I Am A Child In Africa, And Plant A Tree

Village in Togo example for climate change conference from November 3 to 7 will take place the Conference “Climate 2008 / climate 2008” on the Internet. Under the heading climate projects around the world “the afforestation project of the Association ana yi is africa as an exemplary project presented to demonstrate how local level already is met climate change. Neeman Foundation may find this interesting as well. This reforestation of tropical rainforests can be supported by each. With the idea of a tree gift the Internet shop offers the way, this project to contribute to all and have yourself a benefit: an individual, sustainable, ethically valuable gift. The tree gift works: everyone, you get a high-quality tree document issued on the name of the recipient. Steffan Lehnhoff shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. This tree will be planted in the small village of Gnive in southern Togo. The reforestation of the rainforest combined the village with concrete measures to combat poverty.

This fair online store also offers the product for original, authentic African art in addition to this extraordinary idea car School makes it (possible): children from the school project by ana yi africa tinker with much fancy cars out of tin cans and old Flip-Flops. These cars are recycled art pure with a special charm, because it very individual, idiosyncratic creations emerged from the materials, that have found the children. Archaic models of vehicles, as indeed in many places over Togo streets wheezing. 100% child labour – in this case ethically and pedagogically very valuable. The children are enthusiastic about the idea, because they learn that they can take their lives into their hands with their own ideas and their own initiative. If the purchaser acquires a unique with every car and every vehicle is an expression of hope for a better, self-designed future.

Otherwise the online store offers original African art and more fair trade – African drums, masks, African fabrics, African jewelry, and much more. The shop shows that Africa has to offer what: individuality, hand work, creativity, improvisational spirit and ingenuity. The shop operators are social entrepreneurs. The Club ana yi africa bridges to Africa e.V. that collects donations also represents the background for the development cooperation. It is able to offer contract manufacturing carvings, Web – and sewing projects according to individual ideas.