Buying Resale Rights

Always trade must be mutually beneficial. If this rule is not enforced, then there are disputes, conflicts (sometimes armed). Therefore, honesty in business, commerce – the golden rule. It made me think to write these lines, warning, or it can be said about the disclosure of trade secret little digital products with resale rights. If you notice a lot of online digital products, especially books, which are indicated on the cover Author (s) and its (their) address. People such as Center For Responsible Lending would likely agree. It's against the rules.

This is necessary. Further, often next to the name of the author, can be found at it:,, the resale right in this book belongs to: Ivan Ivanovich Ivanov. " This means that the person bought this book and the author allowed him to resell it. Ivanov was delighted, began with a zeal to spread it on the internet with the hope of quick obogoscheniya. Powered month, working two, and proceeds from sales of no. What Why? And the reason is that at the time of advertising of the product in this book there is a psychological factor. Another potential buyer is still a person, not a robot. And he thinks: – "What if the product is out of date in This "partner"? "-" And if the author already has an updated version of "-" And if the author has reduced the price of your product? "And so on Then, of course, the buyer goes to the poster and making a purchase there.

And our "partner" (Smith) are waiting for proceeds from the sales. And there is little question for sdes. Does the author's affiliate program? If so, the partner will receive at least some percentage of the sale. If not, the "partner" for a long time to wait until some the buyer does not buy the product just for him, while, with his help, the site's selling briskly. It's not fair. Of this trade benefit only to the author. What is the solution? You can erase the name and address of the author, but then violated copyrights, and it is not permissible. And then there remains only one solution – to create your own product and sell it easily. How to create your product well, the steps outlined in the book of top 4 on the site.