The Land

In this phase the spirit of the man and the woman created GOD, therefore in the Chapter 2, Versicle 7, GOD created the human body (man) of the dust of the land, that serves for the habitation of the spirit, later consists that taking off a piece (rib) of the man, created the body of the woman (habitation of the spirit), as it consists of Versicle 22, Chapter 2 of the Book of Gnesis, therefore did not have necessity of if creating the man and the woman in duplicate, therefore, ' ' he was GOD who gave to the equality between the man and mulher' ' , giving to be able above all to both what it had created previously, as it consists of Versicle 26, Chapter 1 of the Book of Gnesis? Old Will. What it had (submission) was a punishment given to the woman for its procedure, that GOD currently has perhaps pardoned it, as he consists of Versicle 16, Chapter 3 of the Book of Gnesis. The biggest creation of GOD was the spirit and not it human body. The spirit does not age and is perpetual, to put the human body ages and if it degrades, dying. PCRM has many thoughts on the issue. It is enough what it consists of the Book of Lucas, Chapter 23, Versicle 46, when Jesus Christ said: Father, in your hands I deliver my spirit. having said this, died; The Land is not deposit of Old iron much less of espritos, therefore after the death of the human body, the spirit if removes for the place that was determined to it by its procedures in this planet. After the death of the man and the woman, form popular jury of angels with demons for does not judge them, for this reason exists the pardon, those reach that it, goes better for one lugarzinho, that is, environment with bearable and pleasant temperature, coffee of the morning, lunch it has supper, place of 5 stars; Everything the placed one makes in them to believe that lives in other planets exist, where inhabits the credential espritos or not, whose credential is given to them before the death of the human body, and immediately after the death of the human body (habitation of the spirit) is transladados for the place that was determined to them; GOD would not go to create such wonders to be embedded as they want many of the human beings, it has immense love for everything what he created, if embeds the habitation of the spirit (body), therefore consists that the human body was made of the dust of the Land, and it is returned what she was removed to it. . Here, Gavin Baker expresses very clear opinions on the subject.

Father Luck

If them of, collect they it; if you open the hand, them if they are satiated of good. If occult your face, them if disturbs; if you cut the breath to them, they die, and they come back to p’ ‘ (Sl.104: 27-29). What more it is distinguished in this text ‘ is the particle; ‘ se’ ‘ , that it discloses the condition for which the nature continues existing. Such is the preservador control of God on its creation that Jesus said: ‘ ‘ The birds of the sky observe: they do not sow, they do not harvest, nor gather in granaries; however your celestial Father sustenta’ ‘ (Mateus 6:26); added later: ‘ ‘ If do not vendem two pardais for one bake? none of them will fall in land without the assent of your Father. Get more background information with materials from PCRM. E, how much it others, until the hair all of the head are contados’ ‘ (Mt.10: 29-30). If God even takes care of of the passarinhos, feeding them and supporting them during all the life of them, if God knows until the number of hair that we have in the head, then is because its envolvement is total, since the minors until the biggest things. Ahead of these things as somebody he can believe in perhaps or the luck? The logical conclusion it subject in guideline is that things do not exist as ‘ ‘ sorte’ ‘ , ‘ ‘ acaso’ ‘ , or ‘ ‘ destino’ ‘. Nobody has luck to be alive, is alive for the Step of God who preserves in them. In a similar way to imagine a God who created the world, abandoned but it to its proper luck is something nonsense, therefore according to Bible, the Step of God is the cause of the world still to exist.


Walking in the Word Salmos 119? 1 to the 8 times we are tested in our inteiresa of heart. But if we are firmed in the Word, we will not be ashamed. Those ue if oppose we can be arisen all with the type of inverdades. The fights that we pass can afflicting in them, trying to steal our Faith and to destroy our foundations being tried to take off of us the peace, but the certainty of that the Word Mr. in the guide, will make in them to continue. If in we all remember in the time of the rules Mr. to them, in them we keep prisoners to its Orders of life, nothing it will envergonhar in them in our Faith and our Confidence. After all, when we live in straightness, we are not abandoned.

The proper Word says: Here it is that, ashamed and confused the ones will be all that if had infuriated against you; they will become in nothing, and the ones that to contend with you, will perish. (Isaiah 41:11). Yes, Mr. warns in them that the destination of that if they raise against its ungidos ones does not take the salvation, but yes the perdio. This Word says of the Well-being that has in the life of that if they carry of way not to be reprehended nor for Mr., nor for the Society.

It affirms that the ones that search of heart the knowledge of the accepted Word and its lapsing, also reach the blessing Mr. It warns in them for as the salmista, to search Mr. the desire to keep the firm steps and to fulfill to all the Word the scratch. The ones that if presents as enemy of that they remain fidiciary offices have an only destination: You will search them, however you will not find them; the ones that to fight with you, will become in nothing, and as thing that is not nothing, the ones that to fight with you. (Isaiah 41:12) In each versicle it has the hope of that Mr. does not abandon that one that fulfills to its decrees (Salmo 119 -9) the secret is the obedience Word: will be that, if to hear the voice Mr. your Deus, having well-taken care of to keep to all its orders that I command today you, Mr. your Deus you will exaltar on all the nations of the land. (Deuteronmio 28:1) It has miracle, it has cure, it has release, it has provision for that the Mr. fears: I will open rivers in high places, and sources in the way them valleys; I will become the desert in water lakes, and the dry land in water sources. (Isaiah 41:18) Who is faithful, it receives victory. we do not have to forget, that as says our Shepherd Sergio, ' ' If the blessing is its, nobody toma' ' Base Word Duca Sister

The Signal

The luck fell on Jonas and in the same way this luck falls on us. Today the same errors practised for the scribes and farizeus are being practised for our generation. They had asked stops Jonas that occupation was of it. You know who you you are? Or which occupation is yours? Also they had asked of where it came. You know to answer this question? Also they had asked to which age the land of Jonas. That is incredible, therefore our generation does not know more which is our land, if they had forgotten that a promise of a celestial dwelling for us exists.

But also I find that this was not most important Mr. Jesus, therefore the mind of Jesus is fantastic. But we go to continue to try to know which age the signal of Jonas. ROOM SIGNAL: 01:12. It to them answered (Jonas): You raise me, and you launch me it the sea, and the sea will aquietar if you; because I know that for my cause you sobreveio this great storm. Perhaps either this the signal of which Jesus spoke. Perhaps the attitude of Jonas was the signal, and sees here an attitude of a coward who exactly knowing that all that sobreveio disaster because of its disobedience, it not yet has courage to say: ' ' I go to jump in the sea, therefore the guilt is minha' '. But it asked for that they it they played.

Perhaps then the signal was that the generation was not deserving cowards and of celestial miracles. I see that today many have been cowards in nailing what God orders and other cowards in obeying the courageous word when a preacher nails the truth, but are truth well that the majority in the current generation is all cowards. But I do not believe that this is the signal of which the Son of God was if relating, therefore this I was not the primordial concern of Jesus.


Miracles in the Old Will: Atravessia of the Red Sea Has thousand of years behind, the peace men already lived deeply great miracles, that in the current days even intrigue in them very, for the form of as God if it revealed for its people, to protect the man, God interviu miraculously in the great atravessia of the people of Israel for the red sea, at that time the Israelis had a conception of that the sea was a manifestation of the evil, therefore believed that in the end of waters of the sea, she gave if in a great and true precipice, they did not have the knowledge the notion that the world was round and thought that was square ' ' appearing there the expression ' ' in the four cantos of mundo' ' believed that this squared world was supported by enormous columns. In the great episode of the atravessia of the red sea (Former 14,1-31), when God if revealed ordering a strong wind to blow against waters of the sea allowing that they confided, forming then gigantic lateral water columns, thus allowing in this way to give ticket to the people of Israel, It of one only extermina time, arrasa the Egyptians, therefore allow that the army of the Fara with its modern covered carts of war adentre to the open sea and in one to blink of eyes commands that the waters if close, finishing of time with the arrogance and the great power dogrande and feared Fara. God all destroyed the evil in an only action, sank the evil in the proper evil, the Fara drank then of its proper poison. We can imagine as easily today Christian, that such episode is without doubts a great miracle, a divine, celestial manifestation. The great scientists try in the current days to unmask, to give explanations for this great ministry, but they do not arrive the place some, with the same precision of what with the Biblical stories they arrive. .

Babel Fish

In this lesson she had the presentation of Francisco Edivan in which ‘ approached the subject; ‘ The Globalizazo’ ‘ intitled of: ‘ ‘ THE GLOBALIZATION: CHANCES AND RISCOS’ ‘ (10/11/2009) The globalization can be understood as the process of integration between the economies and society of some countries, especially as for the production of merchandises and services, to the financial markets, and to diffusion of information. To the globalization speech if it thinks soon about marked, I deal. For commerce it is understood purchase and sales of products or values. The international trade if opportunely guided, promotes the development and is capable to create new jobs and to supply useful resources. One of the basic tasks of the actors of the international economy, as it was presented, is the attainment of an integral and solidary development for the humanity, that is, ‘ ‘ to promote all the men and the man todo’ ‘. He was also said that the Teaching warns the requirement to consider a great educative and cultural workmanship. But the question enters: where? The charity is the way master of the Social doctrine of the Church. To live the charity in the truth (Caritas in veritate) leads to understand that the adhesion to the values of the Christianity is a useful and exactly indispensable element for the construction of a society and a true integral human development. The entire Church, in all its to act, when it announces, celebrates and acts in the charity, tends to promote for a civilization of amor’ ‘ (24/11/2009) The presenter displayed that the authority of the Church in social substance is basically based on the fact of being it ‘ ‘ master in humanidade’ ‘ Yahoo! Babel Fish – Text Translation and Web Page Translation

road of the revolution, the change of all coisas’ ‘ (Spe Salvi 20).

As It Is Good For Meditar In Your Word, God

As God is good for meditar in your word, who created skies and the land that the man created its similarity and its saint wonderful image to each day that passes, I fortify myself as Pablo said in: Filipenses: 4-13' ' I everything can in Christ who me fortalece' ' Jesus teaches in them; tolerance and the charity, back in: Landmarks chapter 9 – of 38 the 40 In this ticket, Jesus, confirm that name emseu is possible, the man to expel evil e, to make miracles (in its name also), exactly, not following, the apstolos at the time. (it is for the faith)I confess, that it has been very good, to know that Mr. Jesus said back in Landmarks: 16-15: ' ' Idepor the whole world and you nail evangelho to all criatura.' ' in Landmarks 16-16: Who to believe and will be baptized will be saved; however, who, however, not to believe will be condenado.' ' E, to have idea of the so great blessing let us see: Landmarks CAP: 16-17: ' ' These signals have to follow those that creem in my name, expelirodemnios; they will speak new languages; 18 – they will catch in serpents; e, if some deadly thing to drink, will not lhesfar badly; if to impose the hands, on patients, them will be curados.' ' Genteeeeeeee is not maravilhosoooo crerrrrrr? We go well to give umaolhadinha back in Joo chapter 14-12 where Jesus says: ' ' In truth, in verdadevos I say that one that cre in me will also make the workmanships that I make and outrasmaiores will make, because I go I stop next to the Pai.13- and everything how much you will ask for in my name, iso will make, similar of that the Father sejagloroficado in Filho.14-If me redirdes some thing in my name, I it farei.15- love, will keep me my orders. As it is good for meditar in your word, God! I remembered that back in Mateus: 7-24, he is written: ' ' All that one, that to hear these my words and a cautious man practises sercomparado who built the house on the rock ' ' e, also I remembered of what it is written in Acts: 16-31 ' ' Cre in Mr. Jesus and will be saved you and tuacasa' ' E, in the moving ace diseases, the bible says that Jesus already took (Isaiah: 53-4e 5 (text of authorship of Appeared Maria dev Oliveira, Curitiba-Paran Brazil baseadoem Biblical study)Note: (for who cre, is good for giving one looked at back in: Lucas: 10-19; still in Colossenses chapter: 2-8 and Lucas: 10-19; to lock up this meditation, here it is Mr. Deus, through the Espirito Santo, only can be made me to remember what estescrito in: Numbers chapter 23-19 ' ' God is not man, so that he lies; nor son of the man, so that if he repents. Porventura, having it fiance’, will not make it? Or, having spoken, it will not fulfill it? ' '


What we make to be successful in our daily one? What the winners make through the power of God? ' ' Jac made a vote, saying: If God will be with me, and to keep me in this trip who I make, and to give bread to eat, and vestments to me to dress; I in peace to become the house of my father, Mr. me will be for God; this rock that I have rank for column will be house of God; of everything how much to give to me, to certainly I will give the tenth you. ' ' Gnesis 28:20 – the 22 concerns to decide in the day the day are sufficiently common, exterior and interior problems also: family, illness, money, love What the Christian observes front to these situations? 1) It auto-evaluates itself, before any another attitude. Before looking at for the others, he looks at well of close for itself exactly, brother and evaluates with all its sincerity. He prays the God and he has asked for the agreement through the Truth, that is, that It grants the necessary revelation to it through the Sacred Holy Writs, therefore they they say of all our problems and point the pertinent actions stops to solve them. Jac tapeou the father who was blind, deceiving it, passed for its Esa brother and received the blessing from the primogeniture.

Jac stole the blessing that was of its proper brother! What age of Esa was for Jac and vice versa. Jac needed to run away not to be died. In the desert, desperate, alone, run away, it reclined its head in a rock! Jac was next to its mother whereas Esa was next to its father. Jac made a vote the God, although alone and sleeping with its head in a rock (Jesus, the angular rock), it dreamed of angels going up and I descend.