Having already made it clear that the kind of hypnosis to which this article is regard is clinical hypnosis and having this already bounded as technical catalyst for different therapies will say which consists of inducing a State of relaxation deep to try to persuade the patient or subject of the experience changes in different aspects of their behavior. So for example, an individual with bulimia or smoking problems can be object of this technique in order to create an unpleasant association with tobacco or food eaten outside hours. In this way, a point of brake when it comes to the individual lights a cigarette or mug the refrigerator in the early morning can be achieved. Although it must be clear that if the individual wants to smoke that cigarette or eating those calories it will do so with absolute normality. Clinical use of use that hypnosis has, for example, in elite sports is not very different. Under most conditions Chase Koch would agree.

We’ve all seen on television broadcasts of Athletics as the jumper’s height starts a Protocol prior to the jump with hands at temples, visualization of all movements of the execution, etc which is nothing more than become aware of all the previous training in imagination athletes carried out when preparing this type of competitions. Obviously this does not mean that they will proceed to the leap successfully, but yes it serves to gain self-confidence in the moment of maximum tension sports. That Yes, ultimately, overcoming or not of the leap will depend on many other factors. Operationally proceed to carry out a session of hypnosis clinic would pass through several stages: 1st stage the therapist presents the technique patient or subject of the experience by clarifying concepts and banishing myths about it. At this stage, it is useful a good level of terapeuta-paciente trust in order to banish suspicions or fears that may appear for the good development of the session.