Business Weaknesses

The purpose of all issues of this paper is to identify weaknesses in your attitude to business, ie pinpoint weaknesses and show you the line of work you want to pull up to continue get the best results. Answer these questions simply yes or no or not SURE: Do you have a specific and clearly stated goal for yourself or a group of goals that you want to have as a result of its activities? Are these goals correct and very clear to you now? Do you have formulated for myself the intermediate sub-goals and objectives, without which performance would not be possible to achieve possession of the main objectives? Not lose if your main goal its significance in the process, until you will realize they are not in your reality? Do you have a high enough emotional lift just at the thought of its main purposes? If you answered at least One question no or not sure, then you are not yet defined their proper purpose. And without the faithful goals you can not long and effectively to achieve results. Also, you'll always stay the direction, because there is no accurate data on how, where do you actually want to really get into. Idea. Direction of movement.

Naturally, after you have defined goal, then you start to actively seek methods of achieving it. If the aim is true, then sooner or later you will find a way to get it. Therefore, the objectives begins with the fact that you attend some sort of idea that seems to you an original and very profitable.