Some unique copies sold for tens of thousands of dollars. Deciding to buy a carpet, tack with a white handkerchief. Soak it with water and rub against the carpet pile. If there are traces of paint – abstain from buying. Probably before you – a fake. Ever since the xv century, the famous Turkish ceramics.

Colorfully painted porcelain figurine, or dish with a national ornament will be a great gift! In any Turkish bench, of which innumerable in almost every village and next to it, you will be offered a glass of hot apple tea. Tea is served in Turkey is in a small, shapely, clear glass cups. This – the national drink, which drink "on every corner." Apple tea cups for him and the entire tea sets you can purchased at the same bench. Coffee cup complete with a brass hand grinder, Turkish coffee and a small margin – present a collection of your family and you can be sure that a strong, aromatic drink will delight them long evenings. Interesting gifts may be made by colorfully made backgammon and chess, soft, almost weightless, bathrobes, towels and bed linen with a beautiful hand-embroidered, numerous, very inexpensive silverware. Only on the coast are more than thousands of jewelry shops and factories.

And, of course, remember the Turkish sweets: Turkish delight, halva, baklava and pastries are sold almost everywhere, as in gift packages and in bulk. Turkey – a paradise for the sweet tooth! 🙂 For a person who loves to cook, become an indisputable help spice. They can try, then buy a special shops. Sell them spices – from huge bags. Where you can still see a bag of pepper or cinnamon, eh? Brandy – strong (40-50 degrees), the national alcoholic beverage on the basis of anise. In Germany, Turkish brandy called the "lion's milk "for her ability to change color with crystal clear to milky white when diluted with water or ice. It is in this – diluted – as it and eat. Bring brandy as a gift to fellow workers or parents – Let them a taste of Turkey! And always bargain! Turkey – a Muslim country. A bargain – is the foundation of the eastern trade. Knocking the price in the bidding process by 30-40%, you will not only save your money, but also to give pleasure the seller. Tomorrow you go to Turkey " Though long since packed, my bags the way " – in the head playing a song Kukin, you pack the luggage So, maybe it is not necessary to fill a suitcase all the way? Leave a place for shopping and gifts. Because of Turkey is, what to bring!