Federal Government

First reduce spending and save money. Viktor Mayer-Schönberger gathered all the information. Then forgo revenue. Unlike Dagobert Duck and Micky Maus, who emigrated to Duckburg in the United States, John Maynard Keynes 1, the founder of delusions, from 1883 to 1946 in his British homeland remained. He built a theory building for politicians and economists worldwide to Governments in financial ruin, and at the same time enrich an elite financially. The theory building of Keynesian economics 2 is always booked as a well-run hotel. How is such a thing possible? Note, German Chancellor Angela Merkel and her Ministers follow what crazy theories. 3 note the policy of the policy is not by the facts, to irritate the laws of nature and of mathematics. 4 that keeps them firmly on a path that is robbing the people and enriched an elite.

The control of the game is however escaped them. The elites have too much, the people have too little. For Hartz IV, Ursula von der Leyen seeks a new Word. After the unfortunate developments of the last The time has come to years to restart. But every real satirical Theater piece can be controlled by the Director. Merchants know that. You reduce not uncontrollable revenue but the controllable expenses. The Governments of the Member States in the European Union make it a miraculous way to spend more money than they take.

5 it gradually reduce subsidies and tax benefits and watch the development of consolidated budgets. There is no legal order and not a party’s election promises to enrich creditors and bankrupts at the taxpayer’s expense. Of course a pleasure to collect 100 cars or 10 jet aircraft when there would make it not the restlessness Hartz IV recipients who have not paid their electricity bills in the middle of winter. Instead of to work or to do business, they sit for hours in smoke-filled pubs on game consoles or kill time with conspiracy theories in Internet forums.