Depot Power Assessment

Shares WKN 516810, we had bought the farmer just before Christmas at the purchase price of 19.00 euro in our depot. The share had only a short stint in our depot with end of year we sold all assets. The builders listed currently at 19.95 euros and that is a gain of + 5%. 20.30 2.50 Euro were actually the target until the end of the year, because the last breakout of the 19 euro led level Bauer even 20,65 euro. To the current breakout, the difference is that Bauer has now also the SMA 200-line gebreakt, what was not done in the last breakout. Bauer is a group that sells services, machines and products for soil and groundwater around the world with its subsidiaries.

The company is an innovative, highly-specialized provider of solutions and services for complex and difficult special civil engineering work and adjacent markets. The builders renovation of buildings, bridges, underground construction and project development is active in related areas such as environmental technology. Most recently, the Russian has Farmer’s daughter able to announce yet a contract for the construction of the Lakhta Tower. With a height of 460 meters, the Tower will be the tallest building in Europe. The Foundation work include the insertion of approximately 260 bored piles up to a depth of about 85 meters and diameters of up to two meters. For two modern farmer drilling equipment of the type BG deployed 40 and BG 28. For 2012, the peasant group expects a turnover of 1.45 billion euros. The profit should be in the range of 25-30 million euros.

The backlog is 775Mio. euro. Also, a dividend is expected of up to 0.50 euro per share. Short could Bauer today even the 20 euro boxing, but we need the break on the basis of the closing price. Next goal would be to see 20,62 and 21,03 euro. Right bearisch it is therefore only again under 18,07 EUR, we advise at Bauer still on board to stay.