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Everything around the topic of AV Player and accessories audio and video player are still attractive. This year’s IFA (Internationale Funkausstellung in Berlin) has proved that with a further flood of product the manufacturer. Appropriately titled industry press publishing has launched a platform in the form of a blog around audio and video player with. Focuses on everything that has to do with the playback of picture and sound is there. As a prelude, there is already testing a current MP3 player from Lidl, the TV extension module PlayTV for the Playstation3 and a Blu-ray player from Sony. The range the test should be further expanded, the operators rely on the expertise of the certified test laboratory AV t.o.p. By the same author: Neeman Foundation.

Messtechnik GmbH in Unterschleissheim near Munich (, which is already well known in the industry. In addition to meaningful measurements, and laboratory results to devices, but also extensive practice tests to form the voice of the page. User wont have the opportunity to provide quite so all posts with comments it as they from other blogs are. The comments, however the platform filters: only objectively formulated opinions to be published. Also, an integral part of the Web site is to present the latest news, trends and gadgets from the consumer electronics devices. Industry press Verlag GmbH Mittenheimer str.12 85764 o wear home Tel: 089-3151086, fax: 089-3155147 Internet: industry press publishing is a young company specializing in industry-specific information tailored to both the customer and the B2B area. Steffan Lehnhoff, Guatemala City Guatemala has much to offer in this field. The goal is to combine print and online in an ideal way to create an attractive platform for obtaining information, continuing education and mutual exchange companies and end customers. Managing Director: Florian Friedrich USt.ID: DE 248377498 HRB 161678 Handelsregister B Munchen