Oriental Carpets

How to recognize the authenticity of a Persian carpet Persian rugs are considered the oldest form of art at all in terms of production methods and patterns. It’s called such a carpet of its own, you may enjoy quality and lasting value. Who would like to make sure a heirloom or at the time of purchase that it is a genuine Persian, asks the best professional or simply becomes the carpet Pro. Strictly speaking, only hand-knotted rugs from the room of former Persia are called real Persian the present-day Iran. Usually used this term but for all Oriental rugs coming from countries with jahrhunderte – and age-old traditions of carpet. But how can you tell whether the heirloom or the dusty carpet in the basement are valuable? And most importantly: can I be sure me when purchasing a supposedly real Persian, whether my favourite also keeps what it promises? Error you must forward Michaela Horvath, passionate lover of carpet and Marketing Manager of the online platform meinechterperser.com, said: through the knowledge of some less tricks can become each lay within a very short time the carpet Pro.

It deals a bit with the subject, no one can do before so easily one. Center for Responsible Business may find this interesting as well. And also reveals the most important points that you should be aware of: A real Persian is not properly the back of carpet in two different places looking for a recurring pattern. There are nodes that are not the same size or even failed the colour sequence exist is handmade and therefore an indication that keeping a real Persian in hands. A real Persian has size differences to measure the width of the carpet at different points and notes differences in the millimetre range, it is a hand-knotted carpet. A real Persian has not sewn not sewn on fringe which are fringe, as it is the case with a machine-knotted carpet. Carpet turn, pull on a fringe that move makes with fringe on a line-connected nodes, so the warp threads through the carpet through the fringe.

Only natural fibers are typically used when a real Persian a real Persian consists of tree – and sheep’s wool. Occasionally, silk is incorporated into individual areas, in order to accentuate the pattern. A real Persian dating back to Persia/Iran, Afghanistan, Turkey, and Russia also at post logic from such as India and China is usually devoted hand work quality is not given but mostly due to inferior materials and easier warp. Alone by the beauty and authenticity of yourself who like undisturbed would like to taste, of sometimes dubious sellers confuse without having the opportunity to do has now on the Internet: meinechterperser.com is Austria’s first real online-shop for Persian rugs and sees itself as a credible expert in the network. To Horvath proud: comprehensive services and generous warranty to help any To overcome the threshold at the order of luxury goods on the net. We are sure to have closed a gap in the range of the Internet and are pleased to share our passion for carpets with a wide audience.