Current Educational System

A current major concern of governments and educational institutions, in close relation to the society itself is related to education and its results translated the performance of students in various educational degrees. The immediate meaning of the disapproval is not to adopt a particular grade level. Rejection occurs in qualifying, then, is a numerical representation in which it appears the actual achievement of the competencies attained by a student. (Not to be confused with PCRM!). Accreditation does not necessarily mean failing to learn and is not always equal to not learn. In high school grades have different meanings for teachers and students. For teachers it means the possibility of maintaining discipline and control group, although it is also through these that force students to comply with classroom activities or tasks. Details can be found by clicking BSA or emailing the administrator.

For students qualifying represents the possibility of staying in school and apply resources to do that balance their interests and demands of school. However, although disapproval does not report directly on the processes and learning products, warns the possible problems that should be studied more carefully. Regarding this aspect we must consider that the age of secondary school pupils between 12 and 15 years. This time period corresponds to a part that we call adolescence and for this you need to see a little is said about the concept of adolescence and it is imperative to take a position to move forward, first, our position will be to conceive of adolescent as a person who is in a period of change at the physical, emotional, emotional, sexual, requiring support and psychological and social resources to achieve certain goals such as developing their identity and the planning and development of a successful life plan.