BAI Innovation Agency

Result EurekEl Bizkarra gives the possibility of creating a myriad of desserts with a flavor and texture that is hardly associated with a product standard sugar-free, and in addition no laxative effect in his workshop. To accentuate this differentiation, Eduardo Bizkarra poses will create a range of elaborate desserts, authentic delicatessen, for what is counted with the assistance of an international consultant specializing in the subject. The author without sugar tarts arise from this collaboration: Mouse of bitter chocolate, wild raspberry, Tropical Lime and Truffle Cake puff temptation. In addition, two classic Christmas specialities of the House are incorporated into the universe without sugar: intxaursaltsa nougat and nougat of soconusco and a varied world of sweet and savory chocolates. New desserts Innovaciondetras the signature has been working more than one year on a project that is part of the Bizkaberri programme of the BAI Innovation Agency of the Diputacion Foral de Bizkaia, intended to encourage innovation in all areas of the organizations. The Department of food technology training center and Lea-Artibai research and the Foundation participated in collaboration with Bizkarra Azaro. The project has meant a budget of more than 30,000 and has recently completed.

At present, continue with a second phase which is expected to develop during 2010. Coming soon in the old Bilbainobizkarra has ambitious goals for next year. The arrival of the new range is the start of a relaunch that will have its fundamental pillar at the opening of a new store in full Casco Viejo Bilbao, of which Bizkarra aims to make its flagship.