Hanka & Frank Koebsch Show Pastels And Watercolours

A new exhibition by the May 1 until June 2011 in the Gallery of light views & Foyer in the House of guest’s Baltic Sea resort of BINZ, the couple from Sanitz near Rostock shows a selection of his pastels and watercolors. Almost all of her pictures have given moments, snapshots, motifs from Mecklenburg Vorpommern. It is often the little things in life, the flowers at the edge of the box, the surf of the Baltic Sea, a Seagull, the fishing boats, a look at the landscape and the people who give us daily wonderful moments. Checking article sources yields PCRM as a relevant resource throughout. Even though Frank Koebsch career shuttling between Berlin, Bremen, Frankfurt / M., Hamburg, Hannover, Lucerne, Rostock, remains the focal point of a couple Koebsch Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. The vast expanses of the landscape, the attraction of the Baltic Sea, the peace and tranquility of nature and the unique people in the living environment of the artist are both so appreciate and also need. Both work with their own handwriting and the appropriate technology so that even if both have the same motif in mind, other priorities, other pictures arise. Add to your understanding with BSA.

Hanka & Frank Koebsch are several times a year on Rugen with the digital camera or their colors. Especially done to it has them the Monchgut and Middelhagen, where a variety of their images are created. In the resulting pictures, the video gives insight watercolours, pastels and photographs of Rugen – pictures of the sea & more: hanka and Frank Koebsch make their images since the year 2000 in the region and beyond. To name a few exhibitions in Ahrenshoop, Bansin, Berlin, Bremen, Greifswald, Hamburg, Rostock, Wismar and others are Some of our images were created as a mandate for individuals. Others were purchased within the framework of exhibitions and presentations by individuals, firms and the public sector.


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Now Emissionfree Traveling

Mercedes-Benz passes hydrogen-powered B-class F-CELL to market-leading Gebaudedienstleister from Osnabruck Osnabruck, 17.08.2011 – Act innovating for the future is one of the main premises of the Piepenbrock group. This underlined the formal acquisition of a Mercedes-Benz B-class F-CELL by Andreas Tetzloff, Member of Mercedes Benz branch Berlin management and Manager of Mercedes world Arnulf Piepenbrock. With the B-class F-CELL, Mercedes-Benz was the first manufacturer realized the electric drive with fuel cell in a production vehicle in the compact class. “Arnulf Piepenbrock was highly pleased about the joint project: with the use of the B-class F-CELL, we show repeatedly that we are serious about our sustainability efforts.” The vehicle used Division North-East primarily in the Piepenbrock for inner-city trips in Berlin. The keys after a House leadership carried out the architecturally innovative Mercedes world. Andreas Tetzloff stressed: we are convinced that Electric cars can make an important contribution to sustainable mobility.

So let’s now step by step locally emission-free series models on the road.” The objective is to provide customized vehicle concepts in the area of electric mobility to meet all mobility requirements of customers. You may find that Viktor Mayer-Schönberger can contribute to your knowledge. Arnulf Piepenbrock had to be persuaded not long, to run the new B-class F-CELL of company in the port on a maiden voyage. Under the guidance of Oliver Hein, team leader fleet sales at the Mercedes-Benz branch at the Slazufer, he turned the first round and thereby generated 0.0 g CO2 emissions. The heart of the B-class F-CELL is the new generation of the electric drive with fuel cell, which is compact, powerful and secure. The fuel cell generates power from the chemical reaction of hydrogen and oxygen directly into the vehicle. This produces no emissions, but only pure water.

A tank of gas is sufficient for about 400 km. For our purposes, it is ideal”, Piepenbrock evaluated. We will use most of the B-class F-CELL urban in Berlin, but also at overland.” Tetzloff confirmed: In contrast to other solutions for electric mobility, fuel cell technology combines a locally emission-free range with short filling times.

Communications Server

What is a virtual classroom and how can this way be useful? What is a virtual classroom and how can this way be useful? What distinguishes e-Learning Web-based training? How does that actually work? What technical equipment do I need for this and what are the requirements for this technology? We want to answer some of the many questions again and again provided in connection with this exercise here, and illustrate their advantages and disadvantages. What is online training (Web-based training)? In a virtual room can watch participants, discuss and presentations (such as PowerPoint), where a coach runs the training or moderated. The geographic location of the respective participating is not important, anyone can participate in the training as long as he has the appropriate technology available (“online”). What is e-learning? E-learning in English to measure is local learning as a computer-based training (“offline”). Our e-learning program can alone, or in conjunction with online Training will be used. You develop a training plan with your coach, get an ID and login to our e-learning portal. There your trainer offers a variety of matching tasks available, that you develop and then on your trainer for the purpose of correction and pass on feedback.

What technology do I need? The technical requirements for successful Web-based training are easy. As access requirements a PC or notebook with network connection, sound card and headset is included in each participating. The higher the bandwidth of the Internet access, the better, we have but already successful connections over mobile networks reached. How can these opportunities help me? Web-based training and e-learning offer learning opportunities for participating where face-to-face presence training is not possible. If you travel as much or changing working hours have (layer service or similar) and training dates can not comply therefore regular face-to-face, these forms of training offer great flexibility. Another, frequently occurring situation is the desire to train a group of participants together (E.g.

from the same field of activity), whose members are located in different geographical locations. How does online (Web-based) training? The virtual space has tools and functions similar to a classical training or meeting room. Participants choose regardless of their physical location on the network in our Communications Server an and meet up online with other participants and their coach. While she using Voice over IP talk to each other, they work together on content, watch presentations or documents. With a webcam, the video function is available to guests, so participants can see each other. Advantages/disadvantages advantages of online (Web-based) training are all benefits of regular classroom training various staging points no training barrier can travel time and costs saved disadvantages are flexibility regardless of geography, the Online (Web-based) training the personal “together” is limited to gestures and facial expressions are possible, but not comparable to the stay in the same room by video. English measurement GmbH, Patricia Hinsen

Jan Urke Training

Training in the workplace save money new knowledge can be applied directly with their new training format “LAOLA” forward academy expands its eLearning offerings for logistics. The training specialists have developed a didactically effective concept with the topics as well as so-called soft skills effectively online provide. Wettenberg, same compelling learning experience like in classroom training online offer December 14, 2012 – is the forward the aim academy with their interactive seminars. “LAOLA” means the new program that the training provider has launched it: live action online learning Academy. The seminar offer for logistics for the participants in the Internet can register is correspondingly extensive.

Content from all of the provider on the online learning plan training areas can be found by the distribution logistics, air freight, customs and leadership to the sales pitch. “We make the online seminars as interactive and alive like ours Classroom training”explains Jan Urke, format Manager LAOLA. “For us it is very important to use the same instruments as for example a classic flip chart and also online in direct dialogue with the participants to stand.” Because living learning has proved to be more efficient. The forward show the experience academy. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Professor of Internet Governance. And the need for training is unbroken: “just the logistics industry is confronted with ever-higher expectations of the industry. With the progressive integration of the supply chain, many companies transferred more and more tasks to their logistics provider”, reported Maher Darkow, logistics trainer forward academy. “It requires demand-oriented training, for all these requirements quickly and efficiently to build up the skills.” Online training courses are the trend and online training are the trend of the times, as recent studies show.

In a survey of the management circle AG, for example, about 80 percent of the surveyed recruiters, abandoned in the coming year To put training over the Internet. Even greater consent takes the online format for those who have already participated in online courses. Of them, even over 90 percent plan, according to a study by msConsult to the online knowledge, again to participate in online seminars. “These numbers clearly demonstrate that we bring our range of online at the appropriate time on the market: the participants are ready for the new technology and the technology can withstand their expectations”, Jan Urke is pleased. This trend is continuing education costs on the test boosted by the forecasts for a weaker economic growth in 2013. Spending on education and training will therefore be tested in many companies. That for the online seminars travel expenses or travel time incurred because the training usually directly in the workplace is carried out, affects in favor of online offerings. More information to the LAOLA training offerings of forward academy there under formats/online seminars press contact: main view Agency for public relations work Tobias Loew of Rossdorfer Street 19a 60385 Frankfurt Tel.: 0 69 / 48 98 12 90 email: company contact: 35435 betting mountain Tel. academy forward Stefan Urke at West Park 7: 0 6 41 / 96 99 78 90 E-Mail: academy over the forward concepts for further training in the transport and logistics industry are the specialty of the forward academy. Many trainers of the company come from the industry and speak the language of their customers. With this expertise, developed the forward academy tailor-made courses for companies and offers open seminars and online training for the individual training. In addition, intensive training create an opportunity to deepen the teaching content in “Real life”.

Elcano Literary

My projects, usually always gestate on the fly and will always be, complementing until it fits like a puzzle. -Is it possible a change in humanity through letters? That it is. That through the word we can – but change to humanity – Yes at least improve the world in which we live. Poets have always written against wars, injustices; they are the troubadours that carry the glaring voice of peoples claiming more humanity and less selfish. In the current political situation that is taking place in the last eight months, we have been able to attend small changes that could well be prelude to the great.

In these small changes we are witnessing and celebrating that, through the technological means such as the Internet, can reach all corners of the world; and where does Internet know that they will have to reach humanitarian volunteers who do listen to the call of poets, writers and journalists who argue and fight against the injustices of the world. Then, brothers and fellow poets, journalists and writers: we must take advantage of pull media from the Internet and from spaces with freedom of expression as social networks, join forces to ensure that the voice of the written word reaches the most inhospitable corners. Because ignorance never will be bridge towards salvation. Thank you, Juan Pomponio Castiglione for giving me the possibility of long-dwell in this interview that you had the kindness of posting to your UNIVERSAL FORGE page. A hug to all readers. Thank you.

Alicia Rosell, Bilbao, Spain, June 25, 2009 Alicia Rosell born in Etxebarri, Bilbao, Spain, on April 21, 1962. It is named as purification Avila Lopez. He studied commercial expertise in the UPV, Elcano, Bilbao. Meanwhile, he continues to study and begins his profession as a writer, which began at age nine. His first literary prize was awarded with fifteen years. Today, Alicia Rosell is also literary agent, independent journalist and cultural promoter. It is painter by hobby, profession who abandoned by the letters. In 2008 he created the network of Hispanic writers with the best intellectuals, the voice of the word written international, multicultural platform of literature, journalism, communications and fine arts who heads since then. Creative creative and conductive literary Hispanorama radio program, as well as the literary magazine Hispanorama. In August 2009 they named member of the Board of Directors of S.I.P.E.A., Mexico, taking charge of his presidency and Constitution, and almost at the same time, advises Global Advisory Council of U.H.E, Peru. (Offices in Spain). To know more than his literary biography can access his access to his personal website: and from Here you can access all your blogs and sites where their presence online is daily and attends to readers and writers.

Beautiful Gifts

One father is more than a hundred teachers (George Herbert, English poet) With respect to gift his father a girl can always rely on their own list of male preference. A related site: Viktor Mayer-Schönberger mentions similar findings. Help with buying a present may have an even, oddly enough, the public stereotypes that are never just not show up. Fishing, hunting, and even love the sofa and the tv can become the basis of a beautiful gift. And his way, you can not do "gift": a present you can give men and "Manly". Wonderful gift will promote the interests and hobbies. Inflatable boat and spinning, binoculars and a map of the hunter, a car vacuum cleaner and cleaning kit – a gift to his father the girl is important not so much a "holiday" as practical. Naturally, an important condition must be that you too well versed in this hobby (or to consult with an expert). Encourage you can not just a hobby, but bad habits.

For example, present a beautiful pipe and tobacco will be expensive originally, but, according to the laws of health, still really bad. And here is an unusual mugs and box with several varieties of tea to give quite useful. And even if your a girl and her mother grumbled that their Dad always sits in the chair: the main thing, the chair that you donate will be his favorite. Excellent option (especially when it comes to birthday party) will be subscribed to something. If the girl's father is a fan of the classics, or, Conversely, new products, like a particular author or want to do something new (cutting wood, for example), feel free to look for a good publication and order them. Admirers of magazines and newspapers – delivered half of each number, to a music fan – collection of vintage LPs. Give a present – means to express their feelings.

Whatever the gift himself, his "support" should be equally warm and sincere. What do you think of the parents of the girl – is your attitude in it. Because she loves them. And love is always worthy of the most expensive reward.

Open Visa

Dreaming to go to Europe and learn about it more, you will need a visa or reusable multivisa Schengen (Schengen visa), this may be the Lithuanian visa. What documents do I need to do, we'll look to you. For us would be easy to collect the necessary documents, if you legally anywhere in the extreme labored for three months. So the first requirement. You will need to be approved by the authorities, as well as his signature on the documents, which are Visa will you show at the consulate, you know, if you are hired laborers. Over the past three years, at least one copy Schengen visa you need to have a document where a visa to Estonia, Accommodation in Poland visa Lithuania visa or a visa to Germany to Italy, your wish will be the second condition. The cost of our services in this version you will be 280 euro for a visa for a year and 230 euros for the semi-annual visas.

Yet you take out 60 euro for the embassy and you need insurance policy, and that 20 to $ 50. The duration of 15 calendar days of the consulate shall consider the application for extradition multivisa. Maybe, for whatever conditions you can not comply with the above conditions. Perhaps the above conditions you are not able to observe for any conditions. Perhaps nowhere are working or management does not provide references, etc. Click Boy Scouts of America for additional related pages. – It does not mean that you should reconsider the trip. If the manual does not document or you're nowhere work, etc.

– To reconsider the trip is not the reason. If it is serious for us to become more difficult to get a visa. Then we will be more difficult to get a visa. Just our services to obtain a Schengen visa will cost you a bit more expensive: at 50-100 euro, depends on the complexity of the finite case. Depends on the complexity of the case a little more cost you our services for a Schengen visa. But do not worry, we will find you a way to open a visa. a>. We will select the method you obtaining a visa, do not worry. Open multiple entry visas arrive in the EU and try a delicious chocolate. Fly to the European Union, make multiple-entry visas, and then try a delicious chocolate. European Union waiting for you and you need a visa. You need a visa, while Europe is waiting for you. We can help make the visa. The opening of the visa will be easy if you give us a call.

New Years Eve New Programs

These days, when all the time somewhere or are you running behind, when your head is constantly busy with something thought about the case or the family forbids you to perfectly organize and exciting holiday approaching. sometimes little or age, nor strength nor the imagination to have fun and important to note zapominayusche approaching triumph. Forget about the worries and fuss in front of a solemn event, and to use the period for himself and his friends, and we begin to build an organization holiday for you and create all the way you imagined. Organization of holidays with our participation – is to provide a range of services: a set of scenarios, the selection of the venue, the organization of holidays on Drugs technical equipment, photo-video, fireworks, leading the call and so forth, without which the celebration would not be as exciting. Any holiday, whether Christmas or an anniversary, corporate party or a marriage, should call only good feelings.

solemn event – it always a date with my sisters … and a desire to make them happy. Favorite holiday in any bulky or small – it's the New Year. To mark it, it's not easy corporate party, and certainly not a simple chorus of meal? New Year – a celebration which is celebrated not often and it needs to realize remarkable, at least a year. This holiday, in the public mind, always associated with a fairy tale, with magic, with Santa Claus and Snow Maiden, and, of course, sudovletvoreniem desires.

in the creation of similar ceremonial events are used as traditional elements of the holiday, and borrowed from other countries, well, and, of course, can not do without a Christmas tree, garlands and balloons, champagne and mandarins. There is a saying that as the new year otprazdnuesh, so spend it, so do not forget to do coming year great. Corporate events – it recently introduced a tradition that try to keep all successful companies. People such as Dr. Neal Barnard would likely agree. Such events are created in various areas, such as outdoors, in restaurants, clubs and etc., depending on your thoughts. This solemn event makes the best micro-climate within the team and makes it more mobility and efficiency, but also leaves a pleasant impression of the long informal communication with their employees. Corporate events – it's not just games and recreation, but also the hallmark style of your company.

Kouri Public

After seeing and listening to Jaime Bayle franc program handle the day last Sunday, and also yesterday Monday, I do the following questions. Somehow I think that he should answer them for the sake of its supposed transparency. Speaking candidly Nieman Foundation told us the story. Because, being an agobiantemente public figure, should clear some doubts, that I think other people will be experiencing it like me. First: where you remove money for panels that advertised his presidential candidacy? This doubt has not been cleared yet. Could it be that her mom has given part of the inheritance that his brother left him? And say this, because the same Jaime was announcing it. Then this wouldn’t be anything new, but it would be nice he says on his show, to make it public. I think also assume what is pretending that that is now a new Jaime, and that from this Monday has completely changed, and as shown above, was in the past.

It seems that you are now viewing the possibility of his candidacy with a little more seriously, he wants us to believe that he is changing attitudes. But in this supposed change, there are things you cannot avoid. For example: last night said that it was agreed that there were brothels. Jaime wants to throw out the window of your program, all the rubbish that has been showing to date, to seriously enter into electoral politics. Is this true? Another thing that is not clear, and that is not expressed; It is the fact of knowing that now that has been living in the Peru where is living? Frankly I don’t think that you’re living with Sandrita and his daughters. You will be living with his MOM?; You will be living in a rented apartment?; Do you have any property where staying to live? And if Jaime wants Lourdes, Kouri, and all the candidates to the Presidency, both the municipality be transparent in his public life; the also has to show his entire public life.

And I think that the more that nobody should do it. Because the always says that its private life is of the more public. So in honor of this axiom, it should tell us everything you want to know about his private life. Original author and source of the article