmic context is placing beyond time and space. In the book Dialogues holistic Ramon Gallegos added that compassion from spirituality is a strong interest in helping others, Gallegos says that compassion is love, genuine concern, not pity. He added that the perennial philosophy is the vision that explores the nature of spirituality and where are the answers of the great questions of life. It is the original source of transcendent wisdom, is the space where all religions come together to talk, meet and recognize what they have in common. The Spirituality is the focus of holistic education, religion is not central, but neither is disqualified. Add in the dialogue with Rachael Kessler, that spirituality is a hallmark of holistic education that distinguishes it from other educational visions and gives it a privileged position as a global alternative to carry out important processes for social and cultural development human communities of the twenty-first century.


and there, bacana? I do not know if you know but have an account d? water pr to pay week that comes. the business is the following one: it is in yours! I am hard, but tomorrow or later I decide this stop! I thought that it went to stop for there, but knows brother as is that it is, n? Then! It remembers to that one bald Sir, of the end of the street? That one of the sobrado, what it has one moleque small that is a plague? It is looking somebody pr to make the agenda of it in the computer. He knows fine people as she is that he is n! It spoke for the Z of the bakery that goes to travel one three days and moleque goes to be with the employees. It said that paid fifty Reals per day! I thought about you that it is studying! From there I flow, you is having me this! Uncle, loans to a compact disc pr to me I to record a thing while my father is not? Sai is moleque! I do not want complication with your father not! It does not have compact disc not! Uncle, helps please me! It has there in the drawer. I did not want to catch compact disc none! He wanted exactly was to bottle moleque and to close with a cork so that it stopped of speaking. But, to more still discourage me, it continued: the Uncle, the only thing that I want and is in the computer, is a photo! Uncle, my mother died and the only photo that I have of it is in the computer. My father not me of not!

The Gift

It functions. This also is an exercise. Interesting an analysis to this tip in that the association says respect that is made with the maintenance of the perspectives. What this wants to say? Very probably, when you take a decision for impulse, you it is, at that accurate moment, suffering from what costumo to call intellectual blindness. This form, you it is leaving and abandoning the way of the side wisdom, leaving its perspectives and, depending on the situation, when to give account, can not have correction for the error.

Additionally, we must & ldquo; calibrar& rdquo; & ldquo; relaxem& rdquo;. This does not mean that we must simply rest and leave & ldquo; wood quebrar& rdquo; being valid us to be pacific people tranquilas and. Also we cannot confuse the positively energetic behavior, that has as its counterpoint the passivity, with impulsive behavior. They are different things. Summarizing history, let us analyze the difficult situations with wisdom, let us examine our condition to give an intelligent reply (either personally or for email) e, only when we will have security, tranquilidade and our recovered mental facultieses, let us answer. 9 & ndash; & ldquo; Refeio&amp enjoys one; rdquo;: What it means this? Let us look for to focar in what it is happening NOW.

At this accurate moment, in this as. How to intervene with the past? How to intervene with the future? It does not have as. Passed and future they are effect, not causes. to a large extent of the time, we are worried about both and we forget in to adjust them our attention to the gift. To the cause. To enjoy & ldquo; of one refeio& rdquo; it means, literally, that we must feeding in them well. To choose well what we ingest is an intelligence signal. If not to intervene with Now, our taxes go showing in them, more ahead, that we were made a mistake.

Different Movement

How it will walk if it has the closed eyes? How one will move if it closes his mind to the different opportunities and ideas? You must be a specialist in a subject: subject of its emprendimiento. But is so much there outside to know, mainly, to learn to move our company, is not lost it! It abra his mind and it watches! 3. Why to put to me in movement? Somebody moves towards the path of opposite. Because if you do not generate movement in his business, somebody more yes will be moving. It guesses who? Its client! You would buy to a company that always offers the same to him? , without modifying if he wants the presentation or promotion of his products? Until the marks better positioned and internationally recognized, they modify its strategies of seduction so that the client does not become bored and continues being faithful. Pngase in movement now! 4. If it does not have an idea, it looks for it! For a long time it has been thinking about initiating a emprendimiento? For a long time but it has not been knowing what? Since it does not obstruct the calm before beginning his enterprising life. Propngase to find its idea of businesses.

But it is not solely attitude question, draws up small plan of action to find it and ejectelo! 5. If it has an idea, concrtela! It already has his idea of businesses? Then, what is hoping to turn it into a emprendimiento? Now that knows what is what it would like to do like entrepreneur, does not leave idea it loses its force. It does not leave the time makes him lose the forces to you! The emotion of knowing what we want for our lives is a very powerful motor, but with that great emotion we stagnated, thinking.

Men Gift

Choosing a gift for a friend even human occupation for more than risky. Of course, discreet people will not tell you that the gift they did not like. But it will precipitate. And if a person not familiar, but still a man, it is generally another universe. And yet there is no possibility. We choose clothes as a gift. For a start it would be nice to specify his preferred size and style.

If the amount can be determined by eye or gently vyznat, then the style everything is more complicated. If you have not met a person in an informal setting, or used to see him in clothes appropriate Dresscode, then you will rescue a tie strictly business style or classic belt. If strap increasingly clear, however, that tie to give at random is not necessary. Try to find something that suits you already had seen this man. Try not to give a person of non-standard things, especially if few of them familiar.

In this case, it would be difficult to predict his reaction. Some people have a reaction to the unusual things can be very precarious. Excuse the pun. Funny T-shirts or ties, fun colors are appropriate in the form of gift a good friend or a friend. Underwear and intimate clothing labels should be fine as a gift to your loved ones especially for men. When there is no confidence in the taste preferences bestowed, it is possible resort to a little trick. Give a neutral thing. White dress shirt will find its place in the wardrobe of even the most fastidious man. Shirts neutral tones, and may not be worn immediately in front of you, but for them there is always a worthy cause. Of the shoe fit the classic black shoes. Is it just finished Neformal will be rolled his nose with distaste. But shoes and sandals as a gift is not used. If the classical Black shoes are less clear, informal shoes, as an element of individual style is very difficult to find. Universal gift – a knitted sweater, for home use. Here in the place of feather quality material comfort and wear. Important in cold weather. For lovers of active rest will look good as a gift T-shirts and baseball caps. Again, the design of these elements must meet the dress extent of your acquaintance with bestows. If the gift will be performing socks, you will not miss. This subject of man's clothes, most men, is the most scarce, especially in the pure performance. AND Another couple would be perceived as a gift with a fair amount of warm gratitude. Here, perhaps, and all of the clothes on than worth it to stop when choosing a gift for men.

Toshiba Held Its Traditional Annual Roadshow Region

The manufacturer shall submit to channel partners and their new models in notebooks and mini-notebooks. Lima, Peru .- Beginning this month, Toshiba in Latin America, through its Computer Systems Division, will hold its traditional annual roadshow by major Latin American countries to present the various markets the latest developments in their lines of notebooks and mini-notebooks. As a matter of Edgar Gonzalez, CEO of Toshiba’s Computer Division for Latin America, the presentations will include improvements in key areas such as security, performance, mobility and even design and lifestyle. “While it reaffirms our leading business and technology, as the experts in portable business tour will give us the opportunity to receive feedback from our channel partners and taking into account local needs in each country, so important in our corporation, “said the executive. Costa Rica will be the spearhead to learn about new products from Toshiba, which will travel to Central America, Andean Region and South America.The full schedule includes: Costa Rica August 18 Panama August 19 August 20 Guatemala Argentina August 25 Colombia August 25 Peru August 27 Uruguay August 27 Ecuador September 1 Chile September 3

Innovative Business

Today we will talk about the marketing promotion of innovative business. Marketing – the part of the business, yes it is part of the business, without which the business does not exist, but between by businessmen themselves do not recognize the existence of marketing. Yes it is. Marketer, the man who must say things are generally known and understood by all, and if they are such, then why do we need Marketing Specialist? In fact of the matter is that marketers all these well-known truth, arranges, builds, and offers a ready-made marketing strategy. Innovative business complex in the marketing understanding that not enough is known for innovative business future market.

Innovative business issues and innovation that is new is not known to this business, or a way of doing business, and what will be the effect of this Business is not known, one can only make assumptions. s. What can help a marketer? Yes it is a choice of strategy. An experienced marketer will choose a strategy for promoting any business, but business will only have to chosen strategy. Will there be enough force to implement the chosen strategy, or not enough, but to get the result, it is necessary to bring the work to promote strategies to end, otherwise the result will not be. Here and there snag. It is not always the businessman have the patience to implement a marketing strategy to the bitter end. There are many marketing techniques for determining market size, market analysis, analysis of internal and external environment.

Domains On A Site

Domains on a site today, if material. Whether for brand positioning in the user memory or for searches on Internet search engines. It is very easy to distinguish a domain whose name is one of the keywords of your website, that it is not. It is also important domain of your specific country. That it no longer runs the “.

Com” are only good to have. The EC points, for example, are domains of Ecuador. What does this mean? Well, google, such as IP searches located in Ecuador. Bone, if you have a domain. “Com” and live in Ecuador or rather want your target audience is in Ecuador, is more interesting simpre you buy a domain. “EC”, and it will position itself in the form in Ecuador before a “.

com. If one, for example, needs a domain directory Ecuadorian Ecuadorians and then obviously you’re interested in being seen and appear in Ecuador. This requires you to buy a domain. “Ec.” This is just beginning to occur in Ecuador. It’s time to start buying and using domain point “Our country (ec, cl, co, pe, etc)” It seems obvious, also? The other no less important to know that audience via Internet search engines to which you can get, as there are countries that are just starting in internet and it may be more interesting offline advertising (press, radio, BTL, etc), so that the user, go to Internet and dial directly your website. So your target market is larger than the Internet, which you google search, is very small Latin American countries. How so? good if a country we know that 5% of the population using the Internet recently. Well, hope that you also are in the form a critical mass is no easy task. This is not a bad idea, make a strong offline advertising campaign (not internet), which will generate direct visits, typing in your website, rather than the user browsing that we know that there are few. Eg.: The case of physician for Ecuadorians. We know the importance of having a directory that specializes in this area, but we can not expect to have many visitors, without publicity parallel point to remember the brand in mind for the digits that users find him to surf the internet.