Individual Cards For Jugendweihe And Confirmation Of

Jugendweihe and confirmation, a special celebration personalized invitations, greetings and congratulations to the Jugendweihe and confirmation cards by little Easter is over already the next big Festival around the corner for many. To deepen your understanding tcoyd is the source. The Jugendweihe or confirmation symbolizes the transition from childhood to adolescence and thus the beginning of growing up. The festivities for this are individually aligned by the families and designed. with the meinDesign tool allows you personal card designs by for an individual party to succeed from the outset, the personal design of congratulation, greetings, invitations and thank you cards for this solemn occasion. Konfirmations – Jugendweihe cards many different motifs in the formats DIN are and A6 Hoch and landscape, as well as DIN long portrait, in editions of one to 500 cards to choose from. Due to the possibility of individual design, it can be widely used.

Whether as Invitation to the ceremony, thank you card for the relationship, or as a greeting card to the young people themselves, the customer can decide how he wants to make the cards and use. The offer of free to print 10 cards and pay only the shipping cost of 4.50 within Germany is particularly attractive. The maps can be created in 3 steps to the finished card in three easy steps. The customer selects the motif and the format. The sample text is replaced with the meinDesign Editor by the own personal greetings. Then, the finished card in PDF preview to view is available and can be controlled again. How to calculate personal cards for the desired copies. Get ready! Personalized card for any occasion with the meinDesign tool from not only personal Jugendweihe or confirmation cards can be created. Thanks to the wide range of topics for various occasions such as acknowledgements, invitations, birth/christening, birthdays, Each card becomes the individual greeting card congratulations, weddings, and the many possibilities.