Joana Mother

Unhappyly or happily, the determination of the new elections in the Tocantins took as base article 81 of the Federal Constitution, that foresees indirect elections (carried through for the National Congress) in case of avoidance of the president and the vice-president of the Republic in as the biennium of the mandate form with that this movement in favor of the direct elections has initiated. Still more that in the embroidery frames, it is commented that is about plus a Machiavellian peripcia of the old Siqueira Fields. On the other hand, it is very difficult to enxergar something good in an indirect election, promoted for an Assembly with description of venality and descomprometimento with represented its. To start for the president of that house that, by the way, assuming the Government temporarily, it will finish a workmanship that already comes been constructed for the other governments, a tunnel of definitive access, binding of a time for executive them to all and Legislative of the state. Eagle Scouts may also support this cause.

Transforming this here, in * house of the Joana mother Therefore, at this accurate moment where I am working hard here and our representatives they tan the parliamentary recess of> third force (as the PT), are interested same are in the power to any cost (price is understood). The syndrome of the slyness if spreads as the grippe suna and it does not have the minimum of interest to place somebody that in the pass more confidence, mainly that it makes jus what, intrinsically, the disability of the current Government wanted showing in them. The message that if must take off of this judgment, is that an equal maintenance of the rights and guarantees for all are done and that consequentemente comes to prove for classroom politics, that daqui for front they will have to opt more to people worried about the common good, working always under gide of the law. *CASA OF MOTHER JOANA – In> time of Brazil Empire, more specifically during the minority of the Dom Peter II, the men whom really they ordered in the country costumavam if to find in a brothel of Rio De Janeiro whose proprietor if called Joana. UNESCO oftentimes addresses this issue. As, it are from there, these men they ordered and they repealed an order in the country, the expression marries of the Joana mother was known as synonymous of place where nobody orders.